Do you remember the first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat?

My last pregnancy post ended off a bit emotional… Finding out that Sprout might not exist was hard on me.

This was a very unexpected pregnancy but I still wanted everything to be okay. The First trimester was torture for me – emotionally and physically.

Very few people knew I was pregnant because I wanted to keep it a secret as long as I could – and definitely until I confirmed that everything was okay! I wanted to get the ‘go ahead’ from my doctor before I could share my joy with the whole world.

To be honest, the only people that knew were my husband, family at home and my dearest Mandy and Nastassja.

After my 4th week appointment, my doctor told me to not tell anyone else until we had passed the 12th week because he wasn’t sure where this was going but he had also said that at 4 weeks, it is very early into the pregnancy and that could be the reason we didn’t see anything yet.

For all I know, Sprout was still making his/her way down to the new home for the next couple of months. It is a long journey to get there…

Week 5, 6, 7 of 3rd Pregnancy:

Nothing happened during this time and that scared me. It made me believe even more that this pregnancy wasn’t real. I kept myself extremely busy so that the weeks could become days and the days could become hours before I see the doctor again.

I tried to stay positive and not think about what could happen but at the same time, the word abortion kept playing on my mind. I could see that this pregnancy news was stressing out my husband. He was already calculating figures in his head.

I felt like a teenager who fell pregnant out of wedlock.

I just came out of postnatal depression. I really wasn’t planning to go back there but it was hard trying to fight it. Mandy was my biggest support. She kept checking on me to see if I was okay.


New Years Eve

Week 8/9 of 3rd Pregnancy – The baby’s heartbeat:

It was time to visit my gynae again and I’ve never been so excited to see him before. While we waited in the waiting room, I looked around and stared at all the gorgeous moms-to-be who were waiting patiently with me to see the doctor. It was so good to see so many happy faces rubbing their big bellies. You could see that they were really excited about this journey while I sat there unsure on how to feel.

At that moment, my husband held my hand and whispered: “Everything is going to be okay.”

Honestly, that was all that I needed to hear from him. I needed him to reassure me that we were a team and we were ready for anything that was about to happen in that doctor’s room.

Support is so important during a time like this. It is the only thing that will get you through any difficult situation.

After changing into the sexy hospital gown, I hopped onto the bed and got ready for the uncomfortable condom part.

During this time, I just kept praying: “Lord, you know what is good for me.”

I stared at the screen and the next thing I see is a little tiny egg in a sack! I was shocked.

I really thought that the pill had messed this pregnancy up, I was preparing myself for the worst but then the best happened. Our little miracle Sprout was growing!

babys heartbeat

The next thing we heard was a healthy heartbeat – it was Sprout’s way of letting us know that all is well in the Vijendranath oven.

My husband and I walked out of the doctor’s room holding hands after making a promise to each other that we will do our best to provide the best for our little Sprout.

This baby is a blessing from God – the last thing I want to do is be negative again! I want to make the most of this last pregnancy… yes, it is definitely the last one! I’ve already spoken to my doctor about tying my tubes during the delivery.

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