Did you try the new Cheese Curls flavour yet?

Cheese curls brings back many memories for me… It was always a MUST have on the cake table for birthday celebrations at home!

I still remember my 7th birthday – the last birthday that I got to celebrate with my dad before he died. It’s emotional thinking about that day but when I look at the pictures, all I do is smile.

For me, Cheese curls is about creating happy memories with loved ones. Sharing a packet of chips together and enjoying the moment filled with smiles!

Willards Cheese Curls is “Gonna Make You Smile”

“Gonna Make You Smile” is the latest theme tune from Willards Cheese Curls in celebration of the popular brand’s new Cheese and Onion flavour. The song by South African band HovnBae, embodies celebration and reflects the happiness and fun that Willards Cheese Curls brings to any occasion.

cheese curls

HovnBae is a six-member band known for their eclectic and funky sound, and their collaboration with Willards Cheese Curls has given rise to a catchy, fun-loving song with broad appeal that perfectly captures the spirit of Willards Cheese Curls.

Willards Cheese Curls have long been a staple in every South African’s home and by introducing a new song to announce the arrival of a new flavour, the brand believes that their consumers will relate to the tangy taste of Willards Cheese Curls Cheese and Onion with feelings of joy, happiness and fun.

cheese curls cheese and onion

The great tasting Willards Cheese Curls Cheese and Onion are perfectly seasoned and combine simple, bold flavours in a rich and delicious cheese puff chip which is big on taste and big on happiness.

Like the country’s favourite puffed chip, the song, “Gonna Make You Smile” evokes feelings of celebration, friendship, family, togetherness and fun – the types of things that make people proud to be South African.

I’m loving the new flavour! It has been very addictive for me especially during our recent road trip to Durban. I ended up snacking on a big packet of Cheese curls on my own! I honestly prefer it over the original flavour and wish it was launched earlier. 😉 The bag is filled with loads of flavour that makes you want to always reach out for one more.

I’m so glad that the brand has finally expanded the range and I am hoping for many more new flavours to launch in the next 2 years!

To see more information and be involved with Willards, check out our Willards facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WillardsSA/ or go to the mobi site (www.willards.co.za) to download HovnBae’s full song ‘Gonna Make You Smile’ and ringtone.

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  1. 2016-09-27 / 10:25

    This looks delicious! I love salty snacks like this. I will check out our local stores if we have this.

  2. uprunforlife
    2016-09-27 / 19:46

    I bet my kids would love these. I don’t think we have this particular brand in the US but we have a similar product. They are fun to eat too.

  3. 2016-09-27 / 20:46

    I have not tried these yet in fact I haven’t even seen them yet. I will have to look out for them!

  4. 2016-09-28 / 13:18

    We haven’t tried this yet, but I’m definitely going to check it out because we love munching on this kind of stuff especially my son. Bet it’s good!

  5. 2016-09-28 / 15:43

    I haven’t tried yet! But they look yummy, so I will definitely check it out!

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