10 tips for moving with kids

The last time we moved houses, I was around 8 months pregnant. Crazy right?! It was an experience I will never forget but we made it happen in the short space of time we had. I told myself I will never do this again because it’s just too stressful.

Years later, Vije and I are looking at properties again to see if we can get a bigger house at a good price. Our family is growing and everyone needs their own space. I don’t think moving with a toddler can be any easier than moving when you pregnant. Moving to a new environment and house can be confusing for a 2-year old.

I’ve searched the internet for properties and I must admit Gumtree has really upped their game. You can now use a property price check (which can be downloaded on your phone) to get real-time pricing for the areas you love.

Gumtree Property price check

Gumtree Property Price Checker

The website uses interactive charts and cross comparison to give you all the information you need. There’s hundreds of properties listed each day in different cities to give you the different options you need. This app is so easy to use and it has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to pricing!

Gumtree Property Price CheckerFinding the perfect location to settle is always difficult especially with kids. We have to consider so many important points before choosing an area to live in.

  • Is there a school nearby?
  • How far are we from the closet shopping centre and hospital?
  • What’s the crime rate in the area?
  • Traffic to and from work and school.
  • Entertainment/Kids activities

I was born in Durban but moved to Johannesburg end of primary school. I love both cities but my heart is in Johannesburg. I would choose the city of gold any day over Cape Town or Durban, however all 3 cities have attractions that I love. I would recommend you to research cities first if you planning to move.

Moving with kids

  1. Get organised from 4 – 6 weeks before the actual move. Plan your packing and moving schedule.
  2. Avoid potty or sleep training during the moving period. It can become stressful for you and your child.
  3.  Ask your child to help you label boxes. Make it fun! Label boxes (The room and person they belong to).
  4. Teach your child while packing. (Colours, shapes, words, numbers, etc.).
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. 3 pair of hands is better than one especially if you have a newborn. Gumtree can help you find professional movers to get the job done quicker. There’s even a company just to move your piano!
  6. Leave your child’s special items unpacked during the move especially their soothing toys. Create a “busy” box filled with lots of activities, snacks and surprises for the hectic day ahead.
  7. Let your child help you decorate his/her room. Do this together as a family.
  8. Child proof your new home as soon as you arrive or even before if possible.
  9. Unpack one room at a time and don’t rush to do everything at once.
  10. Get to know the parents in the area and make playdates.

tips for moving with kids

Moving can be easy with good planning and the right tools. Gumtree gives you the opportunity to search for your dream home while you lay in bed with a cup of coffee.

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  1. 2015-01-26 / 12:49

    My best friend just moved with her 3 kids. It was only 2 miles up the road from where they were, but I have never seen anyone so stressed in all my life.

    • 2015-01-26 / 17:07

      Moving is such a pain! Moving with small children is even worse! Great tips!

  2. 2015-01-26 / 17:10

    Such an informative post!! I’ve only moved once (before kids) and it was stressful even then! I can’t imagine having to move with kids in tow!!

  3. Moving is challenging under any circumstances but especially with young children. I love that there’s a website that makes it really easy to get all the information about the area you’re looking in. There are a lot of things to consider before deciding where to relocate.

  4. 2015-01-26 / 19:03

    OMG. We had to move when my son was little and it was a nightmare. It ended up being a good learning experience for him, but dang. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him for a second.

  5. 2015-01-26 / 19:37

    Moving with kids can be tough. If you take your eye on them for ONE SECOND, they’re into something!

  6. 2015-01-26 / 20:21

    i always get freaked out when I google any predators nearby. Weird-I know. Being former military i moved a lot with my girls and it was always….dare I say it–an adventure

  7. 2015-01-26 / 20:41

    I had to move a few times when my son was growing up – not a fun chore – helpful tips and infographic that I’ll save!

  8. 2015-01-26 / 20:45

    I don’t have any kids but I’m sure moving with kids could be very hard. These are great tips for those moving with kids! Thanks for the post!

  9. 2015-01-26 / 21:53

    We have not moved far with our kids.. but one thing we always thought of was to make sure the neighborhood was child friendly

  10. 2015-01-26 / 23:55

    Last time we moved we had 5 kids. Luckily that day 3 were in school so it wasn’t as hard. We had them help label boxes and write on which room they went to! It was fun for them!

  11. 2015-01-27 / 00:01

    These are all great tips. I have been fortunate to not have moved when my kids were small. I moved a lot growing up and know it can be hard. My cousin just moved to Johannesburg at 7 months pregnant. That is more daring than I.

  12. 2015-01-27 / 00:22

    That looks like a very useful app to have when you’re moving. We’re not planning to move for another few years, but I’m definitely going to let my girls be as involved as possible when we move.

  13. 2015-01-27 / 00:45

    Gumtree sounds like a dream come true when you are looking to relocate. It seems to have all the information you would ever need in one spot, including moving companies! I know where to go if I ever decide to move again!!

