Doc McStuffins opens a Veterinary Practice

The Doc is back! And this time she has some new friends. This is one of the few programs I actually enjoy watching with my daughter because I think there’s always a good message at the end of an episode. Kitana loves the show and last year we got her some of the merchandise so she can be the doctor at the Vijendranath residence. 😉

To celebrate, Disney Africa is donating special Doc McStuffins kennels to the SPCA and we were invited to be part of the campaign. We spent yesterday painting our kennel which ended with a paint war between my daughter, husband and I. I will do another blog post with the end results. 😉

The doc is back

This season Doc McStuffins opens a new veterinary practice in her backyard clinic where she treats stuffed animals and toys.

A music video mash-up of Doc’s signature song “Time For Your Check-Up” and new song “Get Your Pet to the Vet,” as well as “Stuffy’s Pet Vlog,” an animated short-form series about Doc’s toy dragon Stuffy and his new pet Squibbles, will also premiere during the programming event.

Two new Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet mobile experiences have been released in conjunction with the new episodes. The popular Disney Junior Appisodes app for iOS devices features a full Stuffy and Squibbles episode with interactive elements, including the ability to help Doc diagnose and treat Stuffy’s pet Squibbles when he runs low on energy. And a Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet mobile game is available in the Apple App Store. Featuring several mini-games, the app allows players to diagnose and treat pets, as they earn new tools and treats for the pets and special badges for their doctor scrubs.

Check out for some awesome printables including a Pet Care checklist designed to help kids nurture and care for their own pets which will be available to download from tomorrow.

Doc Mcstuffins pet vet

From dogs to goats – Doc McStuffins can fix them all! Fans have two weeks of fun with this versatile young doc in a fortnight full of magical medicine from the Doc!

Doc’s Pet Vet kicks off on 19th October on Disney Junior (DStv, Channel 309) every day for two weeks, with episodes at 07:20 CET/SAST & 08:20 EET, including premiere episodes on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th October.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2015-10-26 / 18:05

    My little guy loves her. He has the biggest crush on her, although he will never admit it 😉

  2. 2015-10-26 / 18:36

    I love this! It’s such a cute toy, and I think it’s a great way to teach kids that animals deserve to be loved just like people.

  3. 2015-10-26 / 18:57

    My girls love Doc McStuffins. She is such a cute show and I love the things our kids learn from it.

  4. 2015-10-27 / 00:48

    My youngest daughter loves Doc Mcstuffins. It’s one of her favorites. =)

  5. 2015-10-27 / 01:33

    A little girl I watch always loved this show. She would watch it all the time. It is great way for kids to learn how to treat each other and animals too.

  6. 2015-10-27 / 05:03

    I think Doc McStuffins is a great show for kids. It helps kids appreciate life, gets them know the trials in life and how to overcome them. I hope there will be more TV stations that will promote things like this for the development of our kids.

  7. Dr. JaTaya Wiley
    2015-10-27 / 07:58

    my niece is only 12 months old, but i love Doc McStuffins and I am actively trying to make it her favorite show. lol.

  8. 2015-10-27 / 08:13

    Doc McStuffins is a nice show for kids. I no longer have small children anymore, but I am going to share this with my cousins who have young children. This is no ordinary kids’ show. It has valuable lessons that teach the kids to love and care for animals and the environment.

  9. Ricci
    2015-10-27 / 17:49

    I think Doc McStuffins is a great character for kids to look up to!! She’s a vet and a girl and I love that!!

  10. 2015-10-27 / 22:15

    That sounds like a super fun show for kids. I bet my niece would love it. I will share this with my SIL.

  11. 2015-10-28 / 05:29

    My youngest nieces and nephew watch Doc McStuffins. In fact, the 2nd to youngest niece, for Christmas and her birthday this year, all she wanted was Doc McStuffin toys. It was cool. She sometimes plays along with the show.

  12. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-10-28 / 11:31

    My daughter loves Doc McStuffins and so do I. She teaches the little one’s so much and that’s why I don’t mind her watching tv when”the Doc is in”

  13. 2015-10-28 / 13:54

    Our love for Doc started probably 3 months in to my Daughter being born, the first time I heard the Nap time song from one of her episodes I memorised it and I still to this day sing it to Sage before bed time. Its a tradition. Her 2nd birthday was also Doc McStuffins themed. In dec 2014 she got a you stethoscope as a stocking filler and since then its been time for a check up all day everyday! I love what the Doc McStuffins show has thought my Sage, and how she now feels comfortable going to the doctor. With the new Pet Vet it has just opened new opportunities to her (already) Im so happy that Disney is really sending out positive messages to our little girls and boys out there! I need to get my sweet Sage the Doc App for my/her iPad!

  14. 2015-10-28 / 20:47

    Doc McStuffins is such a cute show! Sounds like they have some good episodes going on!

  15. 2015-10-28 / 21:30

    I am not familiar with this mobile app but it looks like it would be a great learning experience for the little ones!

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