I tried Chloe Ting’s 2 weeks’ Abs challenge, and this was the result…

I tried Chloe Ting’s 2 weeks’ Abs challenge, and this was the result…

I discovered Chloe Ting and her YouTube channel last year and my first impression was WOW, I want a body like that too.

I want ABS!

I attempted the Abs workout late last year but failed miserably. I wasn’t fit enough; my body wasn’t ready for the challenge. So, I gave up.

When Lockdown started, Chloe’s video went viral so I ended up binge-watching a ton of result videos on YouTube to see if this challenge does really work and the results were mind-blowing so I decided, maybe it is time to give it another shot.

Before I share my experience on the workout, it is worth mentioning that I have been working on my fitness journey for close to a year now. I exercise close to 5 times a week and I do more than 1 type of exercise or “challenge” a day – will share more on this in my next post. I’ve also changed my eating habits and increased my water intake.

If you are beginning your fitness journey, the Abs challenge might not be the first video you want to start with. I highly recommend you start with something easier that still burns calories and then work your way up. Walking is a good place to start. 😊

Chloe has a ton of exercise videos worth checking out on her YouTube channel but if you are looking to follow a consistent workout program, check out her website. There are so many to choose from!

The Abs & Booty Hourglass Challenge is one of my favourites.

Did I mention all these workouts are FREE?

There is no catch!

So here is a big THANK YOU to Chloe Ting for giving us these amazing workouts for free.

I signed up for the gym late last year but then cancelled it when I realized I could just do my workouts via YouTube.

Please note:

I am not a fitness expert and I am just sharing my experience with you. If you have any medical problems, you should discuss the type of workouts you want to do with your doctor first.

My review on the Chloe Ting Abs 2 weeks workout challenge:

  • The first time I did the workout was 21st April 2020. My stomach measured 80cm and waist 87cm (sorry I should have done it in inches).

I could not complete the entire workout. I was out of breath even though I consider myself to be fit. Planking was extremely difficult for me.

Chloe Ting
21st April 2020
  • After 2 weeks of doing this challenge every day, I didn’t notice a huge difference and was a bit disappointed since many people claimed amazing results after 2 weeks but then I told myself – Like Hello, we all have different bodies and I had 3 kids so I have to be patient and keep pushing.
Chloe Ting
After a little more than 2 weeks of doing the challenge
  • On the 28 May 2020 – My measurements were Stomach 75cm and waist 84cm.
  • I finally saw the difference this week when I put my before and after pictures next to each other.
  • I am still doing the challenge and most probably will continue until I am happy with where I am.

What you need to know:

  • You need to be consistent.
  • If you want to see the results quicker, you need to do the workout every day.
  • I didn’t change much in my diet while doing this workout, but it is important to note that you can’t expect amazing results if you are not eating healthy as well or trying to. Diet and Workouts work together to produce an amazing result, but a result can still be seen even if you don’t follow a diet (based on my experience).
  • By diet, I don’t mean eating greens only or cutting out something completely. Have a balanced diet, limit certain things. For me, it was sweets, cakes, soda, chocolates. I still have everything except soda but in moderation.
Chloe Ting
27 May 2020


  • Do your workout early in the morning – you should start your day with a workout, trust me it helps with your energy. I normally start with a walk or jog first to get my heart rate up.
  • Drink lots of water especially during your workout.
  • Remember to do warm-up and cool-down stretches so you don’t struggle with pain afterward.

This isn’t an easy challenge, it is damn hard, but you can do it!

If you do try it, please do tag me on Instagram or Facebook and share your results so we can celebrate together!

Sorry, the pictures are not the best, I wasn’t really planning on writing a blog post about it.

Here’s to Abs!

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