I Didn’t Know Pregnancy After a C-Section Came With Pain!

I know that you most probably don’t want to read this post – perhaps because you are not sure about what to expect and to be honest, I actually thought twice about writing about it. I do however feel as if I need to share my personal experience with you today.

I didn’t realize pregnancy after a C-Section came with pain…

During the last couple of weeks, I have been a tremendous amount of pain – pain so intense that I end up screaming out at night. I’m uncomfortable, sore and I can’t even concentrate on work anymore.

This post is not to scare you but to rather educate you. I have nothing against C-Sections and I have already had 2. You can read more about it here.

C-Sections have saved many lives and I am thankful that it exists.

My first C-Section was an emergency one. My water broke at 39 weeks 5 days and I had no contractions. After hours of inducing labor, we had to have a C-Section because my daughter’s life was at risk. I didn’t know what to expect, the recovery was hard but I coped – even though emotionally I was a wreck. After 6 weeks, I was up and about feeling like myself again.

The only struggle for me after my first C-Section was Winter! I’m sure many of you can agree that the scar pulls like a B&$#!

My C-Section scar pulled a lot so I had to keep extra warm to avoid the pain.

With my second pregnancy, I prepared myself mentally for another C-Section, not realizing that VBAC (Vaginal birth after C-Section) is possible. I wish I had researched more…


It was a much better experience than my first C-Section and recovery was much easier on my body because I knew what to expect and how to take care of myself. There was an unexpected side effect that popped up – swelling of my feet after my C-Section.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my third baby. My last C-Section was almost 20 months ago. Even though that seems like a long time ago, it isn’t – especially when you have been cut in the same place twice already!

This baby wasn’t a planned pregnancy, a surprise… a beautiful one indeed.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to have another C-Section this time around but unfortunately, I have no choice because my last C-Section is under 24 months which poses a risk for baby and me.

The risk of a uterine rupture during a VBAC is high if your last C-Section was very close, however, the likelihood of a uterine rupture when a woman has a VBAC is just .2% to 1.5%, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. This gives a woman who has a VBAC about a 1 in 500 chance of suffering from a uterine rupture.


Most gynaecologists won’t even discuss a VBAC if your last C-Section was under 24 months ago. Doctors and nursing practitioners often encourage a repeat C-section to avoid this risk and I honestly don’t blame them for it.

A rupture of the uterus can be extremely dangerous to the mother as well as to the baby. In some instances, a mother with a rupture faces the loss of her uterus. In extreme cases, the rupture can lead to the death of the baby and/or the mother.

If you had to Google the disadvantages of having a C-Section, you will find some really scary articles that talk about the risk of damage to the mother’s bowels and/or bladder, risk of complications from anaesthesia (pneumonia, allergic reactions, low blood pressure), higher risk of infection and blood clots for the mother etc. I am not going to discuss any of the above because I have no experience on those topics and suggest you chat to your doctor about it if you want to know more.

I can advise you however not to always think or expect the worse. You cannot afford to stress about maybe’s.


All I know is that there is a reason why doctors suggest you wait at least 2 years before falling pregnant again if you have had a C-Section.

It is not necessary but it is a suggestion because every woman’s body reacts differently.

My C-Section scar has been causing a lot of pain recently and the reason for this is because the baby is growing, moving, and pushing down on my incision. When your uterus begins to get large enough, it pulls on the scar tissue and your bladder which can be extremely painful.

No one talks about this pain! I did not experience this pain during my second pregnancy so when this happened around 2 months ago for the first time, I freaked out! I thought something bad was happening inside my body.

I don’t wish this pain upon anyone.

It gets so bad that I can’t move or wake up. I feel as if a knife is cutting through my stomach (TMI – sorry). I have been so scared to even drive on my own because of this intense pain.

I chatted to my doctor about it but he said that it is normal. If you are experiencing this too, I suggest that you should inform your doctor so he can give you a check-up before assuming anything.

This pain has been the biggest disadvantage of having too many C-Sections for me. I am at a stage where pregnancy has become painful even though I’m trying my best to enjoy it.

Honestly, I’m so scared of my incision opening up.

I am not even sure what to expect with another C-Section recovery this winter.

Holding my newborn and cuddling him/her, will have to make up for it. 

Have you experienced this pain?

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  1. 2017-05-19 / 12:35

    I had my first VBAC less than a year after my C-section, and two more natural deliveries after that. (The last one was a breech birth in my bedroom at home.)
    VBAC is entirely possible, provided you have a supportive doctor and birthing team.

    • Janet Ademola
      2017-06-04 / 13:08

      What makes the vbac so easy and with less than a year?

    • Natalie
      2018-05-05 / 01:13

      How long was the gap between your csection and your next pregnancy?
      Im asking because that gives me hope as I only just had my son via c section 10months ago and am already 4months pregnant.

      • 2018-05-07 / 10:29

        I fell pregnant when my middle child was one year old. Are you feeling any pains yet? It was horrible for me especially towards the end of the pregnancy when baby pushed down. Hope you don’t experience this and CONGRATS!:D

  2. Shayiana
    2019-11-11 / 02:56

    Im 6 weeks with my 4th child and my incision hurts terribly, I barely wanna move i didnt feel this pain with my other children. I just want this to be over.

  3. Kailie
    2019-12-06 / 15:07

    31 weeks pregnant with my second child, with 10 years since my last c-section. an i can say that it doesn’t hurt all the time but every once in a while i feel the burn. Weird thing is though that i have the burning pain only on my right side.

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