What’s in my nappy bag?

I recently did a post on my handbag essentials, I thought it’s only fair I share what’s in my nappy (diaper) bag. I always wanted a nappy bag that looked stylish but had the space I needed for everything I carry. (Yes I carry a lot).

Nappy bags have evolved and I’m loving it! Chop Chip Designs was one of the few brands that grabbed my attention at the last baby expo I attended. This brand brings style+mama into one bag! What made me feel more special was I could design the bag the way I wanted to.


Choc Chip is a free-spirited brand, which allows clients the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind bag to fit their own personal style. They specialise in laptop bags for fashion-conscious career men and women, but have other gorgeous bags including stunning baby bags for new moms. Their fabrics are constantly updated, giving you fresh alternatives every season.

Choc chip Slate Stripes Nappy Bag Choc Chip Marine Stripes Nappy Bag

My bag was specially designed for the blog so I decided to stick with the YBI colours and create something neutral that I could use for baby no.2 (when he/she arrives).. No I’m not preggies yet. ;)

Choc chip nappy bag

I love the material and the space it has inside. Everything fits in perfectly with the various compartments provided inside and I can clip it onto my Stokke stroller if I really wanted to which is a big bonus for me. I’ve used the bag for couple months now and honestly I can it’s the best quality nappy bag I’ve found thus far!


Choc chip nappy bag

1. I always carry 2 sets of clothing and a pair of spare shoes for Kitana. A winter and summer set plus a jacket because you never know when the weather is going to change. With toddlers, you definitely need more than 1 set in your nappy bag because they always playing or messing.

2. At least 5 nappies, a pack of wet wipes and a bum cream.

3. Lip ice, hair bands, a set of shades (when she wants to be stylish) and a name tag if we going to a busy place like the mall.

4. A thermometer and a vapor rub  if she’s not feeling well.

5. A nail clipper because sometimes you just need it!

6. Teeth and Gum cleaner.

7. I do carry snacks occasionally, depends where we going. I prefer the snack bars or puffs.

8. A hat if she’s not wearing one for Summer.

nappy bag


1. Nappy sacks

I cannot leave the house if I don’t have a pack of scented nappy sacks. These are a huge help for smelly diapers plus you can use them for dirty laundry or shoes.

2. Wet wipes/Pocket tissues

I carry both and I even have a set for my handbag. You’ll never know when you would need them, we use wet wipes for everything even non baby related items (like cleaning a spill on the couch).

3. Hand sanitizer

4. First aid kit

Volvo and the Toddler Seminar I attended recently gifted me with these sample size kits that I absolutely love! You can keep it in the car, your handbag or nappy bag.

5. EverySun Suncare

Summer is here in South Africa so this will always be in my nappy bag. You can always rely on EverySun to provide you with great products suitable for the whole family. They got you covered for a reasonable price.

Introducing two new trigger sprays to the range:

250 ml -Kids Spray SPF 50
250ml -Family Invisi Spray SPF 40

everysun range everysun range

Bigger packer, better value and with a higher SPF to keep your whole family safe this summer!

6. Hand/Body Lotion

I absolutely love Oh So Heavenly products, it’s become a family favorite.

I think you end up carrying fewer items as your baby gets bigger, well that’s what happened for me. Not all items mentioned above is carried daily.

Don’t just buy a nappy bag because it looks pretty, consider how much space it has and if it will last long-term. Remember quality is better than quantity. 1 quality nappy bag can last you years and can be carried down to future kids if you want to save in the long run.

Thank you Choc Chip Designs for gifting me with a personalised bag, it’s something I will always treasure.

Choc chip nappy bag

So what’s in your nappy bag?

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  1. 2014-11-17 / 12:13

    It’s nice to see your bag compact yet it contains all the essentials you need for kids. This would really be helpful for those with kids with them.

  2. Masshole Mommy
    2014-11-17 / 12:48

    I always kept $20 in my diaper bag. A few instances came up where I needed cash and didn’t have any on me.

  3. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-11-17 / 13:16

    That bag is gorgeous with the quilted design, so stylish! I actually miss carrying all these things around now my son is that bit older, we just bring the nappies, wipes, creams and lots of snacks now.

