Burger King launches new Gone Wild collectible cards for kids!


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Growing up, I was fascinated with collectibles. Were you? Remember the Pokémon discs, the cereal spoons in the cereal boxes? Does it bring back any memories for you?

Collectables have come a long way. We all know that it works wonders for a brand’s marketing but how many of these collectibles are actually teaching our kids is something that we need to be discussing right now? Are the teachings pertinent? Do they deal with or educate our children on issues like pollution, or the extinction of animals, etc.

Last year, Burger King launched their collectible cards and it got the attention of kids all over South Africa.

Those Dino cards opened a whole new exciting world for my daughter. She learned how to pronounce the names of the Dinosaurs, learned about their history and some fun facts which she didn’t know before – like the fact that the Gallimimus could run up to speeds of 80km/h.


It was a good set of collectibles, however, I felt like it was something I’ve seen before if you know what I mean?

This year, Burger King has decided to focus on 25 endangered species. Now that got my attention very quickly! Could it be a millennial thing?

Did you know… The Polar bear is vulnerable?

The Chimpanzee is endangered?

The reality is that our planet is slowly dying and even though we talk about this often – sometimes we don’t educate our kids enough on what is happening and on how they can help. Burger King has brought up an important topic through an interactive platform.

The BK® Gone Wild App allows kids to interact with animals in 3D environments, as well as learn fun facts and play educational games which test their knowledge a bit.

Games on the app include:

·         Spot the difference

·         Quizzes

·         Guess who?

I even learned a lot during those quizzes.

This is not just another set of collectibles for me.

We are talking about the future of 25 species, some of which your kids may never see when they become adults.


We are talking about species like the vulnerable Blue Whale Shark, the endangered Giant Panda, the near-threatened Emperor Penguin, and the critically endangered Black Rhino.

How can you get your hands on these amazing cards?

burger king

Visit your nearest Burger King and purchase King JR™ meal purchase. You will receive a pack of 3 collectible cards with each King JR™ meal purchase.

Once you get your hands on these amazing cards, download the app and be prepared to answer a lot of questions to your kids. 😛

The best part is these cards can be recycled but let’s hope you hang on to them.

FAQs answered for you:

Where does Burger King meat come from?

BURGER KING® South Africa sources its beef from a local supplier who runs an accredited facility and takes great care to produce great tasting beef products in a safe and hygienic environment. All products can be traced to ensure only the best is served to their guests. Their patties are 100% pure beef with no added fillers and no added preservatives.

Why include single-use plastic in this campaign if you are trying to shine a brighter light on the endangered animals?

As one of the world’s most popular restaurant chains, we recognize our responsibility to limit the environmental impact we have on our planet. That’s why Burger King has been actively working on respective long-term packaging strategies.

If you have any other questions for the brand, comment below and let me know!

I’ve teamed up with Burger King to bring you an awesome competition!


You can win a R 1000 Burger King voucher + one set of the collectible cards for your kid/s!


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I want to win with @shaneyvije and @BurgerKingZA! You can win too! Enter here -> http://bit.ly/31XPuhN. #BKGoneWild


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Competition closes Thursday, 04 July 2019.

Open to South African residents only.

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This post was sponsored by Burger King


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