How I have managed to eat healthy during Lockdown

How I have managed to eat healthy during Lockdown
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I know that many of us have been turning to food. Our reasons may vary, some are cooking up a storm to defeat boredom, others are practicing their MasterChef skills that they do not normally have time for. Some are afraid that we are going to run out of bread. 😉 Many are stress eating – let’s face it – we are dealing with a lot during this crazy time. To be honest, I have already had a good 2 weeks during which I baked my heart out and ate my problems away.


It is tough trying to stick to any diet when there is so much going on around us but now, more than ever we should be thinking about putting our health first. We need to consider what we eat and how fit we are. Our bodies need to be ‘fighting’ fit – especially with flu season around the corner.

So, here is the thing, I don’t really follow a diet, but I have cut down a lot on sweet stuff like chocolates, cakes, candy, soda and chips.

I have limited my junk food intake, but I haven’t completely stopped it. I still have burgers when I feel like it and a chocolate when I am craving.

What I have made sure of is being consistent with what I eat and when I eat.

Breakfast has always been important to me.

A full-on breakfast (Bacon, Eggs, Avo, Tomato and a Slice of toast)

OR Yoghurt and Fruit

OR a bowl of Oats (perfect for a winter morning)

I have also added smoothies to my diet.

My favourite smoothie combo: Yoghurt, Apples, Spinach, Honey and Bananas with a vitamin booster.

Lockdown tends to be associated with more eating occasions and a higher intake of refined carbohydrates, especially sugar. These foods are known to increase the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin, but at the same time they provide a lot of energy without the necessary nutrients and can lead to unwanted weight gain. So why not cut the sugar and increase the dairyJ

You can still have those yummy desserts but limit it. 😉 It is all about balance. A better option is to boost serotonin levels by including foods with an amino acid (the building blocks of proteins) called tryptophan in your diet.

Milk and dairy products are rich sources of tryptophan, which the body uses to produce serotonin. Tryptophan also produces melatonin, another biochemical that helps to promote sleep and relaxation. 

A glass of warm milk at night, can contribute to your serotonin and melatonin levels and help you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. You will also sleep more peacefully.

Even better, try turmeric milk which always helps me with a cold or flu. It is a drink we have religiously during winter.


  • 1 cup Milk
  • 3/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • Crushed Ginger (you can decide how much to put but please use fresh ginger)


  • Mix together all the ingredients in pan and bring it to boil.
  • Simmer for a minute or so and switch off the flame.
  • Sip slowly while still hot.

Milk is also known to help you keep fuller for longer and can help limit unnecessary eating. We have to ensure that our ‘lockdown nibbling’ doesn’t feed obesity. Overweight and obesity can contribute to,  promoting COVID-19 co-morbidities such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems.


Instead of nutrient-poor snacks try delicious frozen yoghurts, dairy, fruit smoothies and whole-grain crackers with cottage cheese.

Some of my fav snacks to munch on while I am working:

  • Yoghurt with grapes and a drizzle of honey.
  • Ricotta cheese topped with honey, strawberries, and nuts!
  • Cheese and crackers

Did you know that Today is World Milk Day?


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This post was sponsored by Rediscover Dairy.

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