Can we really protect our children from the dangers of the world?

The question that keeps playing on my mind is: “Can I really protect my children from the dangers of the world”?

Life happens and even though I wish I could protect my children from everything bad, I can’t… There’s certain situations that are out of my control. Sometimes I refuse to think about the “What if” incidents but the truth is as a parent I need to be prepared for my kids.

What do you in case of an emergency and who do you call first?

Watching the Centrum Guardian videos made me realise how important it is to have a list of emergency numbers on my phone and in my house. It also made me realise how important it is to learn about safety precautions around the house, when you on holiday and in your car. The unexpected happens when you least expect it, being prepared can help you stay calm.

Today, I want you to think about safety precautions. If you have a baby who just started crawling, did you think about baby proofing your house?

I asked myself a question this morning: “What is the first thing you would do if a fire starts at home?

centrum guardians

I know I would look for my kids and try to escape but what if there was no way of escaping?

In an emergency situation like this, it is of so much comfort to know that world-class help is but a phone call away.

Most of us think: “Oh, it will never happen to me and if it does I’m prepared”… But are you really?

I feel a little at ease knowing that there’s the South African emergency and rescue services. These are people who dedicate their lives to helping others. Ordinary people like you and me who are making a difference every day and sometimes not getting the credit they deserve but for them, it’s not about that. It’s about helping a person in need.

centrum guardians

Do you know the local emergency personnel in your city? Centrum is promoting a beautiful campaign which is connecting us to them. Giving us an opportunity to say Thank you. I watched the four finalist’s videos several times and to be honest I couldn’t decide which one stood out for me because every video had a special story and message.

The two videos that really made me think featured Cynthia Maqungu a Reservist Fire Fighter from Ekurhuleni Emergency Services who saved 3 people from a row of burning shacks at Ramaphosa Informal Settlement.

Cynthia Maqungu

and Robin Fortuin a Rescue Swimmer NSRI who saved 6 people from drowning in the treacherous rip currents at Monwabisi Beach.

Robin Fortuin, a Volunteer Rescue Swimmer, a 2015 Centrum® Guardians finalist.

You do not have to be a parent to appreciate all that goes into saving lives on a daily basis. Knowing our loved ones will be in the most capable hands when we need it most makes me sleep a little easier at night. That is when I can actually sleep for more than two hours!

With their incredible dedication and service, every single one of this year’s finalists deserves the necessary recognition and a huge thank you! While I’m deciding who I’m voting for, I encourage you to watch all the stories and vote for your favourite Centrum Guardian on the website

You can follow the Centrum campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

I got 5 safety tips for this winter and the emergency numbers you should have on your phone and on your fridge.

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  1. 2015-07-22 / 13:37

    Lovely initiative, pity we cant honour the many many many guardians out there!

  2. Robin Masshole mommy
    2015-07-22 / 13:52

    No, probably not. But I’m going to try as hard as humanly possible to protect them from as much as I can. I think it’s my job as a mom.

    • Rosey
      2015-07-24 / 15:32

      I have to agree with Robin on this one. We can’t protect them from everything but we have to do the best we can do.

    • 2015-07-25 / 07:49

      Right! I think that this is my sole purpose on this earth. My life work to protect and do my very best in raising them.

  3. 2015-07-22 / 16:44

    I wish I could put my kids in a bubble….but I know that can’t happen. 🙁

  4. 2015-07-22 / 16:46

    So true, its like I want to protect her and keep her away from any incident, accident, but some will be beyond our control.

  5. 2015-07-22 / 16:46

    What a great piece of information….Thank you Shan, we can all just try to make your home and surroundings as safe as possible!

  6. 2015-07-22 / 19:28

    This is definitely an important thing for kids to know! By having emergency numbers and info ready for them, it will give you all peace of mind.

  7. 2015-07-22 / 19:32

    Intellectually, I know there’s no way to protect my kids from everything. Emotionally, I still try my darndest!

  8. 2015-07-22 / 23:43

    I feel just like Stacie, there really is no way to protect them from everything, we have to teach them to protect themselves though. Teach them about fire safety, have a fire escape plan and I’ve even thought about buying a rope ladder for my second floor so my kids could get out of a window in their bedroom if they need to. I love what these South African guardians have done. Glad centrum is helping to raise awareness.

  9. 2015-07-23 / 00:58

    I told myself from day 1 that I couldn’t protect my girls from everything. It doesn’t make it suck any less.

  10. 2015-07-23 / 03:46

    I think that is you raise children in a way that they “know” better and know about the world then I think they will do just fine. You can’t be there ever step of the way with them but you can teach them and trust that they will make good decisions.

  11. upliftingfam
    2015-07-23 / 06:12

    I need to have a discussion with my four year old about stranger danger, fires in the house ect. We had our practice of hanging out in the hallway this spring when some crazy storms rolled through our area. It knocked our fence over and my four year old wasn’t sure what to think. He thought it was scarey.

  12. ascendingbutterfly
    2015-07-23 / 08:06

    As a former Special Education Teacher I consider myself one of the guardian angels out there who will always help a kid in trouble!

  13. 2015-07-23 / 12:40

    No, we can’t do that, but we can do so many things to protect them as much as we can. We also need to guide them, so they learn to fight their own battles.

  14. WanderingCarol
    2015-07-23 / 15:17

    It’s scary, isn’t it? Anything can go wrong. Life is unpredictable and we need to embrace that – while taking precautions!

