Easy peasy kids’ treats (Moms you will love this one!)

Eager for fun ways to keep the kids away from the TV and their video games during the school holidays? Get them into the kitchen to make delicious “no-bake” desserts they’ll love to help make – and love to eat even more!

Here’s the drill:

1. At all times:

a. Pantry stocked with the Staffords range of ready desserts.
b. Cream and milk in the fridge

2. On treat day:

a. Staffords created desserts kids love (even the pickiest ones!). Choose from Chocolate pudding, Vanilla Flavoured Crème Caramel, Vanilla Crème Brûlée or Vanilla Panna Cotta Dessert Mix.
b. Empty the box into a bowl and add milk and cream.
c. Have fun with the decorations –butterflies out of pipe cleaners and bright sprinkles will have your kids beaming with delight!

The Staffords dessert family is available at leading retailers from R 29.55 each.

Easy peasy kids' treats (Moms you will love this one!)

Layered butterfly Pannacotta

panna cotta

Makes: 6 small moulds
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Setting time: 4 – 6 hours

1 green jelly made according to pack instructions
Colourful dragees
1 Staffords Panna cotta
500ml milk
Colourful pipe cleaners

1. Pour the jelly into each mould, then add a few dragees. Allow the jelly to set in the refrigerator until just set but not firm.
2. Heat the milk in the microwave until simmering but not boiling. Add the sachet and whisk until dissolved, Heat in the microwave again, taking care not to allow the mixture to boil. Set aside and allow to cool slightly, once cool, carefully pour the mixture over the jelly.
3. Place the moulds into the refrigerator and allow to set until firm.
4. To remove the jelly, dip in hot water for a couple of seconds and place onto a serving dish, decorate with pipe cleaners.

two panna cottas

Teddy bears Party

Creme caramel

Makes: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Setting time: 4 – 6 hours

1 Staffords crème caramel
500ml milk
100ml boiling water
Jelly teddy bears
Wafer baskets

1. Heat the milk to simmering point, and whisk in the large sachet, Heat the mixture again taking care not to boil.
2. Dissolve the other smaller sachet contents in the boiling water, Divide the mixture between 4 ramekins, then place a spoon into the ramekin just above the caramel and carefully pour the milk mixture over the caramel mixture, taking care to not allow them to mix.
3. Place into the refrigerator and allow to set.
4. To serve, place the ramekin into hot water for a couple of seconds and place the jelly into a wafer basket. Serve with bunting and jelly teddies.

One creme caramel wafer basket


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  1. Yvette
    2015-11-26 / 14:20

    i just LOVE it 😀

  2. 2015-11-28 / 23:08

    Kids Treats? I would love these for myself. Running right out to see if I can find these at my local grocery Store.

  3. Elizabeth O.
    2015-11-29 / 17:42

    Those are really awesome. Collecting easy recipes makes motherhood so much easier, lol. You get to focus on the kids instead of stressing over what to cook for dinner.

  4. 2015-11-29 / 22:59

    I would love to be able to make these kind of treats. Your recipes is doable may try thanks for sharing.

  5. 2015-11-30 / 15:04

    What pretty desserts! This is a fun way to serve Pannacotta.

  6. Because... I'm cheap
    2015-12-02 / 04:38

    These look so good. And flawless! I don’t think I could make anything that pretty, ha ha ha

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