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Over the last 2 weeks, I have shared a lot about my journey as a young mom and the memories that I will always treasure on my social media.

Honestly, it has made me a little emotional.

It took me back to my first pregnancy with Kitana and made me remember just how much life has changed for me ever since then.

This year, I will be 27-years-old and I will be a mom of 3 kids. It’s scary to think about but I can’t picture life any other way. I don’t regret getting married at 20 and I don’t regret having kids so early.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew I wanted to have a big family.

I remember been a 21-year-old girl who had no idea what to expect during pregnancy or birth. I was scared, lonely and emotional but everything changed when I saw my little girl for the first time. I know this sounds like a cliché but my daughter and I bonded immediately.


I remember staring into her big brown eyes and telling myself: “You finally grew up, you’re a woman now Shan”.

Motherhood made me grow up very quickly but it also made me stronger.

As a new mom, you have no idea what to expect or what to do but as time goes by, you realize that you are the only one that can make decisions for your baby because no one knows your baby like you do.

You learn to trust yourself more and take each day as it comes but when you’re a mom, time goes by quickly… super-fast when you have tiny people running around the house.

Before you know it, they turning one then two-years-old.

If I could go back in time, I will only tell myself one thing: “Capture those special memories or write them down.”


Do you remember the date and day your little one crawled for the first time?

I don’t… and I felt guilty about it for a very long time.

Even though my husband is a photographer, I still feel as if we didn’t get enough pictures or videos of the kids.


The truth is I don’t think that you will ever get enough pictures and videos of your little one.

During my first pregnancy, I created a scrapbook that contained everything from my pregnancy stick to the baby shower messages that friends and family wrote for my daughter Kitana.

With my second pregnancy, I saved everything online via my blog but for me, it still wasn’t enough.

I wanted to create memory boxes for Kitana and Kiaan.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to clean the kids closet and search for little items that reminded me of their milestones.

When Consol approached me with this campaign, I knew that it was a perfect fit because it was something that I was already thinking of doing anyway.


I may not have everything written down from the first year of their lives but I have important items that remind me of so much more.

Instead of a memory box, we created memory jars for Kitana and Kiaan with the help of Consol and their gorgeous glass range.

Memory boxes are tucked away – in the cupboard or the attic, but with memory jars, everything is visible and so easily accessible…

Each jar included significant memories like their important scan pictures and special items from the hospital – the first hat that they used and the first outfit I put on them. It also included my son’s first pair of name brand shoes.

During this process, I finally let go of the guilt that I had built up over the years for not capturing enough pictures or videos of my kids. Even though the video that we shot is very short, it says so much about me and my journey with my kids.


I don’t have enough memories written down but with what I do have, I plan to save it for a very long time so that one day, when they are all grown up, I can show them the tiny clothing that they used or the pictures of the what they looked like in Mommy’s stomach.

There’s so much more that I wish that I had done as a mom but I’m not going to hold on to it… I’m going to let go of every guilt I have and remember that I still have today.


It’s never too late to start creating memories. Let Consol help you create new memories.

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  1. 2017-03-13 / 16:18

    I love the idea of the memory jars. Not being able to remember everything, like the date baby started crawling, definitely adds to my mom guilt! So this a lovely idea.
    Oh, and the video of you and the little ones is so sweet! 🙂 xx

  2. 2017-03-13 / 22:21

    I have a metric ton of movies and pictures, and you’re right, you can never have too many. I LOVE making those memories.

  3. 2017-03-14 / 00:30

    I LOVE this idea! I wish I thought of this when my son was a newborn! You can never have too much when it comes to making memories!

  4. 2017-03-14 / 04:08

    This is such a great way to save your memories. My Niece is expecting her first baby this summer. I will have to share this with her.

  5. 2017-03-14 / 06:02

    This idea is fantastic! Being a parent means cherishing these milestones, but sometimes it’s hard to find time to just sit down and record every single one.

  6. My Teen Guide
    2017-03-14 / 06:51

    That’s pretty amazing, it’s a unique idea to save to a glass of your memories.

  7. Karlyn Cruz
    2017-03-14 / 06:52

    I know someone who need this brilliant idea. It’s important to save somemof your memories to cherish.

  8. 2017-03-14 / 07:50

    What a cute way to store memories. I’ve never thought of using jars to save memories.

  9. 2017-03-14 / 21:19

    wow, what a great idea! I have my kid’s baby books, but never thought of this clever way to show off the memories made throughout the years : ) thanks for the idea!

  10. 2017-03-16 / 04:33

    I love the idea of Consol, it seems like a great way to keep memories. It’s important to cherish your memories.

  11. 2017-03-16 / 21:30

    What an awesome idea! How I wish I had this or had thought of creating something like that. I can’t remember some of my son’s firsts too. 🙁

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