10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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This post was written by a Guest blogger – Susy Richards about unusual ways to announce your pregnancy!

Congratulations on becoming pregnant! Your world is going to change drastically once you give a birth to a cute little baby. Being a mother is very fun and fulfilling. Imagine spending every day with a child who can call you… mommy. It’s natural to feel happy and excited during the time of the pregnancy. Not sure if you are ready to spread the happiness and joy by sharing the news with other people as well? Don’t be afraid to confess, it’s great news after all. We propose you to break the news in a fun and engaging way that is going to make the experience more memorable.

To give you some ideas, here are the 10 unusual ways to announce your pregnancy.

1. Wordplay

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Everyone enjoys having some fun with words. Fun and engaging literature are enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Books hold a lot of value. One of the notable things that one acquires through reading is a versatile vocabulary. Put that vocabulary to use and invite your friends and family members to play a game of scrabble with you. Then, mid-game, reveal that you’re going to be a mom by spelling out that you’re pregnant with the alphabet pieces of the scrabble game. You could also keep an indirect message like, “You’re going to be a daddy” inside the box of the board game. It’s sure to shock the others in a pleasant way.

2. Good Fortune

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

This is a unique way of telling other people that you’re pregnant. Despite being so quirky and unique, it’s actually really easy to implement. All you need to do is order some Chinese food and have some tweezers with you.

First, some background. As we all know, Chinese food is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are ordering Chinese takeouts. One of the unique things about Chinese food is that you get a fortune cookie with the meal. Besides being tasty, the cookie also has a future-foreseeing message inside which is usually quirky in nature.

To tell someone like your parents, you can replace the message inside with one that says you’re going to be a parent. An example of this would be, “Fall will bring you a grandchild” if your baby is due to be born around sometime September.

3. Sweet Beats

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

This method uses music. Music has widespread popular appeal. It can change the mood of any moment and infuse it with new energy. Having music play when it’s revealed that you’re going to be a mom is going to make the revelation even more memorable.

To do this, you can create a video where the beats of a musical track fade into the sounds of your baby’s heartbeats. You can take this video whenever you visit your doctor or while using your fetal doppler. You can then e-mail this video to a person and coax them into hearing it under the pretense that it’s a song. They’ll be delighted when they see you hearing your baby’s heartbeat and will become excited.

4. Snap Reaction

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

People are always surprised whenever they learn that someone is pregnant. They find the fact that someone they know is going to be a mother shocking. The reactions one gets when revealing that they’re pregnant are always amusing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture all those reactions? Thankfully, there is a way to use your camera to do just that. You’re gonna have to set up the photo perfectly, though. You could do this at a family event where a lot of people are gathered. When you’re taking a group photo together, right before the shutter goes off, say that you’re going to have a baby. Everyone’s amused expressions will be captured on camera.

5. Belly Bean

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Easter is one of the most fun events on the Christian calendar. The festival is marked by the widespread availability of chocolates and candies to celebrate the occasion. Jelly beans are one of the candies that are associated with the holiday. Their sweetness and delicious looks can be blamed for their popularity. Since they’re often kept in a jar, you could place a picture of your unborn baby with them, in the jar. Then, when someone goes to take a jelly bean out, they’ll discover the photo and ask if you’re pregnant. It’s funny because just like the jelly beans, your baby is also sweet, metaphorically speaking.

6. Special Delivery

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Everyone reads newspapers. They’re the medium of choice for news consumption for most people. Since they’re so popular, you can use them as a transportation medium to convey the message that you’re pregnant, in the form of a flyer. Just take a flyer with a fun message on it to the local newsboy and tell him to put in the newspaper copy which is intended for your recipient.

7. Say What?

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Mad Gab is a fun a board game that is enjoyed by many people. It’s often fun to play it with your family since it fosters bonding. It’s better than most other texting games. A game session of Mad Gab is the perfect place to reveal your pregnancy since you can do so in a funny way. To accomplish this, you can make your own card, which is unclear when read silently but delivers the message that you’re pregnant when read out loud.

8. Baby Food

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Food is something that a lot of people hold near and dear to their hearts. That makes this method the most poignant way of revealing your pregnancy since the information will go straight to the person’s heart. It is very easy to pull off since all that you’re required to do is make a grocery list. The list should include only common food items which have the term “baby” in their name. Examples of this would be baby carrots, baby corn, baby back ribs, etc. Upon handing this list over to your husband when he goes to do the routine grocery shopping, he’ll be confused initially and wonder what you wrote. Eventually, he’ll reach the conclusion that you’re pregnant and will appreciate your creativity.

9. A bun in the oven

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

This is another fun and indirect way of conveying the news of your pregnancy to your loved ones. What makes this method so good is that it uses something that almost everyone loves in form or the other: food. One type of food that’s particularly enjoyed is baked foods. You can take advantage of this fact to say you’re pregnant. It can be something funny like putting a bun in the oven since “A bun in the oven” is a metaphor for the fact that you have a child growing inside you. This message is especially funny since some of the people may not catch onto it and understand it right away.

10. Happy Feet

10 Unusual Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Christmas is the perfect time to get in touch with distant relatives and friends and family in general. A common Christmas tradition is to send each other greeting cards. These make for a great way to say that you’re pregnant. In the card, you could put pictures of pairs of shoes which represent the different members of your family. In the end, there’ll be a picture of two small baby shoes. The caption, “Our family is growing by two feet” will explain the shoe photos. This card is sure to make its readers go awww!!

As you can see, there’s no dearth of creative and unusual ways through which you can announce your pregnancy. Feel free to come up with your own methods and techniques to break the news.

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Bio: Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site rocketparents.com.

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