Potty trainers, is it necessary?

Potty training is the one thing I never looked forward too. I think it’s one of those moments during motherhood that you wish your child can wake up one day and magically poop in the toilet without messing their underwear or calling you to wipe their butt.

To be honest I haven’t fully potty trained my daughter yet but I plan on doing it before my son arrives. I really don’t want to be buying nappies for 2 kids. But that comes to another question… Disposable or Reusable? I plan on doing more blog posts on this topic because honestly right now I’m a bit confused.

Kitana’s school potty trains and they asked me to send some panties which I did (one ended up getting stolen… like seriously? It was a Sofia one too) and she seems to be fine at school but when she comes home it’s another story. She never tells me when she wants to poop but she does say when she wants to pee. Why is it always easier with number 1 than 2?! There were a few accidents where she peed in her pants but then I discovered potty trainers.

What are Potty trainers?

Potty trainers are designed to allow your child feel “wetness”. This way they realise that something isn’t right in their pants and would tell mommy or daddy to change him/her.

Is it necessary?

To be honest, it isn’t compulsory. I know many moms who missed this step but if you are planning on introducing potty training slowly than it is a good idea. For me, it is. I’m not rushing potty training. I’m not sure if this is the best method to do it but I’m trying.

I’ve got 2 different brands which I’m busy reviewing at the moment but I’d like to talk about one that was sent to me by a fellow mom from the Mamahood Group.

I’ve mentioned this amazing group before and now I’m happy to say that I’m working with the admins for reviews. This group is dedicated to all things motherhood for moms in South Africa. The group has over 40 000 moms across SA and it just keeps growing! I feel like it’s time we get a Mamahood t-shirt. 😉

I’d like to introduce you to Fun Baby. A company that specializes in reusable nappies and potty trainers. Now there are loads of companies who do this so what makes this one stand out?

Sun baby potty trainers

Well first the service I received was amazing, Frances is a sweetheart and because of that I will order from her. Customer service is extremely important to me and she nailed it! The training pants was neatly packaged and just by looking at it, I was excited to try it. My only disappointment was that it didn’t look like a pantie but instead a nappy. It was a bit confusing for my daughter because she has reusable nappies that look similar.

The Potty Trainer features:

  • The outer layer is made of PUL which is waterproof and breathable. It can be washed and does not get deformed. No plastic cover is needed.

Fun baby potty trainers

  • Bamboo inner allows baby to feel wet which aids in potty training.
  • The insert (excluded) is a blend made up of 4 layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber and bamboo. It is the most popular insert as it is very absorbent.

Fun baby potty trainers

  • The patented pocket-style opening enables parents to customise the absorbency of each trainer by adding more inserts.

I love the touch and feel of the product and it does its job well but I would like to see more of a variety in the range especially different designs that a toddler would be excited to wear.

I’m still using the potty trainer so I might add more updates on this review as I like to review a product long-term.

The good news is the online store is having a sale! Who doesn’t love sales?! The normal price of the potty trainer is R163 (excluding inner) but you can get it for R146 (excluding inner).

You can visit the website for more info: www.funbaby.co.za or follow the brand on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fun-Baby

I’m excited to be running a giveaway with Fun Baby and the Mamahood Group.

You can WIN 2 x Nappies (Print of your choice) with inserts and 1 x Roll of Bamboo Liners
2 x Trainers (Print of your choice) and 2 x inserts.


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Competition closes 1st July and is opened to South Africans only.

Good luck! 😉

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  1. 2015-06-25 / 09:38

    This is wonderful and I am going to start potty training my little boy soon and never knew about these till now

  2. Brigitte Philogene
    2015-06-25 / 09:38

    ok hope i did this right (lots of confusing instructions) but awesome competition andjust about to start the potty training journey so would love to win 🙂

    Liked and shared your page on Facebook and shared the mamahood review 🙂

    • 2015-06-25 / 10:24

      You’ve done it right. 😉

  3. Halima Shaik
    2015-06-25 / 09:40

    Good Morning,I think this is just fantastic truly as they get to know when they need a change and thus creates independance,I love this and would certainly use this,I love that its washable which means its not gona cost me an arm a leg all the time :),I’ve shared on facebook

  4. Lizelle Wait
    2015-06-25 / 09:46

    I think its awesome it will make my work as mommy to be easier if my child need to potty train

  5. Roxanne Pellew
    2015-06-25 / 09:51

    Shared on fb and would just love to win this <3

  6. Claire van Apeldoorn
    2015-06-25 / 09:55

    These are awesome!!! I need to potty train my little boy and have really been struggling.. Would love to try these!! Liked and shared on fb 🙂

  7. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-06-25 / 09:58

    My 18 months is potty training now and this sounds perfect.

