5 Ways to Look Slimmer

This post was written by Guest Blogger: Nastassja from Mrs Rogero.

If you’re a mother (or just a woman), you’ll probably feel fat at some point – whether you’re a size 30 or 40, everyone has their insecurities. I encourage women to be healthy and set body goals that will make them happy, but I also encourage women to love the body they’re in right now! What I love about clothing is the fact that it gives us that kind of power. We’re able to look the way we want and love the way we look – just carefully consider the clothing you put on your body and let the magic happen!

1. Consider the Colour & Print

Of course black is slimming, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear black all the time. Consider other dark, solid colours – they could help shed weight in minutes. Wear bright colours on areas you want to highlight. If you’re feeling fat, you may be afraid to wear prints but you don’t have to be. Choose smaller prints – a great print will mask areas you want to hide. Then there are prints intended to slim, like vertical lines and geometric prints with side panels (that sheds at least a size!).

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2. Show Skin

The irony is this: show some skin and appear slimmer. Being covered head-to-toe may just add a size or more.

Here are some tricks:

  • Consider a crop top that is cropped at the smallest part of your waist, and pair with a high waist bottom – showing just a sliver of skin.
  • Roll up long sleeves to show off your skinny wrist. No matter your size, your wrists are slim and it will create the illusion that the rest of your arm, at least, may be too!
  • Show off your legs. If you’re bottom heavy, showing off your legs – which is slimmer than your thighs – is a great trick.
  • Show off your neck – Unbutton your shirt at the neck, or opt for V-neck styles for a slimmer look.

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3. Consider the Cut

The cut of your clothing is essential. Opt for tops and jackets that define your waist, instead of boxy styles if you want to slim down your tummy area. When it comes to pants, go for boot leg or wide leg. Straight leg trousers also do the trick, as it skims over the thighs. High waist jeans are great too, as it elongates your thighs and legs! For skirts, opt for A-line skirts and dresses. The key is to choose clothing with structure.

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4. Balance

Whether you’re reaching for black, or print, or your favourite boot-leg jeans, the key is to create balance. Most women are typically top or bottom heavy – consider this when putting together an outfit and use pieces to downplay an area you dislike and highlight the rest.

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5. Carry a Big Bag

Consider proportion when it comes to your fashion choices. A small bag may exaggerate big thighs, for example – so carry a bigger bag and see it slim you!

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I hope these tips help you love the body you’re in.

Nastassja is a Professional writer and Image Consultant. You can learn more tips and tricks on her blog: www.mrsrogero.com

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  1. lameez
    2015-03-17 / 16:03

    So true love this post glad I got my shape back thank u 4 the tricks and tips !

    • 2015-03-18 / 17:19

      Me too, breastfeeding helped me a lot. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. 2015-03-18 / 13:34

    I need to try every single one of these tips. I mean, who doesn’t want to look thinner than they actually are?

    • 2015-03-18 / 17:18

      True hey! I learnt so much from this post.

  3. 2015-03-18 / 16:30

    I love this! It’s nice to have some direction in this area. It seems like the harder I try to look thinner, the bigger I look.

    • 2015-03-20 / 14:00

      True, I have no idea about fashion but learnt so much from Nastassja.

  4. 2015-03-18 / 18:44

    I’m short so I already have to keep in mind what I’m wearing so I don’t look any shorter, lol. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  5. 2015-03-18 / 19:25

    I love the print in that skirt! You totally rocked all of these outfit! I am tiny but I still keep my fitness routine coz I have this stubborn belly fat!

  6. I really love how each outfit really does make you look slimmer. I’m going to try some of these tips, I don’t show nearly enough skin myself.

  7. michele d
    2015-03-18 / 21:54

    The person in the photos already looks kinda slim in my opinion. I like the outfits shown it’s something that I would wear.

  8. 2015-03-18 / 22:34

    I love the tip about showing skin…no one should have to hide under their clothes!

  9. 2015-03-19 / 00:23

    Going to need these tips for when I give birth lol

  10. 2015-03-19 / 00:54

    These are great tips. I am not a very fashionable person, but maybe I could be!

  11. 2015-03-19 / 01:49

    I learned about the trick about the patterns from my mother at a very young age lol. I didn’t even think about the big purses though, I naturally always carry one cause I have so much stuff.

  12. 2015-03-19 / 01:55

    I can totally see how styling your clothes like this could make you appear slimmer. These are really useful tips !

    • 2015-03-20 / 14:00

      Thanks for reading. 🙂 Appreciate your support.

  13. 2015-03-19 / 06:09

    I need all the tips I can get right now. I quit smoking and gained 20 pounds 🙁 .

  14. Elizabeth O.
    2015-03-19 / 06:36

    I love how you styled the clothes! I’m definitely picking up some of your tips!

  15. lauren
    2015-03-19 / 07:55

    Thanks for the tips! They are going to come in handy with spring and summer coming! I love the outfits too!

  16. 2015-03-19 / 16:52

    All great tips! Time to go hit up the gym though.

  17. 2015-03-19 / 17:54

    All of those outfits look great. The last one is my fave, like the dual lengths of the dress hem. I was going to trade in my bag for a smaller one, but now you’ve got me thinking. 😉

  18. 2015-03-19 / 17:58

    great tips, these could come in handy. I like the outfit you’re wearing in 2. show skin, very fashionable. I like the bright colors of the skirt. 🙂

  19. 2015-03-19 / 20:22

    I have an ample bosom region, and I agree, just the right (distracting) pattern can really make a difference to minimize. I have plenty of dresses with patterns, and I love them! Enjoyed your tips! Pinned this for later.

  20. 2015-03-19 / 21:35

    These are great tips!!! Back when I was modeling they would always style the larger girl (who was never really large) in the more revealing outfit… I never understood it until I had a stylist tell me that the more revealing outfits give an illusion of skinny…. Lol….

    • 2015-03-20 / 14:01

      Never realised you was a model! Hot mama! 😛

  21. 2015-03-19 / 21:46

    These are great tips. I am never sure what to pick for my body shape. I will be going to buy summer clothes next week and i will use your tips.

  22. 2015-03-20 / 18:46

    I love this! I’ve always had a problem in the tummy area, and after having two kids back to back (11 months apart), I am extremely self conscious of my tummy area. I will try some of these.

  23. 2015-03-21 / 01:39

    color, print and cut definitely matter. I need to remember that in the summer though when I see something and think its perfect for summer and it makes me look 9 months pregnant. lol

  24. 2015-03-23 / 17:38

    These are great tips. I am really bad at knowing how to dress for certain features.

  25. 2015-03-23 / 21:34

    Great tips and great looks. I’d raid your closet for the t-shirts alone!

  26. 2015-03-25 / 20:46

    I love all the great tips! All the clothes are adorable, I like showing more skin, especially my shoulders.

  27. 2015-03-25 / 22:33

    These are pretty great tips. However, I don’t try to look slimmer, I just wear what’s cozy for me.

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