Why Drinking Red Wine in Summer is Awesome

I’m not drinking wine at the moment because I’m still breastfeeding so I decided to celebrate #winewithoutrules with you! I don’t think there is any better way to start December than with a bottle of wine. 😉

There are all kinds of rules when it comes to wine. Rules that dictate what you’ll have for dinner, what glass you’ll drink out of, the ideal temperature the wine should be served at and the best season to drink a specific varietal. Red wine is usually reserved for winter, at least according to most oeneophiles (that’s a fancy word for someone who is a connoisseur of wine).

As Paul Coelho so aptly said, “All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

Let’s face it, there are far too many rules when it comes to drinking wine and the only rule in Summer should be that you have fun, chill and try new things. Forget the wine snobbery, don’t bother sniffing, sipping and uttering pretentious words, drink red wine in Summer and enjoy it anyway you like it.

There is no reason why, as the temperature rises you can’t enjoy your red vino just as much as a refreshing white wine.

Red wine on table Christmas tree

Café Culture, a non-traditional, crafted Pinotage is a great wine for those hot summer days.

You will be amazed at how refreshing a red wine can taste if you chill it before serving and then add some ice when serving.

Adult friendly, ice-cold, red wine desserts are a must have while lazing around the pool.

Try this very cool ice-pop recipe:

Ingredients per 3 ice-pops
12 blueberries
5 raspberries
4 strawberries
29ml of water
½ cup Café Culture Pinotage

Squash all the berries in a cocktail shaker, add remaining ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour into ice-pop molds and place in the freezer for six hours.


Summer is the perfect time to mix up a batch of cocktails.

Another great one is the Very Berry cocktail:

½ glass Café Culture Pinotage (It has distinctive mocha, dark chocolate and toffee flavours with an aroma of fresh berries).
½ cup of frozen blueberries
Ice cubes
Grated / shaved chocolate

Put all ingredients into a blender then pour into a tumbler glass and place grated / shaved chocolate on top for garnishing.

If you still don’t believe you have enough reason to drink more red wine this Summer, here are a couple more good reasons:

1. Those who drink red wine seem to have lower risk of heart disease;
2. The term ‘one glass’ is always relative;
3. Wine bottles have such nice labels, which, if you are honest with yourself is why you brought it in the first place;
4. Wine is super portable;
5. You can even consume wine in ice-cream form.

About Café Culture

Café Culture is a non-traditional crafted Pinotage with a soft, mocha, dark chocolate and toffee undertone complimented by an aroma of fresh berries. Enjoy a ‘wine without rules’, blended with a subtle coffee mocha undertone. Live Free and enjoy it anyway you like.

For more information visit: www.cafeculturewines.com or join the conversation on facebook.com/cafeculturewines or @TheCafeCult on Twitter #winewithoutrules

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18, enjoy responsibly, don’t drink and drive.


I’m giving 3 x hampers valued at R500 each including: 1x case of Cafe Culture Pinotage, an urban picnic blanket and a set of 4 tumblers.

Follow the instructions below to enter. Opened to South Africans Only.

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  1. 2014-12-01 / 15:48

    Followed all the steps and may i just add…. I LOVE WINE!!!!!!

    • 2014-12-04 / 17:11

      So i had to read everything over again and The Very Berry Cocktail is kinda all kinds of amazeballs. Yeah, all kinds.

  2. Megs Hartwig
    2014-12-01 / 16:02

    The Very Berry cocktail sounds AMAZING…the perfect Summer Time Thirst quencher 😉 Followed all the above steps…holding thumbs!

  3. Anita
    2014-12-01 / 16:07

    I just started drinking wine! And would love to add to my wine collection. Ice pop recipe looks nice

  4. Jackie Katzen
    2014-12-01 / 16:07

    The ice-pop recipe is my fav. Shared on twitter @JaxxLisa

  5. I’ve only tried wine once or twice it didn’t like it either time but with that being said I would love to find one that I like. I think I just need to find the right one!

  6. Taryn Botha
    2014-12-01 / 16:57

    I love the ice Pop recipe. Wine and ice lollies, who can think of a better combo 😉

  7. Carolyn Augustus
    2014-12-01 / 17:02

    Very Berry cocktail. Shared in Facebook and Twitter

  8. Mini
    2014-12-01 / 17:15

    My favourite wine. Followed all the steps. Keeping fingers crossed. Very berry cocktail mmmm

  9. 2014-12-01 / 18:01

    Adult popcicles? That’s the best idea I’ve heard in years.

  10. Lizelle V
    2014-12-01 / 18:09

    Very Berry cocktail – I love anything Berry & wine

  11. 2014-12-01 / 20:06

    I love the idea of making winesicles! I’m a big wine fan and that’s a fun twist!

  12. 2014-12-01 / 20:35

    I enjoy wine here and there, but I’m not the hugest fan of it. I usually stick to white since if I’m out in public I don’t want to have the dreaded red wine stained teeth.

