Imagine you have just hosted a lovely dinner for your friends and family. Your guests have enjoyed the delicious fish dish you prepared and raved about your culinary skills. However in the kitchen the cooking smells still linger, the dustbin is giving off a funky odour and you have just found your dog sitting in the corner with the leftovers fished out of the bin.

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Do you fear what impression the smells wafting around the house may make on your guests? You could decide to hunt for the scented candles to mask the smells but this only serves to add to the already unpleasant mixture of odours. The truth is that the daily battle against lingering odours and a room that smells less than fresh are an unpleasant experience for both guest and host.

Ambi Pur recently asked South African women to rate, in their experience, the worst household odours and those that are the toughest to remove as well as divulge their attitudes around a bad smelling home.

The survey* revealed the worst household odours that women experience in their own homes included bathroom smells (toilet and diaper) followed by the smell of garbage, cigarettes, cooking smells (especially fish) and pets. Musty smells ranked highest as the toughest household odours to get rid of.


Pieter Hommez, Ambi Pur’s Head of Research and Development South Africa launch says, “The survey provided some interesting insight into how women perceive the smell in their own homes compared to other homes they visited. Notably 95% of women think it’s very important to have a good smelling home while only 57% admitted to being happy with the way their homes actually smelt.”

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The misconception that air fresheners are only meant for the bathroom was evident in the results. Interestingly 87% of South African women stated they mainly use air fresheners in their bathrooms, but believe other smells found throughout their homes to be the toughest to get rid of.

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