Is Breastfeeding Affecting My Health?

I am not going to lie to you – these past 3 months have been tough on my body!

I knew that transitioning from two to three kids wasn’t going to be easy but I did not expect my health to deteriorate during this transition.

I’ve been stressed, over worked, got the flu three times, and ended up with mastitis last week during my travels to Cape Town!

Stressed because life with three kids isn’t easy – especially when they all end up crying at once… I have no schedule at the moment and I am taking each day as it comes.


I am over worked because I did not really take maternity leave – you can’t when you have your own business and have mouths to feed at home. Sometimes your clients will not understand your situation and can be quite demanding.

I had the flu three times because my immune system was weak and because I did not take any vitamins.

I went for an immune booster recently and I ended up fainting at the pharmacy.

It was a terrifying moment for my daughter – she has not seen me like that before and still talks about it today. The worst part is that she keeps repeating what the nurse said: “YOU need to STOP breastfeeding your TODDLER.”


I have been mocked by professionals who think that what I am doing (breastfeeding two kids) now is disgusting, I will keep that story for another post…

The one thing that keeps playing on my mind is… my doctor explaining to me why I need to stop breastfeeding Kirav when he turns 6-months-old  – which is a decision my husband fully supports.

It’s been too much on my body and that is the reason that I am getting sick more often.

My bones are weakening.

When you breastfeed, calcium is taken directly from your bones to ensure your milk has enough of the “stuff”. And without the extra protection of surging estrogen that safeguarded your bones while you were pregnant, moms on average lose between 5 and 10 percent of their bone mass within six months of starting to breastfeed, says Mara Horwitz, M.D., associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh’s division of endocrinology and metabolism.


I have breastfed for 5-years-now and even though I had a few moments where I hated it, I enjoy the bond my kids and I share during these special moments.

Breastfeeding a toddler and baby isn’t easy, I did not plan to do this and I really want to wean Kiaan but I don’t want to stop breastfeeding Kirav because the guilt is killing me.

breastfeeding toddler

Kitana breastfed until 2 and half year’s old, Kiaan is turning 2-years-old this month and is still drinking so how can I stop Kirav at 6-months-old?

This is the debate that I am having with myself – but the doctors keep telling me that I need to stop because I’ve done enough… while the breastfeeding experts encourage me to continue.

My health is important and my kids need me to be healthy to take care of them so that is why I have considered ending my breastfeeding journey this December.

This is killing me emotionally because I really don’t want to stop but it seems like I have no choice.

I feel as if I am being unfair to Kirav but I know that he will be fine because formula isn’t as bad as people make it seem.

Right now, I am recovering from Mastitis which is extremely painful. I went to the doctor on Saturday, she immediately put me on antibiotics which are helping, but it seems to be reducing my breast milk supply. I’m also taking a probiotic to help my immune system.

Thankfully, I’ve recovered from the flu… I am hoping that it doesn’t return again!

Next week I will be going for blood tests to find out if I am lacking something, especially because my mom’s family has a history of iron deficiency.

Have you experienced anything like this while breastfeeding?

I do regret not taking vitamins every day however that’s changed… I am also changing my diet to make sure I have more balanced meals.

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