Trending Baby Products in South Africa

Do you know which baby products are trending in South Africa currently?

I attended the MamaMagic New Product awards recently which I was involved in judging from mid last year to early this year.

Being from the beauty pageant industry, I am used to judging techniques and postures on the catwalk. This… was different but it was sooo in my comfort zone! You know I am obsessed with all things baby right? That is the reason I created #MomandBrands. If I could, I would have like 5 kids… just to try a ton of baby products! Haha! I’m serious. But we all know that isn’t happening so I rather enjoy all these fancy baby products while I can with Kiaan.

I often get asked the question: “How do you judge baby products when they all look so similar?”

Yes, they are, but there is always one that stands out for you. That one product that you know you just cannot leave home without or that one product that you know will give you extra 5 minutes of me-time in the afternoon.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in judging but I have learnt a lot about products and quality, thanks to the MamaMagic Baby Expo.

The New Product awards winners were chosen after many crucial rounds of judging which included judges from all walks of life including me (the parent) who is looking for something exciting and new in the market.

179 product entries, using 165 judges (90 parents and 75 experts), as well as receiving an additional 2,341 surveys by parents for the Parents’ Choice Awards.

The Winners are:

Baby Essentials: BiddyKins Bandana Teether


Funky & trendy reversible bib with two outer layers of cotton, and a waterproof inner layer. The bib features a chewable silicone teether sewn in at the bottom, so it’s always within reach for baby and stays clean as it can’t fall to the floor. The BiddyKins Bandana Teether combines two baby essentials into one innovative, cost effective product.

Cost: R130

The food grade silicone teether is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and certified by various international food and drug agencies (LFGB, FDA & SGS) ensuring absolute peace of mind for moms.



Feeding: Wow Cup Baby by Diversicor


Drink through gentle sucking without the need to press buttons, move levers, or sip on straws and spouts. The 360° EVEN-SEAL™ drinking edge allows you to just pick up the cup and drink anywhere along the rim. After drinking, the valve automatically seals itself until you take another drink. The Wow Cup® is BPA free, phalate free, spill free, worry free and hassle free!

Cost: R159.99

When a toddler is ready to transition from a sippy cup to an adult cup, they do not understand the concept of control of liquid flow and end up spilling everywhere. This cup allows them to get the satisfaction of a normal drinking up but without the spills and mess. They can use it in their cot, bed, the couch and the car.


Mom’s Essentials: Yummy Mummy Underwear Range


The newest undies range from Yummy Mummy is a gorgeously soft, comfy and eco-friendly bamboo range. The range is super easy to use for new breastfeeding mums and the bamboo fabric is ideal for this purpose with its anti bacterial, among other, great properties. The range comprises 2 feeding bra styles and matching knickers.

Cost: The range is priced from R200 – R650

The bamboo fabric is a design feature in that it is: moisture wicking (draws leaked milk away) antibacterial (helps prevent infection) hypoallergenic (perfect for use on sensitive skin) and is luxuriously soft. All of these features are great in aiding ease of breastfeeding. Bamboo is also kinder to the environment as it grows much quicker than cotton and does not need pesticide or masses of water. The design features of the bras are: easy one handed drop down feeding and easy one side pull across feeding. The knickers are also great for post birth as they are super soft and non-constricting.



Nursery: Stokke Home by Born Fabulous

Stokke home

Cost: Bed 9,898

Cradle 4,999

Dresser 8,598

Changer 2,999

Stokke® Home™ Cradle Sooth your baby to sleep with a soft swaying motion. The soft, light textiles of the cradle give your baby plenty of airflow and a cosy environment to rest, sleep and dream. At night-time, keep your baby close by your bed – the cradle´s small footprint allows you to fit it into any size bedroom. The cradle´s light weight makes it ideal for daybed usage – just move it from one room to another.

Stokke® Home™ Bed A bed, a changing station and a playhouse in one. The bed is the heart of the Stokke® Home™ nursery. Together with the cradle, the changer and the dresser, it offers countless possibilities for designing the perfect room for your newborn. The distinct house shape turns this bed into the centerpiece of the nursery. They offer a range of textiles designed to create a calm ambience for your baby, or a playhouse for your child. Not only is the concept ideal for your newborn as well as your growing child but it is also flexible enough to be customized no matter the size of your nursery.

Stokke® Home™ Changer The flexible Changer attaches to the dresser, the bed and the cradle stand. The changer is a versatile component that can be used on top of the dresser, the bed or the cradle stand, and attaches safely to all components. Protective sides and a padded changing mattress offer a safe and comfortable place to change your baby. The included storage box keeps essentials close at hand. When your child is older, the changer transforms into a play table by placing it on the cradle stand.  Stokke® Home™ Dresser Storage space for their little clothes, toys and treasures. The dresser is the perfect height for changing your baby when the changer is attached.  The spacious, soft closing drawers offer plenty of room and give easy access without letting your baby out of sight. Open space for your feet under the dresser lets you get closer when changing and cuddling your baby.  The Scandinavian design, together with the durable material, make it a classic piece of furniture that will last for years.



Play: Moo Cachoo Moochi Playbag

Moo Cachoo Moochi Playbag

These bags are so versatile- they are a mobile toy bag that folds out into a soft padded play area for baby anywhere you go. Perfect for when you have a play date, visit at grannies house or waiting at the doctors rooms. It can also be used as a mobile changing mat.

