Family Day

Yesterday we decided to have a relaxing day at home, we spent some quality time with friends who came over after a long time.

My in laws decided to visit as well and they brought along my sister in law who recently moved to South Africa. My brother in law had an arranged marriage in Sri Lanka and his wife only arrived 2 weeks ago. We decided to take her around Jhb. By the way Sri Lanka is very different from South Africa, so for her everything is completely different. We went to Monte Casino which is close by to us. It ended up being a family day out which turned out to be awesome. We took Kitana to the games room, she loves the rides! Mummy and Daddy loves the games too 😉 Vije and I played the dance game .. lol he beat me!..I had so much fun in the games room, Im sure many parents will agree with me on this? Sometimes its best to join in the fun with your toddler.. I felt like a child again.

We collected lots of tickets for Kitana and got her some toys including a doctors set and a sunglasses which she absolutely loves. The highlight of my evening was when Kitana took a token from her dad to put it in the machine so the ride can move again. I was fascinated! It clearly shows a 17 month old baby understands more than I think she does.. Everyday I see a change in her, whether it is saying a new word or doing something different.

Today she is busy with her cousins who came to visit before they go back to school. She loves spending time with them.She gets extremely excited when she sees them, I guess she needs company. Thats a reason for play dates 🙂

Im busy working on the first event: Toddlers and Tea. Subscribe and you can be apart of our first event.

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  1. Hersha
    2014-01-14 / 19:38

    Read your blog for the first time and I can relate.
    I too am a first time mom.
    I was also exclusively breastfeeding big mistake . My son refuses the bottle which he has done so from birth. And now that he is off the breast he takes no milk.
    The joys of motherhood.
    Thanks for the blog really awesome

    • Shan
      2014-02-04 / 20:40

      Hi Hersha, great to hear from you. Hope you well. Let me know how it is going now? Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂 keep reading.

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