Barbie turned 60 years old – think it is time for her to retire? Never!

I think Barbie is an iconic brand that will always be around because she has such a strong loyal following with the younger and older generation.

I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. And I always wanted to be just like Barbie – have the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect husband…. Let’s just say the perfect life! But then I grew up realising that life isn’t perfect.

Over the years, Barbie slowly became imperfect – weird right? But that is exactly what we needed her to be, so the younger generation knows that real life is very different from fantasy.

Today, Barbie has over 200 careers and counting.

She wants to inspire the limitless potential in every girl, through representing a broader view of society (and beauty) showcasing careers typically underrepresented by women and highlighting role models and Sheroes.

Photo by Jeremy
Stylist Machiko

Barbie now has curvy, tall and petite body shapes, over 100 different skin tones, ethnicities, hair textures, eye colours, and even face shapes.

She now represents many of us in the world. She is now someone I can relate to. She is a housewife, a mom, a career driven woman who is shattering ceilings and much more.

Barbie’s Dream Gap project

This autumn, Barbie will be spotlighting the “Dream Gap” which is the critical time between the ages of 5-6 where girls start to believe they are less brilliant than boys. To raise awareness for this issue, the brand is launching a campaign dedicated to research and resources for parents on how to help girls transcend this “Dream Gap.”

One of the ways to help girls continue to believe they are brilliant is through role modelling – by showing them women from diverse backgrounds and fields who are breaking boundaries. Since 2015, the Barbie brand has committed to showing girls more role models, or Sheroes as we call them, to help girls imagine what they can become in the future.

Some of the amazing women that was honoured as part of the Shero programme in recent years include UK Olympian Boxer Nicola Adams, US Olympian Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Body Activist and Model Ashley Graham, the first African-American Principal Ballerina in American Ballet Misty Copeland, and the Director of film Selma, Ava DuVernay.

Barbie is now all about sharing empowering stories to empower our young girls and future leaders.

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