Last week Saturday Vije and I visited Hands on Retreat Spa and Guest house in Craighall. If you live in the city and get caught up with your hectic lifestyle, this place is for you. Hidden in Craighall, Hands on Retreat offers a quick escape for someone who doesn’t want to travel too far. For me it’s City meets Nature. Once you enter the spa, you automatically get the homely comfy feeling, well at least I did, I wanted to snuggle up in one of their rooms and sleep for hours! I love the look of the place which is so welcoming and warm. They offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. The best part is you can stay over if you want! Stay for a night or even a weekend to relax and get some ME time. They have lovely packages for couples like the Romantic Couple Weekend Retreat. This package includes: 2 nights, four star accommodation with Full English Breakfast, Romantic Picnic Basket on Saturday and 5 treatments.

We arrived on time and was greeted by the spa manager who introduced us to our therapists. After we filled out forms and was offered a beverage we went for our first treatment. I would have liked the therapist to explain to me the order of treatments in detail however I quickly caught on when we arrived at the first room.

Full Body Massage: 

The room was neat and presented well. The body massage was average for me because one feature was lacking: Music. When I go to a spa, I feel the music they play automatically puts me in the relaxation mode, I even listen to some at home when I feel I want to unwind and relax. My husband didn’t really bother about this but for me it affected my treatment. I asked my therapist and she said the system was broken. I couldn’t really relax because I could hear the noises of them moving around and shuffling. After this treatment we got dressed for the next one. I asked if I can get a gown, I was wearing skinny jeans and there’s no way they could lift it up for a leg massage. I was disappointed that I had to ask for a gown and I was not given one. It should be offered.

Head and Shoulder Massage:

They have a signature technique in this massage which really helps in releasing the stress. My view was the beautiful river running below me. Hearing the birds chirp and having the therapist massage my head, made me sleepy. I started getting drowsy because I was so relaxed! This is one of my favourites from the experience. My mind was clear and I had no thoughts but sleep.

Hand and Leg Massage:

Relaxing on the comfy chairs provided sitting next to the man of my dreams watching the beautiful scenery in front of me was amazing. The peppermint essential oil used for the leg massage was fabulous. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I wish I could take some home.

Hands on Retreat

Tea and cake:

This was the end of the experience. The cake and tea was lovely! They offer a variety of cupcakes and you can choose your favourite. I love the presentation of the tea and cakes.

Hands on Retreat

Overall experience: It was good however I feel some things can be improved.

1. The welcome and explanation of treatments

2. Making sure every room has music

Will I visit the spa again? Yes

Will I recommend it? Yes

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