Does Bio-Strath really work?

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About a year ago, I was introduced to Bio-Strath. I am not going to lie to you – I was not very keen on trying it out at first…

I really hate taking medication – especially syrups – but I knew that my body needed a vitamin. After doing some research, I thought that Bio-Strath could be the answer that I was looking for.

I was exhausted – mentally and physically. There were days when I just didn’t want to get out of bed to face the world. You can read more here.

Bio-Strath is a well-researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement that provides 61 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect form.

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Bio-Strath is produced over a two-month period by feeding ‘friendly’ yeast cells with a mixture of herbs. The herbs in Bio-Strath were specifically chosen by Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, the bio-chemist who formulated the supplement, to serve each organ and body system. During fermentation, the yeast absorbs all the herbs and then oxygen is removed in order for plasmolysis to take place. This means that the yeast cell membrane breaks open and nutrients are released. This process is of cardinal importance for the body’s ability to absorb the yeast as it cannot digest the cell membrane.

So, the big question everyone has been asking me is; does Bio-Strath really work?


My daughter absolutely loves Bio-Strath and she drinks it more often than I do – without any complaints especially since she thinks that the syrup tastes a lot like soy sauce. Hmmmm!

To be honest, I am not a very big fan of the syrup. I did try it with tea and I still didn’t like the taste. I do however think that it works well with smoothies or yoghurts. I take the tablets more often than I take the syrup but with my crazy deadlines I have skipped days. With that being said, on the days that I do take Bio-Strath, I am able to concentrate better and I do end up having more energy.

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I still highly recommend Bio-Strath because it provides the body with 61 different nutrients, from 11 vitamins, 18 amino-acids, 19 minerals and trace elements to 13 building substances. Quite a mouthful but it is needed and … it works.

We decided to put Bio-Strath to the real test. We asked 5 moms on the Momsays platform to test out the product and share their reviews with us!


Esmori Bester rated the product a 5/5 saying that Bio-Strath lives up to its promise.

She says the tablet is not too big but struggled to go down her throat as it very dry. She prefers the syrup but the only downfall with the syrup is that there is 2,76 grams of sugar per 5ml (6.4g). More than a third of a dose of the syrup is bad sugars. She would have preferred it if the syrup was sweetened with natural sweeteners for example Stevia.

bio strath

Esmori’s tip for you: “I would not suggest taking Bio-Strath at night except if you need to study, work or concentrate late at night.”

Esmori noticed an immediate difference in her level of energy, concentration, and fatigue. “Although I am not getting enough sleep I now manage my work a lot better after taking Bio-Strath. My overall mood is also a lot less irritable after starting to take Bio-Strath. My husband and kids got a cold and I didn’t.” Usually she would fall ill before anyone else in her family. She believes her health has improved. She has a lot more energy now. Energy is a real problem for her since she has a blood clotting disorder (ITP) that causes her body to make more blood than a healthy person.

Bio-Strath is helping her not only to cope with the disorder but also to get more done in a day due to improved energy levels.

The downfalls for her: When she takes it at night (before dinner), as recommended, she struggled to sleep. The second downfall is that she noticed that she gets hungry more often. However, she still plans to use the product even after the campaign.

Melissa Camacho rates the product a 4/5.

She says after taking Bio-Strath she could get more done during the day and didn’t feel the need to always nap with her daughter. Her one-year-old loved the syrup but her husband wasn’t a big fan of the tablets and didn’t feel an immediate difference like her.

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Melissa says she will be recommending the product to friends and family after the campaign.

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Tascha Strauss says she prefers the tablet as the syrup has an unpleasant taste. She did notice that she hasn’t gotten sick when everyone else did and she will use it again for herself since she is currently breastfeeding her 11-month-old and will take any extra immune support she can get.

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Cindy-Lee Van Dyk rates the product a 5/5

She says the product really made a difference from day 2! “We became super ‘regular’ and my husband said that he can actually physically feel a difference in his energy levels and stress levels when he doesn’t drink it.

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The kids were super healthy! They had a little bit of a runny tummy but this I attribute to a bug that went around in the school. But no more snotty noses and phlegmy coughs! They even sleep slightly better, although not through the night.”

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Cindy-Lee doesn’t think the syrup tastes all that great. She prefers the tablets instead. She thinks Bio-Strath is definitely something that is affordable to sustain and maintain!

Nabihah Plaatjes prefers the syrup as it presented a more positive result even though she was not particularly fond of the taste.

“In terms of concentration, I was able to focus and I had achieved quite a number of tasks during the day with ease and without feeling exhausted when I took the syrup.” In her experience, the tablets proved to be less effective in terms of concentration and stamina.

Nabihah says she would recommend the Bio-Strath syrup to those who feel fatigued.

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