It’s as easy as drawing the strings to tidy up the toys and off you can go- baby in one arm and MOOCHI play bag on the other arm. For stylish Mommies and babe’s on the go!

Cost: R450.00

Once opened it provides baby with a clean padded area to play on or even do tummy time. At the end of the play date, it makes mommy’s life easier – cleaning up all the toys is as easy as scooping the rope handles back up into a bag again! Great for storing toys in the nursery and also provides a soft blanket to cover baby with if they fall asleep in the play bag/nice area for changing a nappy on too.



Travel: Magic Mesh


Magic Mesh is a new innovative car window shade for kids. Made from a patented two-way mesh material which protects kids from heat, glare and UV rays. Unlike other window shades, magic mesh doesn’t affect window operation or obstruct drivers vision. It’s applied to the inside of the window like a sticker.

Cost: R249.00

It gives 100% window coverage and you are still able to have full functionality of the window.  It is also fun!

Magic Mesh is a patented two-way mesh material letting in only 30% of sunlight through whilst still allowing you to safely see out of the window thus not obstructing drivers view.



Safety & Parents’ Choice & Overall: My Buddy Tag by Eco Heart Solutions


My Buddy Tag is a Silicone Child Safety Wristband & Free App that tags your child & is connected to your Cellphone.

Cost: R650.00


  • Water Safety Alert – BuddyTag alerts you when it is submerged in water for more than 10 seconds, and helps prevent accidental drowning!
  • Out of Range Alert – BuddyTag alerts you when your child is out of proximity.
  • Panic Button – Conveniently located on wristband. Alerts at the touch of a button. Perfect for private and public areas or threatening circumstances.
  • Personal ID – Child ID BuddyTag wristband helps reunite your child with you if separated.
  • No Monthly Charges/Contract – Uses Bluetooth and not GPS thus saving you on monthly charges and having to sign up for a contract.
  • Inexpensive & Free App – My BuddyTag is reasonablly priced with the bonus of the App being downloadable for free.
  • No Battery Charging Required – There is no need to charge the battery of the BuddyTag.
  • Waterproof – The wristband, battery and the BuddyTag is waterproof and can be submerged in water.

It will even email you the time and map locations when your child was last seen by BuddyTag App. Perfect for Parents with a nanny taking the kids out for activities!

The Silicone Strap is silky smooth, light-weight & non-absorbent making it more comfortable to wear. It also has a coin screw fastener to prevent easy removal.



Local is Lekker Award: Baby Republic Onesie

baby republic clothing

The Baby Republic onesie is a studless babygrow with an elastic opening at the back for easy access for changing nappy, less movement on baby’s body and mom is able to dress niggly babies whilst soothing them against her chest. The grower enables mom to speed up the process of dressing and undressing baby – especially in the middle of the night. The hoodie which is a latest addition to the onesie is perfect for rainy days when the beanie cannot be found, or for windy days to keep baby’s ears protected.

The onesies are great fun! They boast trendy and fun printed messages, in a variety of fun colours, which can bring a smile to even the grumpiest passer-by. The Baby Republic onesie is practical, easy-to-use and fashionable. More than this, it offers the unbeatable quality of 100% cotton which washes and wears beautifully.

Cost: R150


Green: Oh-Lief Natural Sunscreen Range


A range of broad-spectrum sun protection that 100% natural and consists of a Sunscreen for Body SPF30, for Face SPF20 and a Sunscreen Stick SPF30.

Cost: From R110 – R220

The Oh-Lief Natural Sunscreen range contains no oxybenzone or oxtinoxate, no retinyl palminate (a form of Vitamin A), no Dimethicone or synthetic silicones, no Titanium dioxide, and absolutely no mineral oils, harmful preservatives, colourants or parfum.

Great for those with sensitive skins that typically react to other sunscreens, and also good for babies and toddlers, as the non-nano zinc oxide isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream. Chemical filters used in conventional sunscreens blocks all UV rays, both good and bad and it curbs the absorption of vitamin D.



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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2016-02-25 / 19:32

    Lots of cute stuff over there. I love that you guys call diapers nappys over there 🙂 So funny to see cultural differences like that 🙂

  2. 2016-02-25 / 21:26

    These all look like great products. I love the play mat that converts to a bag! That would have been great when my girls were little.

  3. 2016-02-25 / 22:11

    There is always so many different ideas for baby stuff it’s just amazing. From this list I think I would love to have Moo Cachoo Moochi Playbag.

  4. 2016-02-26 / 01:16

    These all look like amazing products for mom and baby. Perfect baby shower gift ideas too!

  5. 2016-02-26 / 06:30

    Wow there are a ton of cool new products. I kinda wish some of these were around when my kids were little.

  6. 2016-02-26 / 14:22

    All those products look great! I wish these were around when my kiddos were younger.

  7. 2016-02-26 / 17:37

    All of these are really cool and amazing baby products! If my boys are still younger, I’d love to have that playbag and magic mesh. They’ll be so handy!

  8. 2016-02-26 / 18:11

    What a great round up of products. The underwear set for mama looks super comfy. I love fabric like that.

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