18 – 25 weeks Pregnancy Update

I think my last pregnancy post updated you on how I feel at the moment. Even though this pregnancy is filled with surprises, I’m sad because soon it will be over but then another exciting “eventful” stage begins…

👶 18 weeks Pregnant

I’ve started to clean out Kitana’s closet so I can make space for our new addition. This is more difficult than I thought. I’ve just realised how much clothes Kitana has! I found some newborn sets which I will be keeping for our munchkin but the rest I’m donating to charity.

My doctor’s appointment last week went well, baby finally weighs in grams which will soon be kilos! I had to do a blood test and that freaked me out like always. To be honest, I hate the sight of blood and needles. I’m not sure how I managed to stay calm when I had a C-section for Kitana. I think seeing my baby gave me all the energy I needed to recover.

Pregnancy Update

👶 19 weeks Pregnant

I haven’t visited the gym in a while and I see it’s starting to have an effect on me. I can’t walk long distances anymore, the shortness of breath has gotten worse. I need to start afternoon walks again with Kitana, I feel like I need to spend as much time as I can with her right now. She’s been spending more time with my mom and cousin than me. She’s gotten so attached to them. I think that will help when I have to stay in hospital when the baby is born. I’ve never been away from her and that worries me. I’m thinking about sending her for a sleepover to my cousin’s house. She’s not breastfeeding much and only drinks when she’s upset or wants to cuddle with me.

Baby has been moving so much more and even gets hiccups! I’m really enjoying his movement and can’t wait to see him again! I decided to cut my hair because it’s still falling so much and I’m loving the new look. This week has been one of the best weeks in my pregnancy thus far.

👶 20 weeks Pregnant

My biggest regret is buying so much “gender specific” items the first time around. I’m still struggling to sell my pram and swing that is so pink! Even though I cleaned out Kitana’s wardrobe couple weeks back, I still don’t have enough space for baby.

I can’t seem to work at night anymore, by 8pm I’m in bed but then I wake up around 2am staring at the ceiling hoping to fall asleep again. My little munchkin is active around this time and this could be the reason my sleep is getting disrupted. He’s been putting a lot of pressure by my C-section and because of this, sometimes I just can’t move. I spoke to the doctor about it and he said it’s completely normal.

Pregnant in South Africa

👶 21 weeks Pregnant

I sent Kitana for her first sleep over! She hasn’t been well recently and because of that she missed school for almost 3 weeks. We visited the doctor and got her meds but that still wasn’t enough. She was tired of being indoors and missed having kids around, so this past weekend Vije and I decided to send her for 1 night. It was definitely harder for me than her. I cried the entire time and called my mom like a million times checking to see if she’s okay. Vije and I used this opportunity to go on a date. We went to watch a movie and guess what?! I ended up snoring in the cinema! Haha, it was hilarious because when I woke up I had a few people staring at me. It definitely was an embarrassing moment for me but my husband and I ended up laughing about it afterwards.

👶 22 weeks Pregnant

The one thing I dreaded the most has happened! I ended up getting the flu from Kitana. I feel horrible. All I want to do is cuddle in bed and sleep but it isn’t that easy. My nose is stuffed, I have an itchy cough and I don’t have an appetite. I’m trying to avoid medicines so I’ve been trying some natural remedies. The good news is Kitana is feeling better and has recovered.

👶 23 weeks Pregnant

I was hoping to feel better this week but now I have no choice but to visit the doctor. I never wanted to take any medication during pregnancy but I think that is the only way I will get better. My husband ended up getting the flu too. So we both at home being miserable together. I’ve got some good news; Kitana stopped breastfeeding! She doesn’t even co-sleep with us. She sleeps by my mom and sleeps through the night without asking for milk. I’m so relieved because I thought I would end up breastfeeding 2 kids…wait that still might happen! (Let’s pray it doesn’t...) She’s changed so much ever since I fell pregnant. She’s become independent and recently started helping me with little things around the house. I feel like she’s ready to be a big sister because she loves babies but I guess only time will tell on how she will react when her brother arrives.

👶 24 weeks Pregnant

My doctor put me on bed rest and it sucks! I feel so useless sitting in bed doing nothing… Even though he told me not to work, I’m still working. 😛 I’m trying to take it easy but this cold just seems to be getting worse! Being pregnant and sick is the worst.

