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I’ve had bad luck with helpers and it isn’t getting any better. Trying to find someone who can become part of the family is tough. I’ve always treated my helpers the best I could but that wasn’t the thanks I received back from them.. Now here I am again sitting without a helper, trying to multitask with work, housework and a clingy toddler.

I wasn’t even sure if I should write this post but its been bothering me for sometime now.. How would you ever know who is the right person to take care of your child? After watching this really scary video I came across on Facebook, it made me sit and think whether I should invest in installing camera’s at home.

We as working moms leave early and return late, half of the time we have absolutely no idea whats happening at home. Has our child eaten or was her nappy changed? There were many times when my husband came home unexpectedly and found Kitana in a full nappy which hadn’t been changed for hours.

With the cost of living now, we have no alternative but to trust the next person with our children. Is it even possible to find someone you can trust?

My heart is sore..I trusted so many yet I was betrayed.. How can I ever pretend that its going to be okay? To me, finding a nanny is finding someone whose willing to be a mother to your child, its more than just baby sitting. Someone who has the same beliefs in raising a child and will encourage the lifestyle you want for your baby.

Can Mary Poppins please come over to my house.. Sleep train my toddler, wean her off the breast and make everything okay.

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One of my friends was abandoned by her nanny, she just didn’t turn up for work. Is it okay to leave someone stranded like that? Don’t get me wrong, not all nannies are like this but when you experience this, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

I’m so scared to leave my child alone with a stranger whom I met once/twice before. What if she treats her badly?!

I came across this article which has some great pointers:

Hopefully this will help you understand the importance of choosing the best nanny.

Always trust your intuition.

If you have a great nanny, appreciate her and thank her for being amazing! Trust me its hard to find them.poppins-5

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  1. 2014-06-27 / 08:45

    I must admit Ive never personally been a fan of stay at home nannies I dont know what they do during the day and basically have no one to answer to until I get home. Both my girls are in a brilliant school, this puts my mind at ease waaay more that a nanny in my home. The teacher has to answer to her superior and her superior has to answer to the owner. Im a stickler for the chain of command. I think I might just also be one of those lucky moms who has found an amazing school, where I dont worry about my girls (aged 1yr and 3yrs) at all. Ive seen horrendous, spine chilling videos on social media and I cringe at the thought of anybody doing that sort of thing to any 1 of my girls. I would seriously lose my s*#t!!! I hope you find someone soon, its hard trying to do everything. Its exhausting and mentally draining 🙁

  2. Lauren
    2014-09-17 / 14:49

    I found the best nanny. A friend of a friend studying to be a teacher who was working in a dead end retail job to save up enough to complete her studies. She not only has become a part of our family but she loves me Rosie almost as much as I do. She does everything she can to challenge her and help her develop (my baba is a Practica baby) and in addition adheres super strictly to Gin Fords “Contented Baby’s first year”. I know it’s not me looking after my LO but Parris is a darn good second best. I’m going to be bleak sending Rosie off to crèche next year when Parris goes back to her studies. If I can offer any advice, hire someone with an interest in child development (like a teacher).

    • Shan
      2014-09-19 / 21:32

      You so lucky Lauren, months later and I’m still struggling! Thats a good suggestion, I will definitely keep that in mind. Hope you and Rosie are well :).

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