35 things you need to do before your baby is born!

35 things you need to do before your baby is born!

Tick tock…Tick tock! I have 11 days left before my third baby arrives into the world.

I am excited, I am nervous but I am also trying to enjoy the last few days of being a mom of two.

I am trying to plan and get everything organized at home so that when the baby comes home from the hospital, we are not overwhelmed especially since we have 2 other kids who will need our attention and love.

This is going to be a big transition for everyone at home.

35 things you need to do before your baby is born:

35 things you need to do in the last 3 weeks before your baby is born!

1. Wash baby’s clothes, play mat, and beddings.

I have organized the baby’s cupboards (clothes according to size for the first 3 months), the medical box and I have the changing station ready with diapers, cotton wool, surgical spirits, and wet wipes.

2. Buy a gift each for the siblings.

My daughter Kitana still remembers that her brother bought her a gift when he arrived. It’s a tradition that I am going to keep this time around as well. So, both the kids will get something from the baby when they come to visit at the hospital.

3. Pack your hospital bag – remember to always pack a few extra items for those oopsy moments especially diapers!

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35 things you need to do in the last 3 weeks before your baby is born!

4. Get your carpets cleaned.

Newborn babies are very sensitive to dust and wool. Cleaning the carpets around the house is a good idea.

5. Get the heaters out and buy a humidifier (especially since we are approaching winter now. It is going to be cold when changing and bathing baby).

6. Pick a Paediatrician if you don’t have one already and make sure you find out about the increase/scheme benefits for your medical plan once baby joins.

Remember, you are not obligated to stick with the Paediatrician that sees your baby in the theater/birthing room.

7. Prepare freezer meals or sign up for a subscription service that offers the ingredients and meal plans.

8. Install the car seat, set up the cot and stroller.


9. Get a few packs of batteries for the rocker, camera, car seat toys etc.

10. Get a special folder that includes your ID, your partner’s ID, medical aid details and a black pen for the hospital bed booking and registration of baby.

11. Sterilize your breast pump, baby’s bottles if you are going to express, and pacifier.

Invest in a few freezer bags to store breast milk.

12. Learn infant CPR. Your medical aid will most probably offer a discount on this.

13. Sign up for all the FREEBIES you can get when you’re having a baby.

14. Go on a date night with your partner.

15. Get a pedicure, facial and/or your eyebrows done.

16. Stay up past 9:30 PM and do something for yourself – like reading a book.

17. Book a photographer for maternity or newborn photos.

35 things you need to do in the last 3 weeks before your baby is born!

18. Buy a nursing cover.

19. Get some after baby clothes for yourself.

20. Make a basket of baby necessities and keep it close (thermometer, diaper cream, surgical spirits for the umbilical cord, cotton wool, nasal aspirator, and burp cloths).

21. Set up a changing station area in several rooms so you don’t have to walk up and down to change baby. Put a few diapers, wipes, diaper cream, surgical spirits and cotton wool in a basket.

22. Sleep in till late!

23. Soak in the bathtub.

10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives…

24. Spend time with the other kids by doing something they enjoy.

25. Watch a movie at the cinema.

26. Recruit help for the first few weeks.

27. Make lists and reminders for your husband especially when it comes to the kid’s school activities, hospital appointments, and grocery shopping.

28. Download baby apps especially a breastfeeding one.

29. Stock up on newborn diapers, bum cream, and wipes during sales and expos!

35 things you need to do in the last 3 weeks before your baby is born!

30. Make a snack basket for you to enjoy in the bedroom during those late-night feeds.

31. Join a mommy’s group on Facebook.

32. Meet a friend for lunch.

33. Upgrade storage on your phone so you can take out more baby pictures.

34. Invest in a night light for midnight feeds.

35. Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!

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