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I’m a mom of 3 kids…Well, 4 if you count my beloved husband. 😛 I got an almost 5-year-old girl, a 22-month-old boy, and a 1-month old boy. Having 2 boys and 1 girl is a handful! I don’t even have time to visit the beauty salon to do my eyebrows, so having a facial or a spa treatment right now is out of the question until I figure out a schedule with my 3 kids.

Thanks to Dove, I can enjoy a little pampering at home with their latest collection – Dove DermaSpa.

It’s time to show your body love.

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Working with leading skin and beauty experts from around the world, Dove has created the brand’s most scientifically-advanced body care products, Dove DermaSpa Hand and Body range.

The Dove DermaSpa range is dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and is a sumptuous treat for body skin. By transferring premium face moisturising technology to body care, the Cell-Moisturisers™ in the Dove DermaSpa range are one of the most advanced innovations Dove has introduced in a body care range. Cell-Moisturisers™ is a new technology that will deliver beauty benefits such as a more even looking skin tone, younger looking skin and moisturisation to help strengthen and protect the body’s natural skin barrier**, which leading dermatologists agree, is the most important requirement in a daily skin care product.Dove DermaSpa

Cell-Moisturisers™ is a complex comprised of key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils such as sea buckthorn oil. They work at the heart of skin cells, leaving them full of moisture**.

With DermaSpa, Dove launches a premium range to deliver the best of both worlds – a pleasurable experience of superior care by combining dermatological care and spa experience. Dove DermaSpa will empower South African women to have a pleasurable and mindful relationship with the beauty of their bodies and skin.

The Dove DermaSpa body care collection includes:

Goodness is the first body care collection to combine omega oil with Cell-Moisturisers™ which work at the heart of skin cells**, leaving the skin full of moisture. Omega oil, known to replenish the skin’s barrier, is infused in Dove’s active formula to smooth skin’s texture, to make it luminous, velvety soft and even looking. The range offers deliciously indulgent notes of creamy vanilla, succulent coconut and musk for added opulence.

Goodness Body Lotion:

Fast absorbing lotion that transform dry skin into supple, radiant and beautifully nourished skin.

Dove DermaSpa
Goodness Body Oil:

A silky body oil for velvety soft, even-looking and luminous skin. 92% of women felt that it left their skin satin smooth.Dove DermaSpa

Goodness Body Cream:

A rich and indulgent body cream for dry skin. For best results, the cream should be used daily to enjoy luminous looking, silky soft skin.Dove DermaSpa

Goodness Indulgent Hand Cream:

This fast absorbing cream is an indulgent treatment for dry hands.Dove DermaSpa

Uplifted+ range with Cell-Moisturisers provides effective moisture and nourishment** which are key drivers for restoring elasticity and firmness in the skin. The range includes an innovative roller-ball serum that moisturises to improve firmness and elasticity with its gentle massaging action. It has an exquisite fragrance of dancing water-lillies and cucumber, freshened with green violet leaves combined with sensual sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli and sweet musk.

Uplifted+ Body Lotion:

This smooth, satin gel-feeling lotion gently moisturises, improving skin elasticity and firmness with every use.

Dove DermaSpa
Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roller-ball:

Skin is invigorated with this unique massaging Body Roller-ball. The roller ball applicator should be applied along the skin to help firm up challenging areas. The cool sensation of the satin-like gel revitalises the skin and is reminiscent of a pampering at home massage.

Dove DermaSpa

Cashmere Comfort is DermaSpa’s most effective and indulgent care for very dry skin. This skin care range is enriched with Cell-Moisturisers®, to go beyond basic moistur¬isation. “The Cashmere Comfort fragrance is an addictive blend of creamy vanilla, rich spices and sensual amber which suggests being enveloped and cocooned in a soft cashmere wrap, indulgent, comforting and in your own little protected world.” Ann Gottlieb, Fragrance expert.

Cashmere Comfort Body Lotion:

This body lotion has a luxurious texture which quickly sinks into the skin, giving you the best care to provide your very dry skin not only with highly effective moisturisation but with the ultimate in pampering, restorative indulgence.

dove dermaspa
Cashmere Comfort Body Butter:

Offers you an in¬dulgent, nurturing night-time ritual to soothe and soften skin for extra-intensive care on even the driest parts of the body.

Dove DermaSpa
Cashmere Comfort Hand Treatment:

is a portable pocket of care in the palm of your hands – easy to apply for beautifully soft hand, cared-for cuticles and nails on the go. The rich, com-forting and effective formula is quickly absorbed to protect hands from rough skin, and weak or damaged nails.

Dove DermaSpa

Summer Revived:

is Dove’s first spa-like body lotion combining natural, gentle tanners with Cell-Moisturisers. This self-tanning lotion for fair to medium skin, treats the skin with a daily dose of summer, for a healthy-looking bronze glow. Sun-kiss your skin full of moisture every day.
• Summer Revived Body Lotion: this self-tanning lotion is available in fair to medium.

Dove DermaSpa

Have you tried any of these products yet?

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