The Price Tag on Education in South Africa…

As a mom with 2 children, I am immensely worried about the future of our country.

Even though I really want to believe that there is hope…my heart is telling me something else.

Today my heart bleeds for the future of our country – Our youth. It makes me question the emotions of our politicians – Are they not parents too? Do they not realise the struggle our country is already facing? Poverty is one of the biggest problems in South Africa and the increasing cost of education is not helping.

Credit: Twitter #feesmustfall
Credit: Twitter #feesmustfall

The gap between the rich and poor is getting broader and this is only because it seems that our government’s priorities are not in place.

Can we not hear the cry of a mother? The mom who raised her son on her own, the mom who is working 2 jobs to pay for her son’s education at one of the best universities in South Africa.

Can we not see the hunger for education in our youth? The student who spends hours walking to get to university, the student who studies by candle light and sleeps on only a glass of water and a slice of bread; sacrificing every last cent towards a brighter future which… Even now is being shattered.

Shattered by people who have everything and have no idea of what it is to struggle! Or even make ends meet. The truth is that this seems to be the reality of South Africa and it saddens me. What is even worse was the comments on social media by people who think that this behaviour was barbaric and they bring out the race card once again. Adults were fighting with each other.

Think about your child or your future child. What if your child was one of the students protesting there? Would you still call it barbaric?

Credit: Tsoku Il
Credit: Tsoku Il

What if your future child was turned away from a university degree because she was R5000 short? Would you still call these students lazy?

What if it was you standing there? Would you still call your fellow student a racist for fighting with anger?

Credit: Eyewitness news
Credit: Eyewitness news

This is about the future of our country and I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to restore it. Fees go up – and I think that this will lead to an increase in crime and a decrease in degrees. Who will run this country 20 years from now?

The President said that there will be no increase next year but what about the year after? How long will it remain like this?

In many countries education is a priority but here education is for sale. It has a hefty price tag on it and only those that are privileged can afford it while others are standing outside the window drooling for a piece of the cake. Think about it, companies won’t pay you a decent salary unless you have a qualification but you can’t really afford to get the qualification unless you have money. It’s the case of the rich getting richer because people who can afford to study are the ones who are going to get the good jobs whereas the man on the street can’t afford to better his lifestyle. It’s like a vicious circle. We are robbing our children of something that is supposed to be available to everyone.

What I saw was anger and determination in these students. They were fighting for a better life and instead of supporting them, we were scrutinizing and condemning them.

The future of our country is in our hands, what are we going to do about it?

Credit: Twitter #feesmustfall
Credit: Twitter #feesmustfall

With all the negativity, we need some positivity. I know that there are lots of moms that are studying or want to study. You may even be the mom who has a child fighting in the protest.

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