Celebrate this festive season with M-Net Movies

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! It’s the only time it’s okay for me to sing a carol at home, eat mince pies and watch Christmas movies although I wish I could do it all the time.

I  love cuddling with my husband and daughter while munching on some popcorn watching a festive movie. Movies always get me in the Christmas spirit and every movie teaches you something. I just wish more movies would share the real story behind Christmas.

Christmas Movie night

Throughout the month, as we countdown to Christmas Day, we watch a lot of movies. It’s become a tradition at home and Kitana finally understands who Anta aka Santa is. (Toddler lingo is so cute). She get’s so excited when she sees “him” on TV and can sit for hours watching movies (we only watch TV once a day).

I’m so excited that M-Net movies has scheduled a fun family movie every day at 4pm on DStv channel 105.

Kitana and I will be spending time together catching up on old movies while we prepare for Christmas crafts afterwards.

With schools closing soon, we need lots of activities to keep kids occupied at home. I love arts and crafts and this year I received a cute little package from M-Net Movies filled with exciting activities to do with Kitana. She absolutely loves birds so this is going to be a big surprise for her.

M-Net Movies will be hosting kiddies DIY activity sessions this weekend to get your little-makers excited.

Expect a photo booth, games, colouring-in stations, qualified child minders and activity packs to take home – themed around the festive movie line-up. How awesome does this sound? The perfect excuse to get some shopping done while your little one is entertained.

The Johannesburg activation can be found at Fourways Mall from 5- 7 December between 10am – 3pm.

Santa Clause

This weekend you can catch up on your favorite movies:

  • Santa Clause 3 
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • So Undercover

M-Net Movies has so many activities available on their Pinterest page. These are themed according to the daily film so you and your child can enjoy your creations while watching the 4pm movie.

M-Net Pinterest

Today’s Movie is: Santa Paws 2 – The Santa Pups.

“When Mrs. Claus travels to Pineville, the playful Santa Pups stow away on her sled. Taking mischief to a whole new level, they begin granting joyful wishes to Pineville’s boys and girls, but after a boy named Carter wishes for the Christmas spirit to disappear, it affects all of the people in town. Mrs. Claus, Carter, Sara, the pups, and three sisters Mrs. Claus met try to bring the Christmas spirit back. They do this by airing on the radio and convincing everyone to act like normal. ”

Source: Disney

If you want find out the schedule for the month, visit the website and set a reminder for your favorites.

M-Net movies

And here’s the greatest news of all. This doesn’t stop in December. M-Net Movies Family hosts a 4pm family movie every single day of the year. So when you feel like taking a break from the world; cuddle with your little one, grab a cup of something and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home.

Celebrate this wonderful time of the year with M-Net Movies.

happy holiday

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  1. Masshole Mommy
    2014-12-03 / 14:03

    I love sitting down with my kids to watch Christmas movies. We watched Rudolph last night.

  2. 2014-12-03 / 15:45

    Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to checking out this company and I love that they host a 4 pm movie every day.

  3. I love Christmas movies it always puts me in the Christmas spirit! We like to plug the tree in, light a fire and sit and cuddle it’s a wonderful time of the year.

  4. 2014-12-03 / 19:29

    We love watching Christmas shows too! I have not heard of this so will definitely look into them! The 4:00 daily family movie would be an awesome bonding time for me and our daughter!

  5. 2014-12-03 / 21:57

    I love Christmas movies and the Santa Clause is one of my favorites!

  6. michele d
    2014-12-03 / 22:04

    Love sitting with my kids and watching Christmas movies. I remember doing so with my parents when I was little too. Such a great way to celebrate the season!

  7. 2014-12-03 / 23:25

    This reminds me of the after school specials I so used to love as a child. That 4pm family movie is such a great idea!

  8. 2014-12-03 / 23:33

    Those activity sessions sound like such a fun way to keep the kids engaged. I wish this company were local to me. I love that they’re encouraging family time!

