Barni – Fuelling Life’s Small Adventures

Toddlers… Little explorers who want to take on the world.

Yesterday my daughter wanted to be a Doctor but today she wants to be a Princess. Well, a doctor can be a princess too right? I think it’s important to encourage pretend play so I end up being a patient almost every week…

Doc McStuffins

Did you know by the time your child reaches the age of 3, his/her brain will grow to have 1,000 trillion connections? Source: Babycenter

Imagination builds skills like problem-solving and communication for your little one.

But how do you raise an imaginative child?

Well… I have learnt that everything that you do with a toddler becomes an adventure. The bath is an ocean filled with sea animals while attempting to eat vegetables is a lot like fighting monsters (ha-ha)…

You have to admit, toddlers make you chuckle. They can brighten up your day with their big words and captivating outfits (if you let them dress on their own).

Our latest adventure is near a chocolate river and a spongy trampoline. Did you meet Barni yet?

Barni is a little sponge cake bear with a yummy chocolate tummy that invites kids’ imaginations to explore while it feeds their body with the familiar ingredients moms use in their kitchens – flour, eggs, milk and chocolate.


Almost every child loves chocolate and I admit that I do give my daughter chocolate – yes it is done in moderation. As a mom, we strive to give our children the best, even if that means looking at every ingredient on the packaging.

So what makes Barni different? It is a perfect treat size and contains no colourants, preservatives or trans fats.

Barni is a delicious playful bear-shaped sponge cake with a yummy hidden chocolate centre, providing a little discovery in every bite.

Barni Cut Cake

At first, Kitana wanted to make him “sleep” because she thought he was just too cute to eat but once she tasted the treat, our adventure started.

Barni is the perfect treat for children from the age of three and older. It is available in a convenient pack size that will fit in lunch/snack boxes. It’s also individually wrapped for freshness and hygiene.


It’s a treat that will create smiles on your little one’s face while fuelling life’s small adventures by making learning and discovering the world fun.

Barni is available in stores nationwide and is available as single units or in a box of five, with a recommended retail price (RRP) of R5.99 and R27.99, respectively.

So are you ready to take your little one on a new adventure this December? 😉

Barni might have sent an early Christmas present for you. Competition coming soon. 😉

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  1. 2015-11-19 / 15:04

    I never tried this before, but after reading this and seeing the clip, I’m definitely going to the shops soon.

  2. Elizabeth O.
    2015-11-23 / 03:42

    What an adorable little snack bar for the kids! I love the idea and for sure they also love the packaging.

  3. 2015-11-24 / 14:07

    Barni sounds like an absolutely phenomenal snack for little ones! Imagine a snack containing real ingredients and no preservatives. More brands need to get on the Barni bandwagon.

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