Before Kitana was born, I already knew what was important to me with regards to feeding. I decided to breastfeed and I knew I needed to invest in some good breastfeeding bras. I bought 3 different brands, one worked out better than the other 2. However I didn’t realise that there were more brands who offered so much more! I’m all about long term. When I buy a brand’s product, I think about how long it will actually last me and is it worth the price.

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been reviewing many brands but I just cannot get enough of this product. Hermanna Rush has an exclusive and contemporary maternity camisole which I’ve totally gone gaga for! I’ve never bragged about a product like this before! This is an investment every mom/mom to be should make because it will last you like forever!


Wow I don’t think that any mom could ask for a softer, more comfortable item of clothing top wear especially after being put through the rigors of giving birth. The fabric is soft and comfortable. Any breast feeding mom – new or old will attest to the fact that the breasts do become tender. The soft feel of the fabric definitely helps. The top is reinforced which means that there is no need for a bra and the convenience of having the clip that pulls down makes breast feeding a pleasure. The lace edging on the top ensure very minimal ‘pulling’ which is often one of the disadvantages of breastfeeding. Children tend to pull the top down and that means many a ruined top. This cami allows the mummy to be comfortable and conveniently nourish the new love in her life.


Thank you Hermanna Rush for making an amazing product!

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