8 types of breastfeeding positions you should try!

I’ve been breastfeeding for 4 years now. I cannot believe it! Between both kids, I had my fair share of engorged breasts and sore nipples. My kids loved trying different positions during breastfeeding which I thought was awkward in public but convenient at home.

Honestly, there’s no correct way to breastfeed, your baby will most probably create their own position because that is how breastfeeding babies are! They are all over the place and will always try to attack you from odd positions. My son thinks my nipple is like elastic and it can move in the direction he wants it to move. Even though it feels weird when he pulls it around, I love seeing how flexible and determined he is to latch onto the breast!

As a first time mom, it is important you learn about the different breastfeeding positions so you can use it as a guideline for the first couple weeks until you find a position that works best for you and your baby. These positions, well a few of them really helped me after my C-section when I couldn’t move around a lot.

8 breastfeeding positions

I used a breastfeeding pillow for the first 3 months but it wasn’t always necessary for me. I guess purchasing a breastfeeding pillow is more of a personal choice.

What you need to know:

1. Breastfeeding can be painful

For the first couple days, breastfeeding was extremely sore for me. I ended up with bruised bleeding nipples. It is important to switch sides between feeds.

Remember your baby will spend a lot of time on the breast which is completely normal. Your nipples are very sensitive so a good nipple cream is a must.

2. Newborns have tiny stomachs

Please don’t start a routine with your little one from day 1. They will eat a lot and switching to formula isn’t really going to solve that problem.

3. Breastmilk digests quickly

Breastmilk babies eat more often than formula-fed babies. You will most probably nurse between 8-12 times a day (and night) at first. If baby has a lot of wet diapers then you have nothing to worry about.

8 breastfeeding positions8 breastfeeding positions

The cradle breastfeeding position is one of the most popular positions. It works great with a breastfeeding pillow and a feeding chair.

Baby should be on his or her side with knees and body as close as possible to you. Baby’s belly should be facing your chest and Baby’s head should not be able to turn away. The head should be on top the same forearm as the breast you are feeding from, and not stuck in the crook of the arm.

This positioning gives your baby space for a deeper latch, which is more effective.

8 breastfeeding positions

A very similar position to the cradle. They say cross cradle is best used for premature and small babies. The cross-cradle position allows you to have more control over how your baby latches on.

8 breastfeeding positions

This is one of my favorite positions because it is comfortable for mom and baby especially after a C-Section.

Something to note: Depending on your let down, some positions might not work for your baby. It’s so easy for them to get choked on breastmilk. Try laying back and put your baby’s body on top of yours. This way baby’s head is upright and the milk has to work against gravity, helping slow the flow.

8 breastfeeding positions

This is another position that works well for C-Section moms or moms who have larger breasts.

Use the palm of your hand on that same arm to support his or her neck, and nestle your baby’s side closely against your side. Your baby’s feet and legs should be tucked under your arm. Then lift your baby to your breast.8 breastfeeding positions

This works well with toddlers. It’s one of my son’s favorite positions. I feel comfortable using this position when I’m out and about visiting. I just cover up with a blanket.

8 breastfeeding positions

My son uses this position often, however, it isn’t really my favorite.8 breastfeeding positions8 breastfeeding positions

This is the position I use every day! I’m still co-sleeping with my son so this works great for night feeds.

8 breastfeeding positions


8 breastfeeding positions

8 breastfeeding positions

8 breastfeeding positions

8 breastfeeding positions

If you have any questions about breastfeeding or you want more information, visit www.llli.org. They even have a Facebook group which has been extremely helpful for me. Having a support group is so important on this journey.

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