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Citroën Drive is famous for getting hearts pumping – and thanks to an innovative collaboration with Philips, they will make sure you look good while you’re racing around the high speed oval.

Citroën SAEvery month, Citroën hosts Citroën Drive at Gerotek. This is an exclusive, free of charge event which gives members of the public the chance to experience the kind of driving only possible on the track. It’s a test drive where you really do get to test the cars – from experiencing gut-wrenching G-forces during emergency braking, to racing your friends on the skidpan.

There are two more Citroën Drive events remaining this year, on July 26 and August 16. Both will feature a Philips pop up male grooming bar as well as a Philips coffee station. Participants who book for Citroën Drive and comment on their Facebook posts will have a chance to win Philips prizes on the day.

There are two opportunities to be sharp and step out of line with Citroën and Philips on July 26, at 8am and 12.30pm.

To book for Citroën Drive, go to

Citroën South Africa

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