Today I was chatting to a colleague about baby products, it made me think back in time on how confusing it was for me buying baby products for the first time. I went to several baby expos and there were sooo many products and brands. The sale reps were extremely good at marketing and most of them tricked me into purchasing an item.I believed every word they said because as a first time mom, I thought they were the experts.

After 18 months of being a mother, I realised the best person to give you advice about products is a person who has had a child. Remember every parent likes different brands however they still come down to the same product. For me I had certain products that I used on a daily basis and would have not survived without it.

My Top 15 products for a first time mom with a newborn:

Please note it’s in no particular order.

1. If you are going to be breastfeeding, a breast pump is essential! It helped me a lot in the first 6 months.

Once my breastmilk came, I started flowing like a river (TMI) so I needed to pump often and Medela electric swing was the best for me.



2. Bottles

Whether you breastfeeding or formula you need bottles. I bought Yoomi bottles and they were awesome. Press a button and the warmer warms the milk in the bottle. You dont have to stand there with the bottle in a mug trying to make it hot or cold. Yoomi warms the bottle to the appropriate temperature for your baby.

clever_bit-how-the-warmer-works yoomi yoomi_bottle


3. Baby Monitor 

This is an absolute lifesaver! It’s not a need, it’s a MUST! Even tho we are co-sleeping now, we still use it. If Kitana makes a slight move, I can hear it on the monitor. I love the Angelcare monitor, wish I bought the one with video so I could see her.



4. Diaper Bin

This was one of the first products I thought about getting and there was no question about it. I did get one of the best ones available in the market for SA but I wish I bought Ubbi diaper pail, it recently arrived in SA and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. For me, it is the perfect bin! The best part about Ubbi is it’s the only metal bin in the world! It doesn’t stink and you can use ANY packet in it, meaning you don’t have to spend thousands of Rands a year on refills!


5. Changing Table

It is essential to have a place where you can change baby. I bought an ordinary changing mat that I could carry around the house and it worked for me however I think Stokke has a great changing table which lasts you literally forever. It’s worth it. If you looking for something to carry around, invest in something like what Close has to offer. Small and easy to carry around wherever you going.






6.  Baby carrier

I used this when I wanted to carry her around the house or for short trips. I bought the babybjorn one which worked well for a while until my back started hurting. She became heavy and me being a petite person, it became a strain after 6 months. The Close one is material and much lighter on you. It actually fits like a t-shirt. I love the material.They both great, depends what type of fabric you looking for.



7. Onesies

I think this is a must for newborns. I never liked putting too many layers of clothing for Kitana when she was born. Onesies was perfect, easier to carry them and this way you are not lifting up their clothing. Korango has some great outfits and they don’t look boring!



8. Burp cloth

I think for the first 6 months you will be carrying this everywhere you go. Baby is bound to take out milk and this helps you a lot.

Babysense has a lovely burp cloth which has a simple but yet elegant design.



Extra bed sheets and blankets

I won’t number this one. There were several nights where I had to replace bed sheets in the middle of the night. You will never know when they going to make an oopsie. Always buy extra.

9. Drying rack 

Im sure you dont want bottles drying all over your kitchen. I think the boon grass countertop drying rack is perfect! I’m a neat freak and I love the idea of having all babies things in one place. In the kitchen a baby drying rack was a must for me.


 10. Humidifier

I think its important to have one, we still use it when Kitana is sick or has a blocked nose. It helped me a lot when she was sick in the first month.



11. Nose cleaner

Newborns have no idea how to blow their nose and having a nose cleaner can help when they are sick or have a stuffed nose. This product did wonders for me. I loved it because I was in control the entire time and it is hygienic as all parts can be washed.

nosefrida_pack nosefrida0 12. Night light

I think its so important to have one for night feeding and nappy changing. This way baby doesn’t wake up and you can actually see what you doing.


13. Grooming Kit/Thermometer

Babies nails grow extremely fast, meaning they always need to be cut. Its important to invest in a grooming kit and a thermometer. You will always need them.


14. Diaper and wipes Caddy

I wish I bought one of these. So easy to carry around the house when you changing baby, keeps all baby’s toiletries and nappies in one place. Some even come with a changing mat.


15. Sleep positioner

I never bought one for Kitana, when she was born my cousin gifted one to me. It was one of the best gifts I received. It helped me a lot for the first 6 months. I knew she wouldn’t roll or end up blocking her nose because she just fitted in perfectly. I absolutely love this product and so did Kitana. She used it until she couldn’t fit in it anymore.



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