Coca-Cola promotes a fit lifestyle

When I received a question from Coca-Cola asking me what’s my key issues when it comes to nutrition, I was puzzled. I kept thinking, what does Coke and nutrition have in common?

My answer was to limit sugar and refined foods with my toddler or kids in general.

We all know the perception of this brand in the community, everyone says its bad yet many people still consume it. It’s an addiction just like coffee or your favourite cake. Coke is one of the popular items I see displayed in the front of the store and every second trolley has at least one 2 litre bottle. It’s a common drink to order at a restaurant or at a party.

In general fizzy drinks should be drank in moderation but how many people keep to that?


Like many other brands who are known to be “bad”, Coca-Cola is earning millions of dollars yearly and don’t need to bother what people say about them but yet they do!

They decided to promote exercise by creating awareness via athletic events and even created a website which allows you to get information you need about the brand and ingredients. Although Coca-Cola isn’t known as a “health” conscious brand, they are trying to help create awareness on the benefits of exercising. They trying to build a community of fit people. I admire that the brand as acknowledged information from the public and are trying to help “burn” those 145 happy calories.

“In South Africa, tea and coffee are the most popular source of caffeine; other common sources include chocolate, energy drinks and some soft drinks. The amount of caffeine in food and beverage products varies with serving size, type of product and method of preparation. A 240 ml serving of Coca-Cola has 23 milligrams of caffeine, which is about one-third the amount of caffeine found in a cup of brewed coffee and one-half the amount found in a cup of tea. The caffeine content of most energy drinks is similar to that of coffee.”

The Coca-Cola Company

Yes I do drink coke although my husband hates it. I’ve drunk coke for many years however I drink it in moderation just like tea or coffee. I always try to give Kitana water instead of juice or coke but sometimes without my knowledge someone is giving her. We not the perfect family and we don’t have a strict health conscious diet but we believe in exercise.

As a parent, I want to teach my child about eating the right foods and the importance of fitness. Coke is one of the popular mentioned beverages to avoid when discussing a healthy lifestyle. Many dietitians say stop it completely but what about the chocolate cake with lots of sugar we feeding our children? I believe if you have too much of anything, there will be problems. We can’t blame brands when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s up to us to decide what’s good for our family.

It’s important to get our kids active from a young age. A simple activity of hop scotch or tennis can strengthen the bones.

Active healthy tips

SA Heart foundation to give us important information on how we can encourage young children to sit less and move more.

“To reduce the amount of time children and young people spend sitting, it is important to try to limit the amount of time they spend doing these things and encourage them to move more. There are many ways you can help children and young people to move more. All it takes are a few small, simple changes to daily activities.”

Tips for parents:

1. Limit how much time your child watches television, uses a computer and plays electronic games, such as before or after school (particularly during daylight hours).
2. Remove televisions, computers and electronic games from bedrooms.
3. Use a timer or an alarm clock to keep track of how much time they spend watching television, using a computer or playing electronic games.
4. Limit the number of televisions, computers and electronic games you have at home.
5. If you drive your child to and from school every day, try to walk or cycle with them once or twice a week. If you live too far from school for your child to walk, park the car 1 kilometre from school and walk the rest of the way.
6. Talk to your child’s teacher about setting active homework.
7. Think of fun things to do as a family instead of watching television.
8. Try to have at least one full day every week where your family doesn’t watch television, use a computer or play electronic games.
9. You are an important role model to your child, so try to limit how much television you watch and time you spend using a computer.
10. Give your child active alternatives. Instead of hiring a DVD or computer game, do something active instead. Use a skipping rope, play Frisbee or go to the local park.
11. Give your child a bike and some basic active play equipment, such as a hula hoop or balls.
12. Keep a box of active play equipment on hand for when your child says they’re bored.
13. Don’t use movement-based electronic games instead of active play, such as riding a bike.
14. Share with other parents ideas for encouraging children to be more active.

Tips and info were given from Coca-Cola Company. Opinions are my own.

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  1. 2014-11-25 / 11:45

    I think its great that Coke is trying to promote fitness! I always drink diet coke- I think it tastes better and theres no calories!

  2. Masshole Mommy
    2014-11-25 / 13:58

    I am addicted to Coke Zero. My kids aren’t allowed to have soda, though.

  3. 2014-11-25 / 18:47

    I think promoting fitness and health is great! Now, if only Coke could create a product that is healthy. We don’t drink soda in our family and our kiddos aren’t allowed to have it. Well thought out post!

