10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives…

My pregnancy journey is almost over… Can you believe it? Monday is the day I get to meet my son… I still can’t get over the fact that I’m having a son!


  • Right now I’m so overwhelmed with emotions. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my daughter and trying to schedule posts for next week.
  • I have swollen feet so I’m pretty much living in my bedroom slippers.
  • I feel like I have a bashed vagina… So much pressure down there! According to the Doctor; baby is around 3.4kgs but I really don’t believe the scans so I think he might be at least 3kgs. Kitana was born 2.8kgs.
  • Extremely sore back – I’ve recently bought some bath salts which has helped.
  • Suffering with hectic heart burn from last night. I woke up like 4 times because of this.

The past month has been crazy because there’s so much I wanted to do in the short space of time. I’m still in the nesting phase and spent many hours organizing and setting baby’s clothes in the last 2 weeks. Don’t you just love staring at newborn outfits?

I wish I planned a little better and didn’t leave everything for last-minute. The last 2 months of pregnancy should be about you relaxing and preparing for your little one. Once your baby arrives, everything changes and you will find it difficult to even do the little things like go to the toilet or read a book.

10 things to do before baby arrives

1. Enjoy a massage

One of the best things I decide to do during this pregnancy!

10 things to do before baby arrives…

I was introduced to Sarah via the Mamahood Group on Facebook. Sarah is the owner of Bohemian Mamas – a company that specializes in pregnancy massages, mom and baby workshops. Sarah is an infant massage instructor, a therapeutic reflexologist, a natural pregnancy therapist, and a certified doula (childbirth companion). I know… I’m trying to wrap my head around all these titles. She’s definitely a woman with many talents and has an amazing personality.

I never had a massage in the comfort of my home before so when Sarah said she will be doing the massage at home, I was super excited. I was relaxed and comfortable in my space and the way she set the room up, it felt like I was at a spa. She even came in with her own massage bed and music!

10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives…

Many women are scared of having massages during pregnancy but I think it is one of the best ways to relax and get refreshed. Did you know studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health? Source: www.americanpregnancy.org

10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives…

Sarah uses Organic Grapeseed or Almond oil, which is lovely for itchy and dry skin (I had dry skin this entire pregnancy). She also uses safe Aromatherapy oils when necessary, but these must be used with caution she says. She’s currently based at Oageng Baby Link in Linksfield, but also does home visits in certain areas. She even offers post-natal massages which I will be definitely doing after this pregnancy. Thank you Sarah, you have magic in your hands. 😉 After that massage, I felt ready to take on the world!

2. Deep clean your house

I’m a neat freak so I spent the last month cleaning. We’ve been washing curtains, mats and reorganizing cupboards etc. I don’t think you can ever be prepared but it’s good to try. 🙂

3. Create a pregnancy scrapbook

I did this with Kitana and I absolutely loved it. It’s a creative way to remember the journey of your pregnancy.

4. Date your husband

Yes Ladies, date your husband! Do date night weekly and spice it up once in a while with your big bump. 😉

10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives…

5. Prepare frozen meals/diet for post birth

Thank God for help; my aunty will be arriving next week. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but if you doing this on your own it’s best to prepare your meal schedule before baby arrives.

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