10 Hand Washing tricks for your child

Hygiene… who would have thought that such a little word could mean so much. Have you ever tried to explain this concept to a toddler? Is it just me or are some toddlers just dirt magnets. I was told that it means they are having fun… but for me it was a nightmare, you see I have a ‘germophobia.’

I look at dirt and where some mom’s see fun and experience, I shudder. I close my eyes and imagine thousands of tiny little germs crawling all over. I was a paranoid mom who always wanted to be one of those moms that “Worry less… and Love More” and today I am – all thanks to Dettol.

10 Hand Washing tricks for your child

I guess that it’s because I know my family is in good hands and that they will always be protected from germs when using Dettol.

If you know me personally, you would know that I have almost everything from their range. I’ve been using the brand for years so I’m not just promoting these products because I’m getting paid for this post. Dettol is my helper in the kitchen, on my floors, my walls, my bathrooms and especially in my handbag….

My favourite Dettol products include the hand wipes, hand sanitiser (which is a must in my handbag), kitchen cleaner (it works so well for de-germing and is a wonder to get rid of ants). Let’s not forget about their automatic hand wash dispenser which is perfect for kids and visitors. I hate using soap that was touched by so many other germs….

10 Hand Washing tricks for your child

How did you explain the importance of hygiene to your kids?

Toddlers, like my daughter Kitana push boundaries and sometimes it takes a lot more than a 5 minute chat to get them to understand the importance of a situation. Washing your hands can be so tedious and time-consuming when you have to finish a game or rush back to your programme! We need to explain the importance of washing hands to the kids or else it’s just another job…

Setting an example is one way to teach them but it’s not the only way. I feel like there’s a lot more that needs to go with it. This is one of the reasons that potty training can be so difficult with some kids. You have to repeat the same routine over and over again. You also have to try different methods with this routine so that they can figure it out on their own. They need to understand it and in a way – own it. Kids don’t like to be told what to do. They want to know… Why?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-08-24 / 12:11

    With my boys we always did the ten Mississippi rule. Whenever they wash, I have them count out ten seconds before they can stop 🙂

  2. 2015-08-24 / 12:22

    I love these tricks! Anything that can get children of all ages to wash their hands, is a bonus! It is amazing how many people don’t!

  3. 2015-08-24 / 12:24

    Indeed it is important to teach the kids the value of handwashing. I agree with using an automatic dispenser. I will check Dettol out. Looks like a great product.

  4. 2015-08-24 / 15:21

    I used to tell my kids that some people poop and don’t wash their hands, so if they didn’t wash their hands, they could get poop in their mouths. Worked like a charm!

  5. 2015-08-24 / 16:17

    Such a great and useful post for me as a parent, I’m going to try your tips. Thanks! 😀

  6. 2015-08-24 / 17:08

    I am with you when you said that kids don’t like to be told what to do because they want to know why you are telling them to do so. I an so thankful that my girls love to wash their hands all the time.

  7. 2015-08-24 / 18:27

    My son used to always “forget” to wash his hands too. These products would be a great thing to bring with you when we are out.

  8. 2015-08-24 / 18:36

    I habe to constantly tell my 4 year old to wash his hands constantly. I want one of the automatic hand soap dispensers for my kitchen. Im sure the hand pump gets kinda icky in the kitchen if you know what I mean. I’ll have to grab one next time I’m at the store.

  9. 2015-08-24 / 20:23

    I love the automatic soap dispenser. I really need one here. The biggest thing for me with hand washing is doing it after being bathroom, and then after touching anything gross. I’m kind of a ‘some germs will make you stronger’ type. As I really don’t want to make the kids ‘live in a bubble’ and not grow immunities.

  10. 2015-08-24 / 21:31

    These tricks are great! It can be so tough to get them to wash their hands the right way. I have found using special towels and soaps that are for “kids only” definitely can make it more fun.

  11. 2015-08-25 / 01:04

    My parents were such sticklers about hand washing, and rightfully so. They even asked to smell my hands as a kid to make sure. Now I’m the same way with my nephews -and I can TOTALLY tell when they’re lying lol.

  12. 2015-08-25 / 11:31

    One of these days I’m going to count how many times I wash my hands while cooking – it’s a lot! And sometimes I catch myself humming the Birthday song while washing away. All of these featured products definitely come in handy when teaching kids to wash their hands.

  13. 2015-08-25 / 15:01

    Teaching our children to wash hands at an early age is very important. You are doing a grweeat job!

  14. 2015-08-25 / 16:31

    Setting an example is definitely one great way to teach them. I’ve taught my son about how important washing the hands is at an early age. He’s now a tween and never forgets to wash his hands.

  15. 2015-08-26 / 20:42

    Such perfect time reading this! My daughter starts school next week and ughh… Germs are everywhere. Need to teach her to wash her hands better!

  16. 2015-08-27 / 00:15

    Great ideas! Love the “tricks” as handwashing is so important and most kids would rather skip it. I still have to remind my 8-year-old to wash his hands all the time.

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