Mesmerizing is the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka, the paradise of passionate travellers. An array of attractions wrapped beautifully awaits the tourists ready to explore Sri Lanka. Be it cultural sites, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful beaches, or adventure sports, you have it all abundantly in Sri Lanka. There are indeed a multitude of ways to spend a day in Sri Lanka with plenty of interesting travel options to choose from.

Inland and Deep Sea Fishing:

Seas and islands make Sri Lanka the best choice for marine lovers. Fishing in Sri Lanka is ultimate fun and there are quite a good number of inland and deep sea fishing regions.

– Negombo is the most sought after place for deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka. Owing to the nearness of Negombo to the Bandaranaike International Airport, it is a good option to begin your day in Sri Lanka with a fishing expedition off the coasts of Negombo.

– Fishing in Trincomalee would perfectly bring out the best of your fishing skills. A good variety of fishes like the Snapper Emperor, Kingfish and Grouper can be bountifully found in Trincomalee.

– Mirissa and Bolgoda are the other famous spots for deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka.

Wildlife Safaris:

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A trip to Sri Lanka can never be a complete experience without a wildlife safari on your travel account. Sri Lanka is acclaimed to be one among the most popular and highly rated biodiversity hot spots in the world.

– The Yala National Park boasts of hosting a wide variety of ecosystems. The second largest national park in Sri Lanka, the Yala National Park is home to 44 species of mammals and 215 bird species.

– A mixture of evergreen forests and scrub areas, the Minneriya National Park is an important hub of ecotourism in Sri Lanka. Spotted deer, elephants, variety of frogs and lizards, painted storks and parrots are the main attractions of the Minneriya National Park. The elephant gathering in Minneriya is undoubtedly a truly spectacular event.

– Consisting of lush greenlands and man-made reservoirs, the Udawalawe National Park offers excellent elephant safaris. The park is an apt choice for bird enthusiasts.

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Whale and Dolphin watching:

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Sri Lanka is one of the finest spots for watching whales and dolphins.

– Dondra Point is a renowned port in Sri Lanka that people frequent for whale watching. Sperm whales and blue whales are widely found in Dondra Point. Mirissa is yet another favourite spot for whale watching.

– The mischievous dolphins in Kalpitiya turns out to be the darlings of one and all. The major highlight of a visit to Kalpitiya is that you can see more than thousand dolphins at a time in Kalpitiya.

Adventure sports:

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Adventure lovers have a lot many options to their delight during their trip to Sri Lanka.

– Trekking and hiking at Sinharaja, Horton Plains and Lakegala are experiences worth being cherished for a lifetime.

– Other adventure activities like white water racing, snorkeling, canoeing and hot air ballooning make Sri Lanka the second name for adventure.


Getting to Sri Lanka for an excursion is never a tedious task as the Sri Lankan government supports tourism activities to their best. A Sri Lankan Visa is easily issued to anybody who wishes to go sightseeing in Sri Lanka. The tourists often do not have to face much of hurdles to obtain their Sri Lankan Visa.

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