I’m starting to feel “big”. It’s harder to get comfortable at night and my sleep gets broken because I need to pee like 500 times. I’ve been getting lots of body aches and my feet is already starting to swell! Things are so different this time around, my symptoms are completely different from the first pregnancy. So far, it’s been a roller coaster for me. Lots of new symptoms and my emotions are all over the place. Sometimes I’m angry… Sometimes I’m sad and I have no idea why.

Pregnancy Update

👶 25 weeks Pregnant

I visited my gynae last week and he says everything is fine. I’m so relieved because I’ve always been worried, sometimes crazy thoughts go through my mind… I guess it’s normal right? Pregnancy makes you paranoid and you pray throughout the 9 months for a healthy baby.

I feel like a penguin. Even though, I’m not that big… I feel huge! I can’t carry myself. Bathing is like walking up 50 stairs, I come out of the shower panting and tired. I’m using my mom’s clothes because mine just doesn’t fit any more. I hate dressing up, it’s such a mission.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-07-01 / 12:23

    I remember always being worried when I was pregnant, too! You know – you just never know how things are going in there 🙂

  2. 2015-07-01 / 12:59

    Ha! Reading your post reminds me of myself. I hate needles and the sight of blood. On my very first pregnancy test at the doctor, she drawn blood from me and I passed out! I have two children now and I can’t get used to booboos and stuff still. Good luck on your pregnancy and thank you for sharing it with us!


  3. 2015-07-01 / 13:10

    It sounds like you’re doing so well! As much as you’re starting to feel big, you look amazing! You really carry a pregnancy well -)

  4. 2015-07-02 / 00:36

    You have had a rough couple of weeks. Hang in there it will be worth it at the end with you new baby !

  5. 2015-07-02 / 05:00

    Congrats! (well, I guess a late congrats :P) We can’t wait to document our pregnancy once we’re ready to have kids.

  6. Maurine C.
    2015-07-02 / 06:49

    I can feel your anxiety building up as the time of delivery draws near. And I’m so happy that Kitana starts taking reponsibilities for herself.

  7. 2015-07-02 / 07:00

    You have a cute pregnant belly! Congrats, I’m sure everything will go fine. I was worried to with my oldest and being away from him for the first time overnight when I had my second, but it will all be ok.

  8. 2015-07-02 / 07:22

    You look great. Congrats. I’m sorry you have been so sick but I am sure that all will be well. Just keep trying to take it easy.

  9. 2015-07-02 / 08:03

    Looks like you’re doing well with the pregnancy. A few more and you’ll see your beautiful baby.

  10. angela christoper
    2015-07-02 / 08:42

    you a beautiful pregnant belly . my belly was very bulky when im pregnant to my son

  11. 2015-07-02 / 09:04

    I think you are soo adorable preggers. Even though you call yourself a pegiun you are a pretty pregnant peguin lol!

  12. 2015-07-02 / 09:40

    Have a safe pregnancy. I’m sure when the baby is out, you’ll be really happy and relieved.

  13. 2015-07-02 / 10:02

    You look wonderful! I’m sorry about the bed rest I’m sure that was no fun. Wishing you a smooth rest of your pregnancy.

  14. 2015-07-02 / 12:54

    For someone who hates dressing up you’re looking awesome in all the pictures, I am sure it will be over soon and will forget all these once baby arrives arrives.

  15. 2015-07-02 / 14:27

    You look great, really glowing throughout your pregnancy 🙂 I hope you feel well again now and that everything goes smoothly for you for the rest of your pregnancy.

  16. 2015-07-03 / 01:43

    You look amazing, you are glowing. As soon as the baby comes you will forget everything and just enjoy your bundle of joy 🙂

  17. Jeana B.
    2015-07-03 / 03:15

    You’re having a great pregnancy. I wish that you have a safe delivery and healthy baby.

  18. 2015-07-03 / 03:56

    You look awesome! I remember making room for newborn clothes and realizing just how much my other son’s had in clothing.

  19. 2015-07-03 / 16:19

    This is when I started to feel really TIRED! It is such a fun time though. Enjoy what you can.

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