  4. 2014-11-17 / 13:32

    Nice post. And kudos to Choc Chip for designing a very smart bag.
    I love the “square shape” or rather “rectangle. This def allows for more things to fit in, without making it an “over” over sized bag!
    Im at work now, but will respond with a pic of our nappy bag, or rather bags.
    Thavina is in creche, so her creche nappy bag has 3 sets of clothes, which i rubber band in sets, so the teacher knows what goes with what. 3 nappies, wet wipes, lotion, vaseline, hand sanitiser, vapour gel, 2bibs 2 socks, a hat, 2 facecloths. a range of Avent and Pigeon containers, that I use for milk, porridge and food for the day. I also have a little laundry bag, for the “dirty” clothes from the day. At the beginning of the week, I send in a bag with bedding and a towel, and collect it at the end of the week.
    then on to our weekend bag, its a much smaller bag. And its quite similar to yours, except i have another little bag inside with things for my toddler, a change of clothes for him, snacks and a toy!……Wow thats a long response 😛

  5. 2014-11-17 / 14:22

    I love your bag….the color and design are just gorgeous! My kiddos are all grown up now so I don’t carry a bag *sigh*, but my daughters have them for their little ones!

  6. 2014-11-17 / 14:26

    Wow, your bag really fits a lot for not being very large! Most moms I know just have an XL purse and that has become their nappy bag!

  7. 2014-11-17 / 14:41

    I love this bag! My kids are too old for diaper bags but they could use this in the car when we need to blow our nose, wipe hands, etc.. Love it!

  8. 2014-11-17 / 15:03

    Now that’s a fully stocked nappy bag. My nappy bag days are over but my daughter is trying to conceive and if she does, she’s going to need a choc chip nappy bag!

  9. 2014-11-17 / 17:34

    I love this bag. My bag that I have now is huge and I use it not only for my purse but for both my infant and 2 year old as well. It works great.

  10. 2014-11-17 / 18:16

    Love the look of the bag! I don’t have little kiddos anymore, but this is an excellent list of things to have handy for those with little ones. I have others I can share this with.

  11. 2014-11-17 / 18:18

    I don’t have a nappy bag anymore, but pretty much everything you have in yours is what I kept in mine. You’ve got to be prepared!

  12. Courtney
    2014-11-17 / 18:30

    Loving the bag!! And great choices of things to have in the bag 😉

  13. 2014-11-17 / 22:12

    I haven’t got any children at the moment but i always carry so much with me in my own handbag!

  14. 2014-11-17 / 22:26

    This is such a cute nappy bag, I do not have kids but I would so carry this as normal handy bag. Love the snacks

  15. 2014-11-17 / 23:19

    The funniest thing about being a mom is how a bag can be called something as simple as a nappy bag and yet contain everything but the kitchen sink!

  16. 2014-11-17 / 23:26

    That bag is bringing back memories of when my two were little. Many times I would keep my wallet and a few of my items in our diaper bag so that I didn’t have to carry two bags around with me.

  17. 2014-11-18 / 00:20

    Wow! That’s a great bag! I always had what I called “the forgotten item of the day” and I think I may have been able to prevent that if I had packed like you!

  18. 2014-11-18 / 00:45

    That bag is cute! Hand sanitizer and cash is a must in my baby’s bag besides the essentials.

  19. michele d
    2014-11-18 / 01:58

    I also had snacks and drinks in case the twins needed a little snacky. lol

  20. 2014-11-18 / 02:16

    Love your nappy bag! You can sure fit a lot of stuff into it. Great list of things to have.

  21. 2014-11-18 / 04:57

    Love this bag! It seems to be able to carry everything!!! WOW! When my kids were little- snacks was a must!

  22. 2014-11-18 / 05:00

    Always a change of clothes. Because the one time you leave without a change of clothes is the time they will have an exploding diaper.

  23. 2014-11-18 / 05:16

    Aww everything is so cute!I LOVED carrying a diaper bag (nappy bag sounds so much cuter). I had it super organized with lots of fun snacks and toys etc. I always looked forward to keeping it nice and stocked. 🙂

  24. 2014-11-18 / 05:48

    Lovely post. I don’t miss having a completely sticked nappy bag but I’ll be doing it again in 2015. Great reminder list.