  9. 2014-12-04 / 01:11

    The Santa Clause movies are a favorite of mine. We just watched it last night with our daughters.

  10. 2014-12-04 / 02:01

    Awwwww these all sound like fabulous ideas!!! I lobe the Christmas eve movie night!

  11. 2014-12-04 / 03:45

    This sounds like a great family tradition! Thank you for sharing this one, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone else doing this way. Your display for movie night is sensational too! I would love to come over! 😀

  12. Michelle Hwee
    2014-12-04 / 05:54

    Great share. What a fun christmas holiday tradition 🙂 I love your ideas.

  13. 2014-12-04 / 06:19

    Movie nights are most relaxing nights for me! I love what you have shared here..

  14. 2014-12-04 / 06:23

    This sounds so awesome, this is a fun Christmas tradition; watching movies is one of the best things during this time of year!

  15. 2014-12-04 / 06:40

    Love watching Christmas movies, they never seem to get old. I’ll definitely be doing some Christmas movie nights in my house!

    • 2014-12-04 / 09:45

      Same here, I just love it! Thanks for reading.

  16. 2014-12-04 / 07:29

    I love christmas movies always have, this is nice of M-net to be doing crafts and help to keep the kiddies busy

  17. 2014-12-04 / 07:57

    That is so cool. I always look forward to The Christmas Story playing 24/7 every year.

  18. 2014-12-04 / 09:11

    I loooove movie nights. My husband and I have started a tradition and watching one at least every Saturday night. I really look forward to it – though he isn’t into Christmas movies as much… I AM!

    • 2014-12-04 / 09:44

      It’s so much fun. 😀

  19. 2014-12-04 / 10:35

    I remember as I child that would watch Christmas practically non-stop during this time of year. I’m long overdue for a Christmas movie binge. 🙂


  20. Elizabeth O.
    2014-12-04 / 15:47

    I’ve already watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and So Undercover. I might watch Santa Clause 3 on the weekends! 🙂

  21. 2014-12-04 / 18:59

    We love to watch Holiday movies at Christmas time. It helps us get into the holiday spirit.

  22. 2014-12-04 / 23:32

    What a great product! I love Christmas movies, my favourite are The Santa Claus series!

  23. 2014-12-05 / 00:02

    We love to watch a lot of Christmas movies, our favorite is Elf by far. Movie night with the kids is always a fun thing to do on Fridays.

  24. 2014-12-05 / 00:32

    I have never heard of M-Net before so I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  25. 2014-12-05 / 02:16

    You’re right about amping up the activities for the kids. Winter Break will be here before we know it!

  26. Owen's Mom
    2014-12-05 / 03:27

    What a cute idea! I know my kids will be home for break soon, too and I am already brainstorming things to keep them engaged and excited. I will have to look into this. Thanks!

  27. 2014-12-05 / 06:51

    Watching the Santa Clause movies is always a must have for us! I wasn’t aware of M-Net before, but I will most certainly check them out!

  28. 2014-12-05 / 14:22

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. =) I’ve never heard of M-Net before, will have to to check it out. We love The Santa Clause 3.

  29. 2014-12-06 / 06:15

    m-net, hmmm, never heard of them, but looks interesting. Love the movie night idea with what you put together. So cute!

  30. 2014-12-06 / 20:49

    Really? Every day of the year? I love it…never heard of M-net but I’m interested now!

  31. 2014-12-07 / 22:52

    Oh, I need to see Santa Claus 3. For some reason I’ve never watched it. M-net sounds like a great service. Thanks for the recommendation!

  32. 2014-12-10 / 09:08

    I wish we have offers like that here in my country! You are lucky!

    • 2014-12-10 / 10:24

      My family loves watching movies too! WE usually watch late at night 🙂

  33. 2014-12-13 / 19:16

    I had never heard of MNet before this post. It look like they have great movies!

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