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How to keep your Household Surfaces Safe

Bacteria can survive on surfaces in the home for long periods of time.

Cleaning and disinfecting hand and food contact areas in your home is just as important, if not more than washing your hands frequently and thoroughly. Bacteria can survive on any and all surfaces in your home for long periods of time. It can easily be transferred to other surfaces in large enough quantities to cause an infection risk.

The importance of cleaning surfaces:

· Pathogenic micro-organisms that enter your home can survive for a lengthy periods of time and can be easily transferred from surfaces to your hands.

· Germs from your hands can be transferred to surfaces around your home and to other people and could lead to possible infections.

· Regular cleaning and disinfecting will reduce the risk of cross contamination, find a good product such as Multi purpose triggers to help in ensuring all germs are removed.

multi-purpose-triggers Cleaning surfaces can be done in three ways:

1. Immediately: · Before and after preparing meals · If the surface is dirty · If the surface has been contaminated by blood, bodily fluid, vomit or faeces · If someone in your house is ill and has been vomiting.

2. Frequently: · If someone in your house is ill with diarrhoea.

3. Regularly: · If someone in your house is sneezing or has a cold · If a surface in your home is used regularly In order to stop germs from spreading it is very important to clean the surfaces that you touch regularly such as the door handle of your fridge, handles of cupboards, door handles, waste bins and taps. When it comes to preparing food, you need to clean and disinfect the surfaces that you use and then again immediately afterwards. After touching any raw food or meat you should clean and disinfect your hands, surfaces and any other surface you may have come in contact with such as door handles and taps.

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