  4. 2014-11-25 / 20:36

    I think its pretty fabulous they are trying to promote healthy living… Justvstrange to see this from coke hehe…. But hey its still awesome

  5. 2014-11-25 / 21:14

    I try and keep away from soda. But I love that Coke is promoting fitness.

  6. 2014-11-25 / 22:30

    I also think it is great that Coke is promoting fitness and confess shameless love of diet coke. My kids are grown but you have some great tips here.

  7. 2014-11-25 / 23:20

    That’s great Coke is trying to promote fitness – we definitely drink Coke in our house and I love that they’re putting out a positive message.

  8. Catherine S
    2014-11-25 / 23:39

    It is great that Coke is promoting fitness. I don’t remember the last time I had a soda.

  9. Huh? Interesting! I mean, I think it’s good that they are doing that, I would by lying if I didn’t think it was tied into their entire image boosting, but hopefully it has a positive impact. At the end of the day, there is a whole lot of great marketing that goes into making up OUR minds.

  10. 2014-11-26 / 01:04

    I don’t drink soda at all. I also don’t allow my children to drink it either, but this is so wonderful of Coca Cola to do!


  11. 2014-11-26 / 01:45

    I’m definitely a proponent of limiting sedentary activity time. Coke can fit into a healthy lifestyle, I feel. I’m not one to eliminate things completely.

  12. 2014-11-26 / 04:50

    I love that they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink soda myself, but my husband does love his Diet Coke and drinks some daily. However, he does maintain other healthy eating practices and exercises daily, so it balances out.

  13. 2014-11-26 / 05:11

    I love Coke, but I think it’s laughable that they are trying to claim any ties to fitness! I wish they really cared, but I have a feeling this has more to do with advertising than health.

  14. 2014-11-26 / 05:44

    I’m trying to reduce my coke intake but for most time, I need it for the energy coming from its sugar contents. It’s also the perfect thirst quencher when it comes to post workout drinks.

  15. Alana
    2014-11-26 / 06:15

    I gave up coke about 6 months ago, I will have sip of mu husbands from time to time. I drink mostly tea and coffee. I will be glad when the soft drink companies start to use natural sugar alternatives.

  16. 2014-11-26 / 07:28

    I had to give up coke for healthier alternatives 🙂 Still love one as a treat every once in a while!

  17. 2014-11-26 / 14:29

    Personal being informed is what matters most. It has become common to blame others for too much, so like you mentioned be aware and educate yourself as to the specifics like caffeine and sugar amounts in our foods.

  18. 2014-11-26 / 17:12

    Coke Zero is one of my favorite drinks and I love that they promote being fit. Although Coke is my one hump I need to get over for my diet.

  19. 2014-11-26 / 17:16

    Exercising is really important and it’s a good thing that Coke is promoting it. We also drink soft drinks once in a while but is not on our regular diet.

  20. Stephanie Lee
    2014-11-26 / 18:25

    Wow.. I admire Coca-cola.. It’s amazing that they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing 😀

  21. 2014-11-26 / 18:50

    I have to say that the approach everything in moderation can be applied to lots of areas in our lives- including Co-Cola consumption. A little fizz here and there is good for the soul.

  22. 2014-11-26 / 19:28

    I do agree that everything in moderation. I’m sure Coca Cola never intended for people to get addicted to their product but it is addicting. Good for coke for taking an exercise and healthier approach.

  23. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-11-26 / 20:57

    I love original Coke and I’m delighted that they have Coke Zero now. It’s great that they’re promoting a healthly lifestyle.

  24. 2014-11-26 / 23:19

    I was addicted to Diet Coke for a few years. I was drinking up to six cans a day. It has been 4 months since i quit. Now i drink water most of the time. I do like tea and occasionally and i will have a can of coke if i am craving a soda.

  25. 2014-11-28 / 05:13

    I had the same first reaction. Lol. I get bored of flavours so I change beverages often.

  26. 2014-11-29 / 06:52

    Yep,I would have to agree. Everything in moderation and with a sufficient amount of exercise! Love the parenting tips!

  27. 2014-11-29 / 12:03

    WOW! I wasn’t aware that Coke is helping promote fitness. It’s so nice of them to promote exrcising and burning calories.

  28. 2014-12-06 / 19:30

    It’s really ironic and I don’t think Coke and fitness go together. But I do drink Coke too 🙂

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