Safe Shopping Tips for the Festive Season

Cresta Shopping Centre encourages shoppers to be more alert this festive season.

The holiday season is a time filled with festive cheer, giving and time spent with those we hold dear.

It is also a time when more of us find ourselves rushing around to buy gifts or on shopping splurges, spending time socialising or keeping the kids on school holidays occupied.

As one of SA’s most loved-shopping centres, Cresta is committed to the safety of the thousands of shoppers who visit the centre every year. Boasting over 250 stores and an immense variety of quality offerings, and a newly launched three level Food and Entertainment Court which includes over 25 local and international restaurants encompassing fast food and casual dining as well as cinemas, bingo, bowling and games, Cresta shopping centre knows that many shoppers, both young and old, will be spending more time there during the December holidays.

That is why the shopping mecca has introduced a handy Secure Shopping handbook which includes safety tips for informed customers.

The handbook, which can be easily downloaded from the Cresta Shopping Centre website under the shopper services tab entitled Safety Tips, includes advice around safe parking behaviour, how to secure your belongings, safety tips for shopping with children amongst other safety tips.

“We are passionate about making sure our customers are able to shop in a safe and secure environment at Cresta shopping centre and that is why we have increased security measures at the centre including anti-jamming devices in all the parking areas to prevent car jamming, upgrades on CCTV camera network and are finalising the installation of  new and improved exterior lighting.However, as we anticipate experiencing increased visits during the festive period and encourage shoppers to be vigilant.

We hope these tips will help all visitors to Cresta to become more informed customers, so we can all share in the magic this festive season,” says Cresta Shopping Centre General Manager Virginia Bester. “

A few key tips for the Festive season:

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  • Always physically check your car is locked before leaving it, to guard against interference with your car remote control through remote car jamming devices.


  • Point out security guards so your children know where to get help if they get lost.
  • Give them a book, a toy or a snack to keep them occupied when you have to wait in a line.


  • Make sure your child does not lean on the handrail – the excess weight can slow the whole stairway down and throw riders off balance.
  • Lift toddlers on and off the step – shoes and boots with soft rubber soles have been known to slip into cracks between steps and the escalator wall.


  • Have your car keys in hand before you get to your car. When you return to your car be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you suspect you are being followed, do not drive directly home but drive to the nearest police station.
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