Could My Baby’s Eczema Be Caused by Breastfeeding?

I am literally writing this post with tears in my eyes because seeing my child miserable every day because of Eczema is like torture for me.

I am so over this.

Eczema is such a frustrating journey!


It is a very unpredictable skin condition. It can make a happy smiling baby miserable in seconds.

I have already spent a lot of money on doctor’s fees and products, hoping that one would work for my son because I really don’t want to take him for an allergy test just yet. It is a painful procedure for a little baby but it would be my last resort if things don’t change within the next couple of weeks.

When Kirav came home from the hospital, he had the perfect baby skin. I was so excited about this that I completely forgot about how he might still have a chance at getting eczema – a condition that his siblings experienced.


The weird part is that my husband and I did not have eczema. I did discover that my husband’s mom’s family has experienced it. It ended up skipping a generation.

I did not know what eczema was until it affected my second child, Kiaan.

Kiaan’s eczema was controllable and it did start disappearing after a few months – which is what most doctors say would happen if it is baby eczema  – and now… I think that it is totally gone. But there is a slight chance that it might come back!

This could be the same for Kirav but right now, it is much worse than what the other 2 kids have experienced.

I have been trying to figure out what is causing Kirav’s eczema for months… and now I am exhausted – emotionally and physically.


Kirav is always trying to scratch his scalp so I have to put mittens on his hands. He hates mittens. He doesn’t sleep well and sometimes he screams in pain!

It breaks my heart that there isn’t much that I can do for him right now…

Breastfeeding is supposed to be the best for my baby but instead, what I eat ends up punishing him.


I did everything that the doctor advised me to do!

I changed my diet, I changed his clothing, creams, and detergent. I bought a ton of products that the doctor recommended and use them religiously every day as instructed.

The worst part is that as soon as I think that it is getting better, it gets worse! I have had sleepless nights and rough mornings trying to soothe my child to sleep.

There were a few times when I ended up crying with him because I was just so frustrated and sometimes angry with myself for craving a cup of tea.

How do I tell a 4-month-old baby that I am sorry for drinking a cup of tea today when I shouldn’t have?


Sometimes I end up blaming myself for his discomfort. The guilt of having something when you shouldn’t have.

I was recommended to give up eggs, dairy, fish, and nuts because of breastfeeding. This has been extremely hard for me. My health hasn’t been the best either so I need those items – especially dairy. I have been trying my best to stay away from these foods but sometimes his eczema still flares up – even when I haven’t indulged in any of it.

So, is my breastfeeding really causing his eczema?

The dermatologist gave us a prescription for Advantan – which we use in cases of emergency. It works really well however it isn’t a long-term solution and not something that I want to be using on him every day. It is a cortisone based cream which thins the skin if used too often.

This is when it is not flared up because of Advantan.

I don’t want him to get addicted to any medication but I don’t understand what he is going through because I’ve never experienced it…

All I know is that it is stressful.

My daughter has allergies so there is a chance that Kirav might have the same – so I plan to change my entire diet for now. I really don’t want to stop breastfeeding him even though I am supposed to end in December.

I have been researching and taking down suggestions from everyone but it has also overwhelmed me.


There’s just so much information out there. Every doctor has their own product recommendations which make it even more confusing. Not all these products work for every child.

It seems like eczema has become a “booming” industry for brands to take the opportunity to make money off desperate parents.

I have learned the hard way that I need to read labels and become more conscious about the skin care products I buy for Kirav.

This has been a 4-month journey which I am hoping we will find a solution soon.

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  1. Sayo
    2017-10-19 / 17:55

    Hey! So sorry you’re going through this. My baby is also experiencing excema. I currently use virgin coconut oil on her body and hydrocortisone for flare-ups. Hope this helps.

  2. Charlene Bhana
    2017-10-20 / 09:46

    I’m so sorry your precious baby has to deal with this, and suffer so! I can only imagine how painful it is for you to see him struggle. I hope you’re able to find a solution very soon. xx

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