  8. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-06-25 / 09:58

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter

  9. Bev Oelofse
    2015-06-25 / 10:07

    I think they are such a nice idea and would be very useful. I shared on facebook

  10. Esda Dippenaar
    2015-06-25 / 10:25

    Would love it!

  11. Mary-Ann
    2015-06-25 / 10:29

    I use cloth nappies already, and will keep using till my son is potty trained. I love that the trainers will help contain little mistakes when they do happen. Liked and shared!

  12. Bernadette Schoombie
    2015-06-25 / 10:38

    These potty trainers sound amazing. Having my baby girl in october so will be keeping these in mind when potty training starts

  13. Marlene
    2015-06-25 / 10:46

    These sounds amazing. Will be sharing with all my friends on FB indeed!

  14. Bronwen Beytell
    2015-06-25 / 10:55

    I think that the potty trainers are such a wonderful idea so easy to use and fits just like a panty and won’t mess everything. It was terrible potty training my 1st daughter she messed every where.

  15. Ninnette
    2015-06-25 / 10:59

    Did not know about or use trainers with my first 2, third is about to start with pottytraining, might give it a try.
    Shared on Facebook

  16. Odette Kilian
    2015-06-25 / 11:24

    Why did you not have this when my boy was potty training? 🙂 I think it is so cool and love the prints so funky! who would want to wear pants when they can show there cloth diapers.Can’t wait for our baby no.2!

  17. Meggan
    2015-06-25 / 11:28

    Shared on facebook. Potty trainers another money saver (unless you get super cute prints, might make me go overboard again) and look forward to using them in 4 months time 🙂

  18. Sohair Benjamin
    2015-06-25 / 11:51

    Liked and shared on Facebook.
    I use modern cloth nappies on bub, so will definitely try the training pants when he reaches the potty training stage 😀

  19. Stephanie Louw
    2015-06-25 / 12:04

    Just love this idea and the prints on them are so pretty! I shared it on facebook and twitter!

  20. Verusha
    2015-06-25 / 12:44

    Been thinking of ways to start my 23 month old boys potting training process. Haven’t heard of these Nappies or trainers until I read this post. they seem great to start my boy off..
    shared on facebook!

  21. verusha
    2015-06-25 / 12:56

    Been thinking of ways to start potty training my boy who is 23 months old. haven’t heard of these nappies/trainers until I read this post. they seem like a great way to get the potty training process started!
    shared on facebook

  22. Melane Els
    2015-06-25 / 13:15

    I would love this because we are going to start in spring time and this will be great to teach him. Shared it on Facebook

  23. Tachka du Plessis
    2015-06-25 / 13:49

    These look awesome! Have tried to use pull ups/training pants (the nappy version), but my daughter can still feel that it’s a nappy, so I think she gets confused and then doesn’t tell me that she wants to go to the toilet. I’m sure these will help her feel and learn about potty training a lot easier! & will hopefully make mommy’s job a bit easier too

    I shared your post on Facebook and liked “Fun Baby” on Facebook… Going to have a look at some of their other products now ☺️

  24. rehana seedat
    2015-06-25 / 19:27

    I love the product & would like to see more of a variety in the range. love the features of Potty trainers ie: waterproof and breathable.Perfect for the little ones. I have Shared the review from You Baby and I’s Facebook Page and shared competition post on facebook and via twitter @rehanaseedat

  25. 2015-06-25 / 19:28

    These are awesome! I would love to potty train my grandson and have really been struggling. Also liked and shared on facebook

  26. Annerie Smit
    2015-06-26 / 11:12

    Think it gives them the freedom to learn. Mine only 5months now..still a while before we will have to climb that mountain.

  27. Susann McCarthy
    2015-06-26 / 11:31

    I think it is better to get them out of nappies sooner – so it is a yes for me.
    Shared on Twitter.

  28. nazley
    2015-06-26 / 12:09

    I have twins and i really adore your nappies

  29. Karin Zeeman
    2015-06-26 / 12:39

    I have an adorable little girl of 19 months, who becomes very irritated with her nappies!
    Training pants would be a great idea

  30. Kim Mulelr
    2015-06-26 / 13:14

    Wish I had potty trainers with my firstborn. They seem like such a wonderful idea. Definitely need to try it when the second starts potty training. Shared on Facebook.

  31. 2015-06-29 / 13:42

    on fb , still seems scary but this wolud be a great help , starting soon as he started crech today *tear* 18months old

  32. nazley
    2015-06-30 / 11:44

    I wish i tried it with my other three children but would love to try it with my twins now and i am really looking forward to make use of it

  33. Tony Dippenaar
    2015-07-01 / 21:31

    Daddy love his cloth bum too!!!

  34. Tony Dippenaar
    2015-07-01 / 21:33

    Ooh and Shared on FB

  35. Hettie S
    2015-07-01 / 21:47

    Would love it for my grand childs Fluff bum!! Shared on FB

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