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This post was sponsored by Bubblegummer - Bata shoes.

December is around the corner and this year instead of staying at home – like we normally do, I’m taking the kids for a short vacation to my hometown – Durban.

This means that there will be a lot of traveling in the car, visiting family and sightseeing – so packing the right shoes for my kids is at the top of the list!


I need shoes that they can run around in, jump, skate and twirl without toppling over?

TIP: Honestly, I read a lot of reviews and ask friends for recommendations before purchasing shoes for my kids because I made that silly mistake of just purchasing random brands before and my daughter hated it, fell because the bottom was too slippery, and/or it wore out super-fast.

Thankfully, after the first child, we learned so that their siblings don’t have to go through the same.

Over a year and a couple of months ago, Kitana received her first pair of Bubblegummers shoes.

Kitana reviews Bubblegummers

Have you heard of Bubblegummers_ZA?

Posted by You, Baby and I on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

At first, we, like everyone else was totally surprised when we found out that these shoes genuinely smell fruity and it isn’t just a gimmick – a bit like bubblegum. But there’s actually more to the shoes than just the smell.

Having shoes that smell fruity is a bonus for me but not the reason why I will buy a pair.

Bubblegummers is more than just nice smelling shoes.

So, after a year and a couple of months of using Bubblegummers shoes, I can honestly tell you that they are worth the price. I’ve used the brand long enough to be able to say that with confidence.

Here’s why…

When Kitana received her first pair of shoes, I calculated in my head that the shoes should last max 3 months (no offense to the brand) but shoes don’t last with my daughter. And on top of that she has long feet so finding the right shoe for her is like Cinderella searching for her glass slipper.

3 months passed and the shoes still lasted. She jumped, ran and even bent the shoes with her ballerina moves but they remained the same.

8 months down the line, I realized that the quality is genuine. The shoes still look good and are perfect to wear except for the fact that her toes started sticking out a bit (time to move up a size).


And today… the shoes are still wearable. She used the sandal until a month ago.

Why Bubblegummers?

  • Bubble Health

All Bubblegummers shoes have sanitised insoles to avoid odours caused by bacteria.

  • Bubble Grip

Reduces the risk of falling and stumbling, with non-slip inlays that help to maintain children’s stability. This is supported by an outsole design that allows greater adhesion to different types of surfaces.

Kiddies shoes
  • Unique Bubblegum Smell

The Bubblegummers brand is characterised by a special scent. A sole with Bubblegum essence enhances the brand identity.

Bubblegummers are designed with the highest standards of technology so that children can enjoy activities with the comfort and safety necessary for development and exploration in the early stages of their lives.

The brand caters for 2- 10-year olds and offers a choice of dress shoes, takkies, and sandals for both boys and girls.


Prices range from R299.95 to R399.95

Sizes range from toddler size 6 to 10 and kids’ size 11 to 3.

The only problem I had was that these shoes were hard to find but not anymore! I am super excited that they are finally in Edgar’s stores nationwide, so I challenge you to go check them out and sniff them if you have to and let me know what you think?

You can also find them online at Zando.

Now let’s see the cute summer range which Kitana will be even using at a wedding later next month.

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This post was sponsored by Bubblegummer - Bata shoes.

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  1. Zayne Khan
    2019-11-08 / 16:53

    I can’t believe it..I grew up in Bubblegummers! Then they disappeared..I’m so happy they’re back. Will definitely be visiting Edgars soon!

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