  15. 2015-07-23 / 15:55

    This is great post. my son was 2 years old only i wish i can protect my son always where ever we go . I need to guide for his battles

  16. 2015-07-23 / 16:05

    All we can do as parents is try our best to protect our children. There are sure so many dangers out there.

  17. 2015-07-23 / 17:50

    It is scary out there and we not in control of everything, but as parents, we just have to try our best and do everything we can to protect them.

  18. 2015-07-23 / 19:08

    While I believe a parent cannot truly protect their children from all of life’s dangers, you can always keep doing everything as humanly possible to try 🙂

  19. 2015-07-23 / 19:48

    No we can’t protect them form everything. Best to be prepared. We have hurricanes. For days we are told to prepare, but there is always the parent “I need milk for my Babies, when am I going to get some help”.

  20. 2015-07-23 / 22:08

    I would like to think we can, but we truly can’t. The best we can do is prepare them so when it happens they will know how to handle it.

  21. 2015-07-23 / 22:26

    So many different type of guardians out there. I applaud those who save lives in various forms from those who work at hospitals to those who run into burning buildings. While you can’t protect them from everything, you can equipment them with tools and knowledge to help.

  22. 2015-07-23 / 23:08

    Thank you for putting the word out there. Although we do the best we can to protect our children, there is never too much information on how to prepare in case of an emergency!

  23. 2015-07-24 / 00:08

    I’m scared every time my kids leave the house to go play with friends. But I let them do it. It’s to hard on us and them to not give them some freedom.

  24. 2015-07-24 / 01:04

    This campaign is good – while all parents want their children to be safe, we sure are lucky to have people ( modern day heroes ) who put their lives out there … on the line … everyday to help keep everyone safe.

    I salute these guardians and their courage to be there for everyone.

  25. 2015-07-24 / 03:46

    It is a must to have emergency numbers posted on a place in the house where everyone can see it. Saving those numbers too is a good idea. Keep your cellphones charged, in case an emergency comes up. I will be heading over to and cast my vote. It is about time these unsung heroes get the recognition they deserve.

  26. 2015-07-24 / 06:07

    I know we would all feel better if we could keep our kids in a bubble, but ultimately it’s better to learn to trust that there are others who are willing and able to help us!

  27. 2015-07-24 / 07:34

    I do the best I can to keep my children safe, but I know I cannot protect them from everything. Thanks for this post!

  28. 2015-07-24 / 16:44

    I wish we could protect our children from everything, I would sleep better at night and enjoy life a little bit more. I do take relief that there is people out there who dedicate their lives to helping others. We are all more than grateful for their efforts and dedication.

  29. 2015-07-24 / 17:55

    Oh how I wish I could protect my kids form everything! The world can be such a scary place!

  30. 2015-07-24 / 19:59

    This is a great post and a great campaign from Centrum. Kudos to Centrum for honoring our men and women who save so many and are truly our guardians. Thanks for sharing.

  31. 2015-07-24 / 20:09

    This is great to know that Centrum is highlighting people who usually go unrecognized for their efforts.

  32. 2015-07-24 / 22:08

    All we can do as parent is try!!! It’s a scary world we live in these days, but if we try our hardest I think we have a good shot of protecting our kids alittle bit!

  33. danielle x.
    2015-07-25 / 02:58

    I too wish I could keep my kids in a bubble. I am so thankful for those that put their own lives on the line to protect others, they are a special breed of people.

  34. 2015-07-27 / 16:19

    We try to teach the kids to use a little forethought when doing stuff, but it’s very reassuring knowing that if things go wrong, there are dedicated professionals that have your back.

  35. 2015-07-28 / 01:11

    Being in Los Angeles, I think of earthquakes more than anything. I worry about my kids being at school when one hits. It’s so scary but as parents our protection only goes so far. Teaching our kids as much as we can is important.

  36. 2015-07-30 / 23:54

    So important to have a list for an emergency. Also Love the heroes you shared. .

  37. Kelsey Apley
    2015-07-30 / 23:58

    For me we are bringing our first baby into this world in October, and I wish we could protect them from everything! I know I will do my best to try and protect him as much as I can. It is nice to have wonderful service men and women to help you along the way!

  38. 2015-07-31 / 00:14

    No, doubtful but doesn’t mean we can’t try. Being a mom means protecting and being there for our kiddos so that is what I intend to do!

  39. 2015-07-31 / 00:44

    I think we can to an extent. The world is a crazy , scary place . While we hope to do so .. its kinds hard

  40. 2015-07-31 / 00:52

    I think as parents we do our best to protect our children and teach them about dangers. that said life happens and sometime all the planning in the world won’t keep them from getting hurt.

  41. Bri
    2015-07-31 / 01:03

    Knowing emergency numbers are extremely important and setting up a routine to follow in-case such & such happens is also important.

  42. 2015-07-31 / 02:23

    Sadly we can’t protect them from everything but we can arm them with information and safety info.

  43. 2015-07-31 / 02:32

    This is an excellent post because the world has become so incredibly scary.

  44. 2015-07-31 / 02:51

    I wish I could protect my kids forever but it is impossible. I can only try my best!

  45. 2015-07-31 / 02:58

    I am definitely going to try the best I can to protect my daughter. It can be really scary being a parent.

  46. 2015-07-31 / 04:25

    These people sound like real heroes. I’m glad Centrum is helping us highlight great people like them!

  47. 2015-07-31 / 05:53

    Very interesting-its a fine line between protecting your kids, and being overly protective. Having a good emergency plan is crucial.

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