Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas When You Can’t Get a Babysitter

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for most parents, it will be a night at home doing nothing because you don’t have a babysitter…

Today I’m going to give you some suggestions on how you can plan a romantic evening at home while baby is in lala land.

10 Valentines Day ideas

1. Set the mood with some music

It’s a night dedicated to love, so dance to your favorite songs. Play that special song you and your spouse danced to at the wedding, so you can remember how amazing your journey has been.

2. Light Candles

Candles always set the mood especially the scented ones which you can use to massage your spouse afterwards…

3. Plan a treasure hunt

Buy small gifts for your partner and leave clues around the house for him/her to find.

Valentine's Day

4. Take a bubble bath together

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath?! Oh So Heavenly products are AMA-ZING, you definitely need to try the lavender foam bath.

Bubble bath

5. Sip on some champagne

Celebrate your love and make a toast. Chat about funny past dates while enjoying some strawberries dipped in chocolate.

6. Plan a picnic in your backyard

Lay a blanket with your favorite cheese and wine OR make a fire pit in the backyard and roast marshmallows.

Valentine's Day

7. Cook together

Cooking together can be fun! OR You can just spoil your partner with something you haven’t really tried before.

10 Valentines Day ideas night

8. Movies

Cuddle on the couch and watch a romantic movie.

9. Game night

Challenge each other to an adult game of poker. 😉

10. Dinner with friends

Invite some friends over for a bring and share.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about fancy gifts or fancy restaurants. It’s about celebrating the journey of love.

Your child is your celebration of love and spending it at home doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Think outside the box and do something different. Date nights at home can be interesting, if you know what I mean… 😉

P.S. Don’t forget to switch on the baby’s monitor.

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  1. 2015-02-10 / 13:21

    Those are great ideas. I am lucky because both of my kids grandmothers fight over who gets to watch them, so I am never at a loss for someone to babysit. For free!

  2. 2015-02-10 / 18:38

    These are such great ideas! We were short a baby sitter once, and we turned it into a family night. After the kids were tucked away, we had our alone time. It was the best of both worlds!

  3. 2015-02-10 / 19:22

    We usually have a family afternoon with the kids. We watch movies and all hang out, then we have the babysitter come over, and my husband and I go out.

  4. 2015-02-10 / 20:05

    This year we are going to let the kids in on the Valentine’s fun by making heart shaped pizza. We can have a quiet movie night when they go to bed!

  5. 2015-02-10 / 21:09

    OMGGGG at those “I think you are just write” valentines. They are so adorable! Love all the ideas. I’m just wishing our bath was big enough for the two of us.

  6. 2015-02-10 / 21:26

    Very cute!

  7. 2015-02-10 / 22:01

    I love your ideas, especially cooking together, and perhaps having a picnic dinner in the backyard. All these are so romantic and it gives me really good tips how to have a romantic Valentine. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. 2015-02-10 / 22:16

    I might just have to do some of these soon! The boyfriend and I like our nights in as well as our nights out on the town.

  9. 2015-02-10 / 22:41

    These are so cute! I love the idea of cooking together and having a picnic together outside! Too bad the weather here is awful or I would for sure do that!

  10. 2015-02-11 / 01:10

    I love the idea of having a picnic together. That would be so cute!

  11. 2015-02-11 / 01:37

    Love this! Such great ideas. We will be doing something in for Valentine’s so I may have to do a few of these. Wish we could do a picnic!

  12. 2015-02-11 / 02:09

    Those are some great ideas! I really like the one about a treasure hunt. That’s a great idea! I may just have to do that.

  13. 2015-02-11 / 02:44

    The bubble bath idea is great! It would be nice to have a nice jacuzzi type tub.

  14. 2015-02-11 / 02:44

    These are some great ideas. I could see the hubby and I doing quite a few of these things. Thank you for sharing.

  15. 2015-02-11 / 05:01

    My husband and I decided this year (since we’re staying home) that we are going to have the kids eat dinner first, put them to bed (extra early!) and then have a late dinner ALONE!!!

  16. 2015-02-11 / 09:55

    These are such cute ideas!!! I love the idea of having a picnic in the backyard together!! Thanks for the ideas~!

    • 2015-02-15 / 11:08

      Pleasure. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  17. 2015-02-11 / 15:45

    Sipping some champagne in a bubble bath with my hubby sounds like a fantastic Valentine’s evening. I’m quite sure our four dogs would want to join us though, and that might take some of the romance out of it!

  18. 2015-02-11 / 19:24

    Cooking together is a ton of fun, I really enjoy it and the picture of pizza shaped as hearts is so cute. 🙂

  19. 2015-02-11 / 20:41

    These are all great ways to add some romance when you can not get out for a date night. I like to stay in so these ideas are perfect for me.

  20. 2015-02-11 / 23:14

    It’s hard to find a sitter sometimes, so these are great ideas. They are also perfect for a couple that is trying to save money by not going out so much. Date night can be expensive!

  21. 2015-02-11 / 23:28

    A picnic in the backyard would be nice. Well not this time of year, but a vacation somewhere with an outdoor picnic would be nice. 🙂

  22. 2015-02-12 / 02:36

    The cooking and the game night would be pretty awesome since I am not a fan of alcohol. Nights in can be uber romantic. 🙂

  23. 2015-02-12 / 06:06

    I’m all for your suggestions, because they are simple and sweet and perfect when you have the kids with ya. We don’t really believe in Valentines day, as it’s extremely commercial, so with your ID’s you don’t have to feed into the hype and can spend genuine time together without shelling out loads of money.

  24. 2015-02-12 / 15:31

    Hubby and I do not usually do much for Valentine’s Day. These are great ideas, since I don’t really like to leave the kids with a sitter

  25. 2015-02-12 / 17:50

    I’m not sure if we’re doing anything special for Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually celebrate the day anyway, but it does have significance for us.

  26. 2015-02-12 / 20:06

    My husband I were just having a conversation about this. I’ve pinned it because these are all good ideas. Thx

    • 2015-02-15 / 11:07

      Thank you so much.

  27. 2015-02-12 / 21:36

    Why not do this even if you have a babysitter? These are great ideas for just a night alone in the house.

    • 2015-02-15 / 11:07

      That’s true. 🙂

  28. 2015-02-12 / 23:10

    Hehehehehe we seem to never be able to get a sitter when we actually want one so thses are things my hubby and I do, even just for a date night at home 😉

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