We going on an adventure with M-Net’s Animania Festival

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel intimidated with the Holiday season. Everything gets so expensive and keeping my kids occupied seems to be quite a task.

I am too nervous to go out – especially during the festive season. Coping with a toddler and a baby is bad enough – combine that with the mad rush and crowds – it’s a nightmare. Add my nephew and niece and well… enough said.

How are you keeping your kids entertained at home during the December holidays?

Well… I’ve already started planning our holiday. I will be taking the kids to see some exciting events including Barni the bear whom Kitana is crazy about at the moment, but there will be days that we will be at home.

With 4 kids at home, I needed to find ways to entertain them but then I realized that movies at home is a great option. I’m sure you wondering why? Because this is something that kids do quite often? Yes, they do but have you ever tried creating a “magical” experience with a movie at home?

We going on an adventure with M-Net’s Animania Festival

Can you imagine the world now without animation? It would be a very bleak and boring place (even my husband loves his animated movies). How else would kids discover new portals of excitement and adventure (at least this is what I think)?

For us, animated movies are the gateway to fantasy. It opens up a world filled with adventure, magical experiences and “interesting” characters like Dory from Finding Nemo and Gingerbread man from Shrek. Children are put on the path to discovery, and they learn to appreciate each other, everyone from the forgetful Dory to Hero, from the conceited yet misunderstood Buzz Lightyear, to the ever accommodating Woody. They learn the consequences of not listening to your parents (even if they seem overprotective) from Nemo, or appreciate that even a dashing prince like Hans can hide a horrible agenda.

M-Net’s Animania Festival

Animated movies also present an opportunity to teach your kids through food, arts, and crafts.

Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org www.stuck-on-glue.blogspot.co.za
Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org

This December the kids and I are going on a little adventure, are you joining us?

Every week we will be visiting a new “world” and learning about it through arts and crafts thanks to the Animania Festival from MNET.

Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org www.stuck-on-glue.blogspot.co.za
Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org

Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org www.stuck-on-glue.blogspot.co.za
Source: www.disneycoloringpages.org

M-Net Movies Family Channel 105 is here to keep you and your kids entertained with the very best in animated movies, all day, every day from 4 December – 12 January 2016.

You can watch movies like Ice Age, Big Hero, Penguins of Madagascar and Frozen.

M-Net’s Animania Festival

Combine Frozen with my toddler’s imagination and we enter a world filled with ice and a talking snowman; transforming my lounge into the frozen set with the scatter cushions as the chariots.

Then I need to add to this… by saying I can get them to lip sync “LET IT GO” and maybe… just maybe I can win a takealot gift voucher.

By Risa Rodil
By Risa Rodil

You can also win!

All you have to do is be part of the Animania Movie Festival, enter the Animania Dubsmash competition and you could win one of 40 R1000 takealot.com vouchers.

M-Net’s Animania Festival

The competition starts today and ends on 10 January 2016.

What is Dubsmash? It’s a lip-syncing app that allows you to put your own video to a line from a song or movie. Simply find the audio clip you’re looking for and lip sync your way to fame. All the biggest stars are doing it.

For more information on the competition and how to enter, visit the website: http://goo.gl/h9KKzR

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-12-02 / 23:04

    How awesome is this? It just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to take the kids out – you can have just as much fun at home.

  2. 2015-12-02 / 23:41

    I think that’s great. Animation always captures the imagination of kids, so it’s always a winner.

  3. 2015-12-03 / 01:38

    Dubsmash is a fun app! We use it every once in a while. My kiddo would love to do this with all the animated friends! Good idea for entertainment!

  4. 2015-12-03 / 11:23

    Dubsmash sounds like so much fun! I’m sure my kids would love to try that out this holiday season!

  5. 2015-12-03 / 20:21

    What a fun way to keep the kids busy. I’ve heard so much about Dubsmash and saw videos and lit definitely looks like a lot of fun.

  6. 2015-12-04 / 06:50

    Great tips for keeping the kids busy! My kids are all about anything animated and certainly channels that show all of their favorite movies! Great ideas thanks!

  7. 2015-12-05 / 03:17

    I’m all about keeping the kids busy. Mine will be home for two weeks. I have some activities for outside of the home and inside the home.

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