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When Kitana turned 7 months we had our first traveling trip. I was flying to my destination and I needed to take her bathtub with me.I could not take tummy tub with me as it is big and would not fit in a bag. It’s then I realised that I will need to move on from tummy tub. She could not play in the water anymore as she was too big for the tub.

Tummy tub was awesome from newborn to 6 months! Kitana was born in winter and I had a c section, so my aunty and mum used to try to help but I really wanted to bathe her. We used to bring the tub in the room and bath her. It was so much easier and I knew she would not get cold. She loved the tub and used to cry when it was over..well she still loves the tummy tub! We now use it to store toys so it was not a waste to buy. I would suggest getting 2 tubs for your baby for the 2 different stages in your child’s life. The 1st 6 months is crucial and would not want to put my baby in a big tub, they can drown so easily. We bought the set which comes with the tub, ottoman and a potty trainer! So now Kitana uses the tub for toys, and the ottoman in her room. We will be using the potty trainer very soon 🙂 Tummy tub is perfect for the first 6 months.

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So I started scouting around for a new bathtub and that’s when Stokke introduced their new product! I was super excited because I so needed something like this, I called Born Fabulous (Stockists of Stokke South Africa) but they did not have it yet 🙁 So we went for our first trip and it was such a nightmare bathing her… Firstly I had to bathe her on my legs meaning I am getting wet and then I could not let her play in the tub alone. A month or so after that I called again and it arrived! Born Fabulous has extremely good service especially Anna 🙂 She sent one to Morningside Kids emporium straight away! From that day bathing a toddler became so much easier 🙂 That bathtub has been places! I’m not sure how I will cope without it. It’s truly a life saver! I also bought the clevamama bath mat set. I use the mat for her to stand on while I am cleaning her then put her straight into Stokke flexi bath with all the ducks of course 🙂

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By far I think this is Stokke’s best product for me and the best bathtub for Toddlers. You can use the tub from newborn to 4 years. Its foldable and the space saving design makes it easy to take anywhere or pack up. I always pack it in our suitcase. Its normally the last thing in the suitcase. Im not sure if I will use it for a newborn but I will definitely use it for a baby from 6 months onwards.

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Things I use in the bathtub for Kitana to play with: Ducks, she has a watering can that she adores and kids shaving cream that I found at an expo early last year.

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