A Bad Moms Christmas is releasing in South Africa this week! Are you excited? I loved the first movie, so I am really looking forward to watching the second one. The movie got me thinking about how us moms are always in the spotlight.

Firstly, some people believe that all “moms” are supposed to do is, take care of their husbands and kids. Nothing else. WRONG! We are allowed to have dreams and goals too. Working full-time or building an empire doesn’t make you a BAD Mom.

I am tired of people telling me how to mother my kids or balance my work and home life. I am tired of the judgments within the mom community – especially the bullying and honestly I am tired of all those moms who think that they are “perfect”.

Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis in A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS

Let’s be real. There is no such thing as a perfect mom! We have all done something that we regret or wish that we could take back but sometimes we are forced to do things to keeps us sane and our family happy.

bad moms

Stop making us feel guilty and let’s rather work together on creating a Mom tribe.

bad moms

Kathryn Hahn, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell in A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS

What have you done that was supposedly “bad”?

I’m a BAD MOM because…

1. I chose to have a C-Section.

2. I use disposable diapers.

3. I sometimes travel without my kids.

4. I fed my kids toast for breakfast.

5. I let my 5-year-old throw a tantrum in the toy store.

6. I co-sleep with my baby.

7. I breastfeed 2 kids at once.

8. I formula feed and breastfeed.

9. I give my kids junk food and takeouts.

10. I let my kids watch TV.

11. I let my kids use the iPad.

12. I take super long in the toilet to get a 2-minute break.

13. I feed my kids non-organic food.

14. I often forget about playdates.

15. I yell at my kids.

16. I have a secret chocolate stash because I am sick of sharing.

17. I have tried sleep training and failed.

18. I don’t have time to raise funds for the school.

19. I mistakenly let my kid fall from the bed.

20. I sometimes choose to ignore my kids.

Here’s to us BAD Moms whose kids are still perfectly fine. 😉



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