10 reasons why I’m not getting any action tonight…

My heading got you curious right? 😉 Well it even made me think twice about publishing…

I’m not sure if this is the type of post my mother-in-law would approve… (Uhm, my husband is reading this too) but I’m sure there’s a pregnant mama out there who needs some reassurance.

I’m in the last trimester. I’m really enjoying the last leg of pregnancy, yes I’m serious I am 😛 – Even though I have elephant feet, Dolly Parton breasts and the urge to punch strangers in the face when they comment on how big my tummy is! Yesterday on my way to the gynae, a woman commented: “You look like you going to pop any minute.”

crying kim

I am so emotional right now, everything and anything makes me cry. Right now I’m crying because I’ve just realized how much I’m going to miss pregnancy and all these weird blog posts.

Many of us are going through this journey together and for me, it’s the last time. My last pregnancy! So I thought it’s time I share another pregnancy truth. 😛 I’m not complaining here, just being honest. 😉

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and all I want to do organize! (Nesting)! Sex is the last thought on my mind now. Not even Thor (Chris Hemsworth) can change my mindset at this point in time!

chris hemsworth

10 reasons why this pregnant body isn’t getting any action tonight:

1. I’m emotional and hungry.

I’m still angry that my husband didn’t buy me the almond Magnum ice cream that I was drooling for last month. We still need to have that conversation about how it hurt my feelings.

2. I just showered and got comfortable in bed with my preggy pillow. Why on earth would I want to get dirty again?


3. My idea of “setting the mood” is putting on an oversized t-shirt, lying on the couch with a big plate of Woolworths Malva pudding and cream (YUMMY) while watching Sheldon fight with Amy again in Big Bang Theory.

4. Foreplay is eating dessert before the main course… 😉 And that would be a big piece of rainbow cake from The Walnut Grove in Sandton City before the quarter chicken meal from Nando’s …

foreplay 2

5. I will probably need to pee while we are at it.

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  1. 2017-05-08 / 16:01

    This made me laugh so much! Brilliant post –
    thanks for sharing again, because I missed this one the first time around.

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