  13. rehana seedat
    2014-12-01 / 21:43

    The very berry cocktail. Have shared twitter @rehanaseedat and facebook

  14. rehana seedat
    2014-12-01 / 21:44

    Very berry cocktail. Have shared post via twitter @rehanaseedat and facebook

  15. 2014-12-01 / 21:50

    I am bookmarking for the summer when we are hot and hanging out.. this would cool us off and get us going..

  16. Catherine S
    2014-12-01 / 22:58

    I don’t really care for wine but my girlfriends love it. I will have to make some ice-pops for them.

  17. 2014-12-01 / 23:39

    Thank you so much for the ice pop recipe and of course the great post 😉

  18. Paula Bishop - Parker
    2014-12-01 / 23:41

    My friend says she drinks wine every night to cool down the day. I will have to share your article with her for sure!

  19. 2014-12-02 / 02:08

    A nice glass of red wine sounds great, I could go for one now!

  20. 2014-12-02 / 03:37

    Wow, winesicles?? What a great idea, I never thought of this, anyhow, I’m more of a white wine drinker myself.

  21. 2014-12-02 / 05:15

    I drink red wine all year long. I’ve never been one to stand on tradition. 😉

  22. Nicola Meyer
    2014-12-02 / 07:02

    Very Berry Cocktail – shared on Facebook

  23. 2014-12-02 / 11:12

    Hmmmm, also on the “boob feeding” right now, but I’ve never really been a wine person. Maybe its time to “sophisticate” myself up a bit….

    • 2014-12-04 / 09:50

      Hehe Congrats on still breastfeeding. I hardly drink wine too but my hubby loves it!

  24. Stephanie Knapp
    2014-12-02 / 11:37

    YUMMY!!! Def going to try the Very Berry cocktail 🙂

  25. Done Else
    2014-12-02 / 12:09

    Just what I need right now

    • Marlaine Reynders
      2014-12-02 / 12:20

      <3 Very Berry Cocktail!!! 🙂 🙂

  26. olivia
    2014-12-02 / 12:31

    The Very Berry Cocktail… shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

  27. 2014-12-02 / 15:28

    I do not drink mainly because I have been nursing for what it seems 9 years (5 kids). This recipe sounds yummy!

  28. 2014-12-02 / 16:59

    It’s nice to know about drinking wine, It actually turns my bad day to a better one.

  29. 2014-12-02 / 18:09

    I’m not a wine person but I do drink red wine from time to time. And I think I want to try your recipe.

  30. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-12-02 / 19:35

    Oh my God that picture of the wine in front of the twinkling Christmas tree has me craving a glass. Red wine is so good for you… so I hear! 🙂

  31. stephanie
    2014-12-02 / 20:42

    Very Berry cocktail so yummy

  32. 2014-12-02 / 22:09

    I seldom drink alcohol. However, I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine every now and then.


  33. 2014-12-02 / 22:34

    What a great giveaway and recipe. I don’t drink very often but do enjoy wine once in a great while.

  34. 2014-12-02 / 22:57

    I am not a wine drinker. I have been starting to try a few and learn about pairing wine with food.

  35. 2014-12-03 / 00:12

    This looks super tasty… just wish it was summer here:)

  36. 2014-12-03 / 01:05

    Yum! I love wine and I love these recipes. Great giveaway!

  37. 2014-12-03 / 05:48

    I’m not a big drinker but his does look good. If anything I miss about drinking it would be the red wine.

  38. 2014-12-03 / 08:21

    I don’t drink either, but these recipes sound lovely! I’m sure hubby would love these. He loves red wine. I have only found one very, very sweet white wine that I really enjoy, but even then I cannot drink too much of it. Probably because it is so sweet!

    • 2014-12-03 / 13:32

      Oh and the ice pop recipe – great counter for the adults when you make ordinary ones for the kids

  39. 2014-12-03 / 13:43

    Ooh I do love my red wine 🙂

  40. Tracy Jacobs
    2014-12-03 / 13:48

    Love the sound of the ice pop recipe. Shared on Twitter @tracyjacobs9

  41. Astrid Julies
    2014-12-03 / 23:52

    WOW….i need this right now.

  42. 2014-12-04 / 06:26

    Red wine is my favorite. I love merlot the most. I love that you’ve included a wine ice pop recipe in your post.

  43. 2014-12-04 / 13:21

    Sounds like the perfect picnic date for me and my soon to be husband to have one our one-day-not-really-a-honeymoon-kind-of-honeymoon

  44. 2014-12-04 / 14:58

    It is a great! when we’re having a party, I love wines as much as possible it is not bad for our health, this blog post is awesome.

  45. 2014-12-04 / 18:33

    Wines are totally great for parties (or just because) all year long! That ice pop recipe sounds amazing!

  46. 2014-12-04 / 18:46

    I have many friends that would love this as a sweet treat this summer! 😀

  47. 2014-12-06 / 14:11

    Very Berry cocktail for me because I love berries and think they the perfect summer fruit

  48. Conrad Stoltz
    2014-12-09 / 16:15

    Wine please …

  49. luckyseventen
    2014-12-13 / 20:15

    These are some great recipes for the summer. I love red wine in any season!

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    2014-12-19 / 17:08

    Omw thank you sooooo much

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