  25. 2014-11-18 / 06:46

    You’re definitely a well prepare parent. I’m not around my friends who have babies, so I’m not quite sure how prepared they are, but I am impressed by this lol.

  26. 2014-11-18 / 07:46

    This is such cute bag and you seem to be prepared! Despite the face I love everything in the bag, can I tell you how much I love the bag? It’s so cute! hehe

  27. 2014-11-18 / 10:26

    Nice bag, looks like a stuff of your kids, and contains important things needed as much as possible.

  28. johannaboth
    2014-11-18 / 11:12

    Wow, nice bag and how many things can fit. I think I found the Xmas present for my best friend with 3 kids.

  29. Elizabeth O
    2014-11-18 / 13:13

    Nappy bag’s got everything in a small sack.

  30. 2014-11-18 / 16:22

    That’s a cute bag. I love it. I think I can get me one too and use it to store other essentials instead of just being a nappy bag.

  31. 2014-11-18 / 16:37

    I’m loving that bag! I would love one for Christmas!

  32. 2014-11-18 / 16:47

    I do not have a nappy bag anymore, my children are age 6 and up. Baby days, diaper bags, extra bags – all gone are those days. I do love what you have packed up though, perfect for a nappy bag 🙂

  33. 2014-11-18 / 17:02

    I am loving that bag!!! The more kids I had the less I started to carry. Now I tend to throw diapers in my purse and head out.

  34. 2014-11-18 / 17:15

    Extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and a sealable plastic bag would be essential for me. That’s a really cute bag!

  35. 2014-11-18 / 17:42

    I keep a lot of stuff in my nappy bag, but the most important one (after diapers) is a pacifier. If you get stuck without that… yikes!

  36. 2014-11-18 / 19:10

    That’s a really cute bag! I cannot believe how much you fit in there! LOL

  37. 2014-11-18 / 19:26

    You are very lucky get that personalized diaper bag. I always bring extra diapers, wipes and drink

  38. 2014-11-18 / 20:10

    I love that bag! I would like to get a new diaper bag because mine is falling apart. I never invested the money for a real diaper bag. It’s just a March of Dimes one someone gave me and it’s a mess to find things in there. Thanks for sharing!

  39. 2014-11-18 / 20:31

    These are really nice looking diaper bags. This is a great list of things to always have on you.

  40. 2014-11-18 / 21:56

    I have not had a nappy bag in 17 years. You have pretty much everything covered that you would need. I will have to share this with my sister who has a 3 month old and a first time mom. Thanks for sharing.

  41. 2014-11-19 / 00:29

    Wow your diaper bag is way more organized than I ever was! I had a couple of diapers, wet wipes, 2 bottles of water, and some powder formula already in a bottle (so I could pour the water and shake). That was about it.

  42. 2014-11-19 / 03:22

    i love the quilted texture on the side of the bag. i feel like these diaper bags have come a long way! and you fit so much stuff in there. 🙂 we don’t have kids and i don’t like carrying much else around.. so right now i carry my ID and a couple credit cards around in my phone wallet case. but i know kids will change everything!

  43. 2014-11-19 / 05:24

    Love your chocolate chip happy bag. This would be great for traveling. I always have several lip balms and lip sticks in my nappy bag!

  44. 2014-11-19 / 06:28

    The design is so cute. My 4 years old daughter would love this

  45. 2014-11-19 / 16:49

    Such a cute nappy bag. And that little denim jean jacket is so cute!

  46. 2014-11-19 / 20:59

    Even though I have several stylish diaper bags, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not carrying one. Instead, I usually stash a few things in my purse, and I’m out the door. This is a really diaper bag, though!


  47. Elizabeth O.
    2014-11-20 / 07:16

    Your bag is stylish and has good space for stuff you need.

  48. paulinasmiles16
    2014-11-23 / 15:32

    This is a great list. My cousin just had her first kid so I will have to make sure she has all of this in hers.

  49. 2015-05-16 / 17:43

    Love the nappy bag so stylish will def use these tips when my bundle of joy arrives

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