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Today, I want to share a bit of ME in this post. My feelings, my history and what my next step is for You, Baby and I Blog.

I always knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. Business was my favorite subject in high school, it was the only class I would sit near the teacher’s desk and write notes every time he spoke.

After school, I decided not to study further at university but instead work and study part-time via Damelin. I studied Event Management. Building my company while studying thought me a lot about business and how difficult the industry is for young entrepreneurs. Not everyone took me seriously.

I was an 18-year-old girl who had a dream.

I remember a meeting I had with a CEO of a media channel who told me I will never make it in business because I’m young and naïve. It shattered me. It took me days to recover from all that negativity but I got up and kept moving. Every day I would write down my goals for the week and how I planned on accomplishing them.

Best Parenting Blog

In 2009, I decided to open up a company called Shemei Models and Promotions. My job entailed of PR and Events. During this period, I had the opportunity of working with phenomenal people like ex-Mr South Africa – Andrew Govender. I even had the opportunity of meeting and judging pageants with many well-known celebrities.

African Blogger awards named You, Baby and I – BEST ADVICE AND PARENTING BLOG FOR AFRICA 2016!

After meeting Vije, things changed. We decided to merge our businesses and grow together. Working with my husband was one of the best decisions I made for my business. He’s my pillar of strength that lifts me up when I am weak and in doubt.

He is the person responsible for the back end of the blog and many of the pictures you see today on the blog. Without him, this blog would be sucky.

When I launched the blog two years ago, I didn’t really have a clear idea of where I was going until mid-2014. Initially, it was just to connect with moms by setting up playdates but today it is so much more. It’s my personal diary, it’s my work and it’s my community.

Without you, this blog would be nothing! YOU the reader is behind the success and awards I receive. 

2016 has been an amazing year for me thus far. Special things are happening for You, Baby and I.

On Friday (03 June), African Blogger awards named You, Baby and I – BEST ADVICE AND PARENTING BLOG FOR AFRICA 2016!

This is huge for me!

Best Parenting Blog

About the African Blogger Awards

The African Blogger Awards provide an impartial measure of the reach, resonance and relevance of an influencer channel, and winners are chosen based on scientific metrics, rather than through peer nominations and voting.

Entrants are required to register their online properties on Webfluential, the platform that give brands and the marketing industry, including advertisers, public relations agencies and media buyers, an independent measurement of the most relevant online and social influencers to include in their campaigns.

Thank you African Blogger Awards for acknowledging us bloggers without having to beg our readers to vote. I always felt guilty asking you the reader to vote.

So what’s next?

1. Rebranding

Well, I’ve been hiding something big from you… Two months ago, Vije and I discussed rebranding for the blog. We’ve been working with an amazing team of professionals trying to create a new look – something more personal for me and my family. Kitana had a big say in this and has contributed a lot towards the final look. The theme and content will remain but our logo and colors are changing!

New York

2. New York

Vije will be staying in New York for the next couple months for work (I know, crazy right?)… I’m not sure how I am going to cope without him, we do like everything together. I guess it is back to dating now. 😛

Did I tell you that he quit his day job to help me on the blog?! Well, this is the main reason he is going overseas, we got an awesome opportunity that we hoping will work out. All will be revealed in time. 😉

Best Parenting Blog in Africa – African Blogger Awards 20163. New Category

I’m sure by now many of you have realized my Instagram account has changed a bit. Traveling to America helped me find myself again. It made me rethink about what I want for You, Baby and I blog. During my travels, I fell in love with photography and the adrenaline rush of visiting new cities and meeting new people so I decided that I will be doing many more travel posts.

Once again, thank you for reading and supporting You, Baby and I. Remember, we all in this together! 😉

Lots of ❤


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