  14. 2015-01-27 / 00:59

    Those are fantastic tips for moving with kids – we’ll hopefully move in the next couple of years so these will come in handy. I’ll have three little helpers!

  15. Kathy
    2015-01-27 / 01:23

    Moving can be such a pain, especially when you have children. I know mine would love to help, but they’d also be running around the place too.

  16. Elizabeth O.
    2015-01-27 / 04:11

    Moving is really stressful. Glad for these tips since we’re planning to move this year!

  17. 2015-01-27 / 06:03

    We had to move a bunch of times when my kids were little. I wish this existed back then. It would have helped.

  18. 2015-01-27 / 07:24

    We have moved way too many times with the kids when they were little thanks to the military. We’ve moved cross country when I was 39 weeks pregnant once, did another cross country move years later with a 6 month old who was cloth diapered and solely nursed. Always such fun times. However including them in the move as well as being prepared really does help the whole experience move smoothly.

  19. 2015-01-27 / 11:50

    Ow that’s a great advice I had read ever! Thanks for this tips about moving with kids.

  20. 2015-01-27 / 14:32

    Oh goodness, I remember when we moved into our townhouse, Sophia was a few months old! I was so stressed and lets not mention last minute packing! Never AGAIN!

  21. 2015-01-27 / 15:45

    Moving with children is always stressful. These are great tips for helping the children feel included in it. The children decorating their own rooms helps them feel like the new place is home for them Great information.

  22. 2015-01-27 / 15:48

    These are really great tips! It’s always so stressful when moving. We just moved here less then a year ago with 5 kiddos.

  23. 2015-01-27 / 16:52

    It’s a good tip to research cities before you move. It’s so hard to find just the right one.

  24. Heather
    2015-01-27 / 17:09

    She is so cute in that box!

    • 2015-01-27 / 21:12

      Thanks Heather, she had lots of fun in there!

  25. 2015-01-27 / 19:05

    My son was only 7-years-old when we moved here to the U.S. Good tips but never done any of them. He adapted to his new environment so quickly.

  26. 2015-01-27 / 22:03

    I have only moved with my kids when they were really young and it was so long ago, I barely remember it. But I know it can be stressful and these are great tips.

  27. 2015-01-27 / 22:19

    Ahhhhh moving with kids…. I only have one and when we moved last year… I wanted to shoot myself lol…. Eveeything takes twice as long to do when you have a toddler to chase around lol

  28. 2015-01-27 / 23:07

    I experienced moving just last year but it was just nearby and my daughter was already 6 years old when we moved. But just the same it was very hard.

  29. yumeating
    2015-01-27 / 23:31

    We moved a few times when I was younger but I don’t remember much about moving day. We hope to move later this year, but we aren’t going too far.

  30. 2015-01-28 / 01:46

    Being organized is key to a successful move. I just moved over the summer with two teenagers. It was a challenge.

  31. 2015-01-28 / 07:36

    This sounds like an amazing app and I love how it gives you the prices for the areas you want. When moving it is important to involve the kids I believe. It is great advice to unpack one room at a time. Thanks for sharing.

  32. That app is great. I have to admit, I had to try it. about 5 years ago I was in South Africa with my husband and we loved it. I looked up properties in Durban City. I just fell in love with that region. Wish they had it here in Canada.

  33. 2015-01-28 / 11:28

    This sounds like a really great app. I’ve moved a lot and I hate it. The next time I move I’m hoping it goes with ease.

  34. 2015-01-28 / 17:39

    Moving can be so hard, especially with kids! Great tips!

  35. 2015-01-28 / 21:11

    My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home within the next year so these are really great tips because at the time I’ll have an 11 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old and an 18 month old!

  36. 2015-01-29 / 01:22

    Great tips! I’m not a fan of moving with or without kids 🙂

  37. 2015-01-29 / 01:36

    I have never moved with kids. We bought our home before we had kids and I don’t see moving in my future thanks to this post. Just kidding! In fact, I would hoped to google and find this post. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  38. 2015-01-29 / 02:36

    These are great tips! It definitely makes moving harder when you have kids, but giving yourself a break and not trying to accomplish big things with them is so right! Give everyone a break during this time.

  39. lostinavalonor
    2015-01-29 / 02:41

    Thanks for the tips!

  40. 2015-01-29 / 03:42

    Awesome tips! When moving with kids you really need to consider so much more! Decorating with them is also key 🙂

  41. 2015-01-29 / 22:29

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them!

  42. 2015-06-11 / 16:13

    I am moving in to months to California with my little girl. After the excitement of me receiving the new job I more and more realize how many changes this will bring into our lives.

  43. 2015-09-15 / 13:19

    Moving is a big change for little ones, even if they don’t realize it at the moment. My girl was three (she’s now six) when we moved for first time and was very excited. Along with all the excitement came the worry about what’s happening with the house and the garden when we go, she was asking tons of questions and we tried to explain her as simple as we were able to. The best thing about our moving was our stuff is not too much and packing and unpacking went fast. We are planning to move in the beginning of the next year, this time with two kids already.

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