Dear Mompreneur, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

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I have always felt guilty for building a business while raising kids. Can you be a good mom and a good businesswoman at the same time?


I am here to tell you that it is possible. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or think that you are not doing your best because the truth is – you are – even though you may feel as if you are failing on some days!

Mom guilt is something that I struggled with for a long time. There were moments when I wanted to quit building my startup and just focus on being a mom – but then I asked myself – is that all I ever want to be known as? I knew that I would regret this later on…

Loving myself is just as important as loving my kids.

I want my kids to grow up and know that anything is possible – if you put your mind to it.

The truth is that sometimes we might not all have a choice in order to decide whether we want to work or not – because the reality is that life is expensive! You may feel as if you are being pushed into a corner and losing out on precious moments with your kids.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter how many hours or minutes you spend with them, all that matters is how precious those moments are. Those little moments that you and them will always cherish. Create those moments.  It is quantity – it’s quality!


You don’t have to try to be the perfect mom because your kids love you just the way you are.

There are days where I come home from a crazy day at work and immediately run to the fridge to see what I can whip up quickly for the kids.

During those moments, I feel the pressure of trying to be the perfect mom… How can I serve my kids’ frozen boxed food? I should have been standing in the kitchen, preparing something healthy.

I often wish that I could just be that mom.  A mom that stays in the kitchen cooking, baked perfect pies and have fresh veggies…

The good news is that I can. I can give my kids the best while working and I can do that because of people like McCain.  McCain is my go-to guy, my best friend in the kitchen! They help me get through those crazy nights when you don’t have time to cook a lot of food but still want to make sure everyone goes to bed with a full tummy.

The best thing about McCain is that the food is prepared and flash frozen so it is as good as fresh. Take their potato’s – who doesn’t like chips.

McCain has 5 different potato options for you so that Fridays quick dinner meals will never be boring again. Mix and try new things with the products so you still have that nutritious meal you want your family to eat. Don’t let others judge you for what you feed your kids because you know them best. Use McCain and #MakeItYours😊 Change it, spruce it, spice it and just define it.



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