Celebrating Real Beauty with Dove in New York [Part 1]

To be honest, I have never really understood the meaning of real beauty until I went on this amazing trip with Dove South Africa to New York.

Just thinking about the words R E A L B E A U T Y make the hairs on my hand stand up.

It’s powerful! It’s meaningful … and it’s something that I want to promote on my blog this year.

dove new york

I have always had a self-esteem problem. It’s something that I did not speak about until last year on the blog.

What does Real Beauty mean to you?

dove new york

About a month back, I received an opportunity of a lifetime! Even pregnancy wasn’t going to stop me from saying yes to this trip.

I was invited to go to New York to celebrate Dove’s 60th anniversary, I know, right?!… soooo awesome! 😀

dove new york

It was my first international press trip! You would think that I would have been on more but unfortunately, it seems like in the blogging industry here – parenting bloggers are always the last on the list for big opportunities – which is quite sad.

But DOVE changed that!

dove new york

Dove South Africa sent 2 beauty editors, a well-known beauty blogger Candice-Lee Kannemeyer, and myself for the Dove Global Influencers conference.

What blew me away the most was that they made sure that we received world-class treatment throughout the trip! It made me feel so important but it also made me realize that my tiny blog means something to brands.

The brand was so organized that they even created an app just for the event!

We had an action-packed schedule. Each day the brand covered a different topic and introduced us to the new products that they will be launching this year. Unfortunately, I cannot say much about the products until it launches in South Africa later this year.

dove new york

Day 1:

We spent the first day recovering from a 22-hour flight via Dubai. Well… by recovering I mean getting out on the streets and exploring New York City!

This was my 3rd trip to the city in one year. I know, a lot of you think I have a second home there. 😝 I wish I did!

dove new york

I will never get tired of NYC because it has so much to offer. I spent the first day visiting my favorite spots and checking out a few baby stores.

Day 2:

We spent the morning getting to know the history of the brand, what they believe in and the new real care innovations from their range available in the different categories.

Dove limited edition soap – unfortunately not available in South Africa.

Dove is known for always promoting a powerful message. It’s one of those brands that know how to market and connect with their consumers.

History of Dove:

Dove was founded by the Lever Brothers and began its journey in 1957. When the brand first began, they only sold beauty soap bars.

They have since expanded to produce a wide range of personal care products including body wash, deodorants, body lotions, facial cleansers and shampoos and conditioners.

dove new york
Dove limited edition soap – unfortunately not available in South Africa.

Currently, Dove’s commitment to delivering real results is mirrored in their advertisements. For over 40 years, they’ve been using real women in their ads.

Dove South Africa

At the event, we got to listen to experts in the industry (scientists) who explained every ingredient that went into a Dove product. We got to touch, feel, and smother ourselves in cream to get to really experience the brand.

dove new york

We were even taken on a virtual reality experience and had to use our senses to experience Dove products from the skies of New York.

dove new york

After the event, we were taken back to the hotel. The brand had set up a Real Care studio for the influencers to enjoy. By studio, I mean free massages, facials, hairdo’s, and makeup! As a mom, I knew I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity! So, I made an appointment and enjoyed a facial, hand massage, hairdo, and makeup application.

dove new york

After my little pamper session, I headed out with the girls for dinner.


Day 3 coming soon… 😉

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